The Officer in Black

Payment for no goods
I gave a twenty naira note to the officer and he squeezed it into his pocket,
Again he has returned his hand to the previous position.
Stretched out, ready to take more of the notes from other commuters
He peers into every vehicle looking for an excuse to extort money from commuters
The very representative of corruption.

At the office, he says bail is free, but you need to pay a token before securing someone’s release
He arrests you without telling you your offence.
Still he doesn’t let you go till you have settled him.
He says he is your friend, but wouldn’t respond when the bugglars pay you visit in your house
He abandons his duty posts and mounts an illegal road block in the village close by.

Who dares question him?
The officer dressed in black, he wields a weapon that can take the lives it’s supposed to protect.
When you fail to cooperate, he may direct the nozzle at you.
The case will end soon; it was a stray bullet or perhaps accidental discharge.
Darkness has taken over his once innocent mind

The only language he understands is money
He speaks the dialect of corruption
He hasn’t learnt to live on his income.
He is covetous, more dangerous than the bandit on the highways
A pain in the neck of the society.

Our officer lurks in the street for unlearned people
He doesn’t like doing business with the elites,
What can I do than hope he realizes his mistakes
I want to see him become a real friend of the people.
An officer that can protect our lives and properties.

8 thoughts on “The Officer in Black” by Ewuola Michael (@ewuola)

  1. Nice theme. Those thieves in black are a pain in the butt like your piece shows in its examples. However, I just wish this was more poetic than prosaic.
    Keep reading, learning and writing.
    Well done, Ewuola and welcome to NS.

  2. simplisilv (@simplisilv)

    yes! Nice theme you have got,it is really beautiful,but please keep working on it for some poetic spices….

  3. bunmiril (@bunmiril)

    Hmm! the Nigerian Police. Nice.
    Note all corrections.

  4. Sure he can be a friend of the people, but it takes ‘a you’ to do that … nice poem @ewuola

  5. rihanat (@Tattyhana)

    Nyc poem. Officer in black indeed

  6. A nice prose-poem.

    Could have been reworked berah tho.

  7. hmmm…God bless the Nigeria police force, God bless Nigeria herself and God bless you Mike!

  8. Policeman! They re really “policing” us. Its well.

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