The Guest – Chapter 4

The Guest – Chapter 4

Tim took a look at the dog eared piece of folded printer paper; the corners were folded to perfection into four clear divisions. The white colored paper had a little dust stain by the side, as he slowly opened the sheet with a frown he found out it was his daughter’s English paper and at the header was written: Gift Ahotu Paper on English.

He didn’t seem to pay much attention to it as he opened up his bedroom drawer and placed it inside, he looked around and stepped in the shower and also made use of the closet. After the ride with the flowing water from the shower, he crawled into his bed clutching his pillow and wrapped himself around the sheets.

Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-; Machine guns flared. “I would have felt better in the air man! The ground is way too noisy”, Tim said clutching his helmet.

“I bet you Sir, the Air won’t be so good right now, see that blaring magnum rifle gunning anything in its part, I’m not even sure if the airplane is blown to bits anyone will survive. We have captured the warlord it’s time to clear out; the resistance is still strong that is why we have to get you outa here. Our orders aren’t to engage the enemy but slip past the camp since we are carrying a civilian.”

 “And that civilian is me right? Roger that mate.” Frank said hitting his helmet with his left hand.

“We are almost…”Boom!!

“JESUS!” Tim awoke with an accelerated breath. He quickly checked his watch it read 7. 25 Am!

“Oh! My.” He clutched his sheets. “Honey, what is it?” Joan came rushing out of the bathroom with a white towel round her waist and a comb stuck in her hair.

“Oh! My, I nearly cut my hair with my comb.”

“It was a night mare or should I call it day mare cause the sun is up!”

“Darling you can still make jokes in your situation. I think you are gonna need therapy, because I watch movies and people who went through your ordeal push through it all with therapy.”

“You know you’re not really good at teasing darling, so don’t start dear.”

Joan laughed. “I want to be able to sleep soundly all day every day.”

There was a mild knock on the room door as it quickly swung open to revel Gift all dressed up in her school uniform. “Good morning Mum and Dad Gift said.” Good morning dear.” they chorused and smiled towards her ,as Joan went back into the bathroom leaving Gift and her father in the bed room.

“Ada, as she is normally called by her parents. “You left your English assignment paper by the mirror stand.”

“Huh? Daddy I don’t know what you are talking about I came into your room empty handed yesterday.” “Or maybe you have forgotten you left it in my room,” Tim winked.

“Dad I’m sure I will know if I left my paper in your room won’t i?”

“It was folded.”

“Ah! hah! Now why would I fold my assignment?”

He reached out to the drawer and felt through the other items and brought it out. “OK take a look.” “Wow that is strange, my name and class and my other details are typed in full but it is not mine.”

Gift read the letter and it read “The brave e-merg-ence of the new system of private mobile phone operators”

Tim reacted, “hmm let me see that.” He collected the note and looked through it, He took the note to check the back for any other hidden messages, Gift was left looking at him in awe.

“Dad is everything alright?” She asked

“Yes dear” as he gave her back d paper. “You are going to be late for school dear; mummy is going to take you.” He then covered himself up with the covers and pretended to sleep.

As soon as mother and daughter left all dressed up with Joan looking radiant and perfumed to the teeth he leapt off the bed and ran to shower got dressed, and drove his car on top speed, as he slowly screeched into a lonely alley west of the F.C.T.

At a range of five meters was another vehicle,  in it was a tall dark man waiting for Tim. The well built chisel jawed man sat in his Mercedes chewing  a fat piece of doughnut and some fresh strawberries as he looked at the opposite direction trying to catch a glimpse of the sparrow perching on an electric pole. Upon hearing Tim’s footsteps he got out of the car and swung his neck towards Tim.

“You got our message, pretty smart of you to decode what we sent you and as you can tell, we know everything about your daughter and if you try anything funny she is dead.”

“Yes! That was very cleaver of you, hiding your identity behind the anagram of the word Gem; I know I totally recognized your work.” Tim replied

“So where is it?”

“Where is what?” Tim asked

“The Diamonds! Smart guy” he stretched his eyebrows

“It’s safe, in a safety deposit box in the bank” Tim said with a fixed gaze

“I just pray it is all there for your sake, otherwise… He paused.

“You did a really nice job passing through airport security. What is your secret?”

“Have you ever tried humility?” Tim asked

“Humility you say! Then why did you keep the diamond you pulled out of a dead guy’s stomach in your O.R?”

“You never considered that I might want a souvenir for my little daughter.” Tim replied

“Stop saying rubbish. Nobody uses a 28 carat baguette cut diamond as a souvenir; souvenirs are available at gift shops man!”

“So are you gona kill me now?”

“Hold your horses’ dude! Now why would I do that? When, you have been a real loyal servant.”

“You know. I didn’t mean to do it man! He was  racist; He was gona kill me.” Tim shrieked

“Don’t make that face now! You are acting like a lady.” The  man replied

“I’m gonna be in town for a few days and will contact you later but I won’t tell you when, in the min time I will be watching”

As he left smiling, Tim slowly crawled into his car and drove away.


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  1. O k… So he stole’ rocks from a dead guy’s stomach? I am gonna see where this ends.
    In the min*mean* time.
    Cleaver = clever
    Keep writing, Gad, well done.

  2. consyspark (@constance-Onyeji)

    habaaaa warris going on???? m i getting confused or am i just getting sooo intruiged wth dis story. nice piece jake…

  3. Nalongo (@Nalongo)


  4. Amongst others, check; ‘Gunning anything in(sic) its part’. It
    should be ON and not IN.
    Nice one, but it could still do with careful editing.
    Well done.

  5. Vincent de Paul (@vincentdepaul)

    UUUUhhhmmmmmmmm, good.

  6. @JacobGad,

    I like that you’ve thrown a twist into the story; there’s a darker side to Tim’s past.

    But I don’t know… this story feels without a sense of place to me. The characters could be Nigerian, or they could be American. Doughnuts and strawberries in Nigeria?

    I didn’t get the anagram reference. Is ‘merg’ supposed to be an anagram of ‘gem’? (It isn’t.)

  7. Jacob Gad (@jacobGad)

    Doghnuts nd strawberries can be bought in our supermarkets.coz its imported and for the Anagram it doesn’t matter as far as tim got the message,,that is why the man guided him with ahyphen

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