The Most Vilified

The Most Vilified

Have you ever seen a man so vilified?
He would stand against bricks and dollop
From the print and the whatsApps of this world
And plod on gamely

He maybe clueless
About your innuendoes
And potshots
He maybe insipid
And his voice drips
Without character or form

His visage
A clamorous blend of dazed and bland smiles
To deflect droned viciousness
The lines
Fanning his eyes
Trial marks
Not tribal marks
His seemingly pusillanimous steak
His hidden ace
His patience, running out of luck
Riding on an ass

Cats barking at dogs
Fowls with foul smell
Their beaks in the air
Pretending to know the way

But the cosmic geeks
Will put him there
Time, and again
Because they are higher
And sicker, than mere mortals.

7 thoughts on “The Most Vilified” by sassystel (@ibagere)

  1. This poem needs to be read more than once for it to actually sink in. This is for our Goodluck.

    You need to edit, missing letters in your spellings; Streak, dollops,
    Space your ‘may be’ too.
    I really wonder for the cosmic geeks o. When would they get to place a player that would be just right?
    Well done, sassy. $ß.

  2. simplisilv (@simplisilv)

    nice job…i like it!

  3. Nice poem … get to edit it again.

  4. @sibbylwhyte, Yes. More editing. No excuse. Thanks. @simplisilv and @josephoguche, thanks for the comments.

  5. Tricky poem. Lemme call my buddies Obiagbohon and Soyinka to review

  6. deep!….I will read again and again

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