The Guest- Chapter 3

The Guest- Chapter 3

“Brenda, right?” Tim spoke while concealing his trembling palms.

“No Anna! Short for, Annabel.”  She fixed a momentary gaze towards the broken glass, on the tiled surface.

“Excuse me please.” Tim raised both his index and middle fingers in a polite gesture and turned his neck towards the opposite direction.

“Ti ti! Ti ti!” Tim yelled.

Ti ti came rushing from the kitchen, at the same time trying to wriggle her way through a maze of guests and well-wishers.

Clean this up please!! He said with his eyes slowly moving away from Ti ti, towards Anna

“Your face looks really familiar. You look like someone I met in Kinshasa”

“And where is that if I may ask?” She peered on Tim with a puzzled gaze.

“Timmy boy you already have a wife man! Stop hitting on my wife to be.” Mark smiled with a raised eyebrow and  gazed on Tim’s confused face.

Tim laughed and grabbed Mark’s shoulder, away from Anna “Sorry mate but I could have sworn that I knew her before!” he said whispering into Mark’s ear.

“Knew her like you have slept with her?”

“No dude why would you say such?”

“You remember Mira Jones, who died in the embassy in Congo, after she gave the authorization of the illegal diamonds to be transported out of the war zone? She looks so well like her assistant.” Tim replied, stroking his neck to and fro with his palms.

“Timmy Bro, this life that we have lived can make you to be suspicious about everything and everyone, so take a break and relax. It isn’t her, I have known her for a while now, and her accent isn’t anything like central African.”

“Hey!, I’m standing right here o! You guys should stop acting like little kids and tell me why yawl bickering like mice.” Said Anna as she stood resting her left hand on her waist and performing an open arm gesture with her right hand.

“Sorry dear!” Mark grabbed Anna by the waist and led her away from Tim while turning his head to his back and looking at Tim, to view a low base thumbs up that Tim gave him, as he and Tim grinned. Mark sat Anna on the couch knelt down on one foot to give her a kiss on the cheek and proceeded back to Tim.

Feeling a little distracted, Tim wandered off away from the party environment with his eyes set on going out back for some air. He saw his dad outside, with a stick of cigarette in his mouth. The fumes seemed to engulf the whole back verandah.

“Dad! You treat people every day of serious ailments, you even warn people about the dangers smokers are prone to, every day.” He grabbed the cigarette from his father’s mouth and stumped on it.

“My son you have no idea what life is, take it from me young man I came into this world before you and I know a lot, what is there to live for? after my sweet Lillian has passed on to the great beyond, and you and your sister refused to give me male grandchildren.” He paused. “The only man in the house travels every time, helping strangers that he barely knows and look at your arm, you are not even human anymore.” He said stare ring at the floor. “I don’t even know if your time in war, castrated you, I don’t know my son. You really amaze me.”

“Oh! Dad.”Tim smiled, and tapped his father on the shoulder. “it was my decision to leave the practice and travel, and you know I have always wanted to see the world and maybe one day find the cure for the sickness that killed mum, and besides what kind of humanitarian will I be if I sit in my own country with peace and tranquility and my African brothers will be at war with each other. Even though you may not be proud of me, I helped save countless lives in the first and second Congolese wars.”

“Yeah and you never let me forget it. But family first my son!, Family first!!”

Big Sam then proceeded to enter back into the house as Tim grabbed his father’s and impulsively.

“Why do you always have to be this way? Dad!, I am not doing this for the glory, self-righteousness or pride, I am doing this because I believe it is the right thing to do.” Tim lashed out.

“Please son, I am and old man. I really can’t stand arguments at this point in my age; u can go through my recent cardio report.” Said big Sam as he shrugged Tim off and stepped into the house.

Tim with a tint of frustration let off a disgusted grunt.

Meanwhile Anna being bored from sitting down stepped into the kitchen to go talk to Joan, Joan as expected was all hot and sweaty and as she sang to her self, while trying to turn the stew as well as try to bring out the muffins from the oven. The singing was quite melodious and she sang in a low voice, so as not to attract the attention of the guests present in the house.

Anna sat by the wall of the kitchen, folded her arms and watched Joan sing while cooking. Joan not knowing she was being watched turned to check her freezer opposite her cooker, and  her retina instantly picked up Ana’s smiling gaze. Joan suddenly hit a dish off the cooker.  She tried to catch it but she felt the plate in her hands slip away as she constantly tried to do an aerial rugby catch routine. “let me help you with that.” Said Anna catching the ceramic dish with both hands

“Excuse me do I know you?” Inquired Joan

“Wow, so you really don’t remember the woman that came to this house some few hours ago in the arms of Mad Mike.”

“Mad Mike?” Joan stared, skeptically

Anna replied; “yes! Mad Mike.” She paused.

“His code name,  in the Army.” She said while lashing out her arms like a lawyer on the bench arguing a court case.

“Mr. Mike Garcia?”

“Yes that’s him.” They both grinned as Anna proceeded to help out with some of the dishes placed on the kitchen table.

“The men are just having a good time in the living room, and leaving us to boredom. I don’t know about you ma! but this is a welcome back party, even though i don’t know anyone here, i think i deserve a little fun don’t you think? ”

“Yes! i know what you mean, but this is my own way of having fun, making sure everyone is happy and satisfied dear. and after that is all done then i can be prowd that i built a good home. and please don’t call me ma! I’m not old, I’m just 32 years old.”


Tim stepping into the house, was met by Mark

“Hey man I have been looking all over for you,”

“I just went out to get some air and I think it’s time we call it a night.” Tim shrugged

“Don’t go till you have dismissed all your guests, I have a stash of the good stuff in my booth.” Said Mark as he smiled like a kid about to open up a wrapped gift.

“OK. Maybe just one more drink, but I have to pee first.” Tim ran his right hand across his neck.

Tim quickly leaped upstairs with a fast walking pace and on opening the door; he saw a note by his bedside.

Well that wasn’t there before… He thought.

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  1. Hmm. I know you, I know you not. What would the note say?
    Keep writing, Gad. Well done.

  2. Vincent de Paul (@vincentdepaul)


  3. Great write…
    The suspense is building up. Let’s see what follows and †ђξ content of the note.
    Well done

  4. consyspark (@constance-Onyeji)

    hmmn jakesent smthn is pinching me..good one cant wait for action. wen is part4 coming up????

  5. Nalongo (@Nalongo)

    Keep it up. Please watch out for spelling mistakes.

  6. @jacobgad,

    Nothing much seemed to happen here; the only part I found interesting was the end, with the note. I’ll have to go back and see if I’m missing anything else I’m missing out.

    Watch out for your punctuation/capitalisation – for example, ‘…recent cardio report{full stop}” {capital S}aid big Sam…’ should be ‘…recent cardio report{comma}” {lowercase S}aid big Sam…’


    “She peered on Tim” > “she peered at Tim”

    “He grabbed the cigarette from his father’s mouth and stumped on it.” > “He grabbed the cigarette from his father’s mouth and stamped on it (or stubbed it out).”


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