To A Boy Born Blind

To A Boy Born Blind

Knocking over tables
Bumping into chairs
Young Kevin had just been born
To a world of fears

Barely over a year
When we got to know
Kevin could very well hear
But of his sight we were not sure

The doctor said it was fine
That the lad will soon be free
For the harrows of his painful birth
Will surely pass as soon as he’s three

Still father feared for son
For Kevin, his first born
For though he knew his birth was pained
He could not accept what the doctor claimed

By and by Kevin is three
Still the poor lad cannot see
At school, the students mock at him
When he bumps into a tree

For a child born blind
Father is now pained
Not for himself
But for the poor, young lad


The young lad tries to read
Or feel for whoever’s there
And finds he just can’t
For it is his burden to bear

Thoughts run to and fro
Troubling this blind lad
How am I going to live my life?
Please I want to know

I hear there are beautiful colours
And many pretty sights to see
I cannot even imagine
How glamorous they must be

Father looks at his twelve year old
Who looks so strong and bold
The world says you cannot see
Never mind, leave that to me

I’d read you your mail
I’d teach you Braille
Then as your loving father
I’d teach you how not to fail

For though you may not see
The things all others can
I know you are not blind
In the recesses of your mind


You say I am not blind father
How can that be?
When it is crystal clear
That I cannot see

Your mind’s eyes are still there
Those ones that never close
And whether things far or near
Your mind’s eyes see them still

You, my dear Kevin
Are nothing short of normal
And though others may not see
What you are is special

I’d teach you to wear your shoe
I’d teach you to draw too
I’d teach you love and affection
And peace where is commotion

I’d teach you the piano quickly
I’d teach you to sing softly
And then as your loving father
I’d help you show God’s glory

For though you may not be
The son they’d love to have
Because you cannot see
You’re still the one I love

15 thoughts on “To A Boy Born Blind” by adebayo caleb (@lordkel)

  1. Lovely n touching. Were you inspired to do this from reading The Whispering Trees?

    Well done

    1. Nah, not whisperin trees. I read it way after d poem was done.
      Thanks for enjoyin this piece @Hymar

  2. namdi (@namdi)

    I loved this. Really nice.

  3. Touching narrative poem. Thank you for sharing.
    However you may have to look at these line:

    And peace where is commotion”, I think there should be a ‘there’. Well done

  4. Sometimes the blind have better peace of mind esp. in this world of ours. I am glad the boy knows his father is there to teach and love him right.
    Well done, Caleb.

  5. Touching!

  6. Well written, well narrated.

  7. Great piece, retweeting @hymar, lovely and touching, it’s up there as one of my best narrative poems.

  8. Thanks @namdi I appreciate
    @Chime221 Thanks a lot.
    Abt d other thin, twasnt a mistake. Necessary omission for poetic rythm.doesn’t take away d meanin

    1. I’m sorry to object my lord. It might not ‘take away’ meaning, but i still think it does not MAKE a full meaning despite the ‘rythm’ (sic) achieved.

  9. @sibbylwhyte Yeah, u got a point there
    Thanks for enjoyin dis

  10. @coshincozor Glad u found it touching. Thanks 4 readin

  11. @clemency Thanks for enjoyin it. Glad u found it interestin

  12. Oh poor Kevin
    What would I have given
    I pray at last you rest in heaven
    For on earth you have carried your burden.

    This was very deep and touching. Strong narrative.
    One Word: STRONG.

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