The Wake

The Wake

The calm sea breeze caressed our skins as we sat on the sand, our legs drawn in until our heels touched our bums. We sat so close together that from afar in the dark, we were one solid mass.

“You can only run run run pass Terry G when you run mad…”. She searched frantically in her hand bag besides us and brought out her ringing BB Q10, one of my latest gifts to her. She glanced at the screen, hissed, threw it back into her handbag and announced “…It’s Pete again…I wonder what his problem is this time…”

Ignoring her, I lifted my frame, stretched, flexed my muscles and stood to my full height, my hands in my hip pockets, I stared into the distance and the moonlight bounced off my face glowing like a million stars in the dark, my eyes glazing like the sun, steeled. I pulled my hands out of my pocket, my right hand forming a fist by my side, I slowly raised my left hand to my face and rubbed the tip of my exquisitely crafted nose, bringing the hand down slowly, a charming smile playing across my face, and the glint of my teeth was like a flash of lightning. I snapped my fingers once and Okwute, head of my security detail rushed to me while Osimiri, Akirika and Ulaga, other members of my security detail lurked in the shadows not far away. When I spoke, my voice sounded like notes off a flute, echoing sweetly across thousands of miles. “Call the Secretary, National Signal Control Bureau (NASICOB) and order him to suspend GSM network services in seven kilometres radius of this location pending my countering order”, I sang, my voice piercing the night’s sudden stillness like the voice of a nightingale. “Yes sir!”, he smartly answered, holding tightly to the leash in his right hand with an elephant-sized Lion at it’s end. Speedily he scrambled away to do as instructed, the Lion, his most favourite pet whom I’ve come to develop a personal liking for bouncing along.

Like an angel arising from atop a mass of golden cloud, she arose graciously, her hair flying in the soft wind like fluttering feathers, slowly, she turned to face me. Nkoli’s eyes, glazing like two balls of fiery flame bored into mine in the dark and I felt like a child caught in the act of ‘Kitchen-lifting’. As always, my eyes fell (never had I being able to hold her piercing gaze) but stopped abruptly at her chest region taking in the sight of her well and nicely positioned artificial breasts. My mind drifted and I recalled with a pained heart the feel of her pawpaw shaped breast against my palm, tongue and naked body whenever I worshipped at the altar of her curvaceous body. Her voice, like the chanting of angels in heaven brought me back from my painful reverie, ” Obi m, please take me home”, she purred with an enchanting smile dancing on her face, immediately I felt a stir in my trousers in anticipation of what always follow whenever she used that sentence. Once again, I snapped my fingers, this time thrice and within the minute, a jet with ICEDFIRE 01 scribbled in golden and glaring letters on it’s sides appeared from the sky and made a landing that will make even the most experienced and celebrated  pilot of AIRFORCE 01 green with envy. The door glided open. I led her to the jet where we were welcomed onboard with a soul stirring number by THE ICEDFIRE FLOWS while Ikuku, who had just handed over to his co-pilot Agwo made to usher us to my cabin onboard, past the reception area where some creme de la creme of the society awaited me for a crucial meeting. As we passed, they arose and stood still, I acknowledged with a smile. Immediately three women, swooned and fell: they were dazed by the brightness of my smile; its charming intesity turned their brains to jelly and their knees to rubber, catapulting them into a world of fantasy where the heart most likely doesn’t need it’s beat. Omaba was the first to react as he rushed towards Sirleave’s form on the ground, knelt and brought his left ear to her chest, checked her pulse and proceeded to give her mouth to mouth ressuscitation, two other men, Putton and Lucky moved also to help the other two women.  Chilchinla was the first to come to followed by Sirleave and then Milda. Relieved, we continued to my cabin.

On stepping in, Nkoli shut the door with a commanding finality and feminine bedroom emphasis with the heel of her right leg, discarding her pieces of clothing with the speed of light, she flew into my bed and assumed a pose that immediately caused the sudden growth of a gigantic hill in my groin region, I went close to the bed, bent over, kissed her on her forehead, tip of nose, lips, necks, ignoring her artificial breasts, I kissed her navel, went a bit further down…she arched in glorious pleasure, moaning in a manner that turned the warmth in my loins to an alarmingly hot sensation, abruptly I stood up, by then, the weight in my groin was almost pulling me down. I excused myself to use the bathroom so I could wash off the sand from the beach all over my body.

I made my way to the bathroom and to my surprise, noticed that my king sized bath tub and gold crested shower were missing. Ignoring it for I had a more pressing task at hand, I carried the only available bucket of water to the centre of the bathroom and started bathing, having applied soap all over my body, I tried keeping the bar of soap on a louvre nearby but it fell to the floor, with my eyes still closed, I tried to locate my *”Ose Dudu” with my leg but unfortunately stepped on it. I slipped and fell into a pile on the floor and a sharp pain shot from my ankle through my spine to my brain. I had twisted my ankle…then I came to full awakening… “Hey Michael, you are still inside? You promised  not to keep me waiting today!” A voice boomed from my corridor, it was Samson, my close friend. “Please break down the door and come to my rescue, I am injured!”, I shouted in reply… I had being sleepwalking and dreaming.

*Ose Dudu – Yoruba phrase meaning Black Soap. It is a local soap of Nigerian origin.

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  1. This is real good, Micheal. But regarding the phrase ‘artificial breasts’, I don’t fully understand…

  2. I like this.
    @Praize, you still D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ talk of ‘artificial breasts’ when girls are already padding up with artificial waist and hips, and even buttocks. Lol

  3. Ewo oh! You really cracked me up!

    1. Thank you so much

  4. I was beginning to think he was one narcissistic dude until I learnt he was dreaming… in dreamland anything is possible…

    Tighten this up, make it shine…

    Well done

  5. This has been published before. Read it then. Keep writing.

    1. Recommendations were made in the first one (Night Out With Stars), I effected them here. Check and confirm please, and tell me what you think. Thanks.

  6. All that was just a day dream…hummm…sorry Michael

    1. Lolz. Na so we see am o.

  7. very interesting, dreams can be this unrealistic.

    1. Thank you.

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