This Wall. These Walls

This Wall. These Walls

This wall. These walls.

Not this wall but that wall,

closing me in

on this and that side

like water in a mug.

This wall. These walls!

With heights,hedges and holds

clasping my feet and feats

in shackles sharp and sure – with utter surety.

These walls not of sand but of dusts.

Not of water but of blood.

Not of straws but of veins, flesh, valves and vessels.

This wall, these walls,

Not made with hands but with a band!

These walls I must take to take to the bricklayer

For he built this wall,and these walls!

These walls, my fear.

Myriads and myriads, cast in concrete casings

Fear that I may try and try might I that fear.

This wall, my body.

I will speak to this wall

I will tramp this wall and squash this wall as I speak to this wall!

I will take the tube and not fear you wall!

I will tell her how I feel and not fear you wall!

This wall am standing faced unfazed.

Here is a hole! A hole to lift me!.

Here is a edge! A edge to hold!

Here is a hand! A hand to strap my waist!

Ha ha,walls, walls everywhere with no bases.

I triumph!

10 thoughts on “This Wall. These Walls” by DolphinEyes (@dolphineyes)

  1. One of the downsides of being tied down. Soon enough you see someone who just sweeps you off your feet and you want out of that ‘banded’ cage you walked smiling into.

    Nice poem.

  2. @Hymar thank you for reading and commenting. Salute!

  3. Walls must be torn down.
    I like.

  4. @sylvia yes o,they must fall! Thank you for your comment. Salute!

  5. We are all born like that. We are free, but are bounded everywhere we turn.
    But then, we have the power to change our situation.
    Nice read and I think you should look at lines 15(repeating of ‘take to’), and 27 (an edge).
    Well done.

  6. @Chime221 thank you for you comment. Some kinda typo error on those lines. You do well man. Merci Sire.

  7. Not sure what this was about, @dolphineyes. Was it about how our human frailties limit us?

    I liked

    “With heights,hedges and holds”

    “Not of [straw] but of veins, flesh, valves and vessels.”

    I think that “dusts” should just be “dust”

    I felt the last few lines were rather repetitive.

    Well done.

  8. I so greatly value your pointers. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Your question has made me revisit the poem again,although what I presently have is different from what is posted here. I am constantly on a review of my poems. To answer ur question Yes,it was about our frailties and ur struggles as humans. Am honoured to have had you read my poem @TolaO

  9. Take d leap… tear dem walls!

  10. this is beautiful

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