The Guest – Chapter 2

The Guest – Chapter 2

Peering his eyes through the tilted glass window, Tim quickly took a glance of how much his house had changed. His small verandah and car park hadn’t changed a bit, and everything was intact. The air felt much sweater as he slowly wound down the tilted glass.  He saw his little angel standing at the front porch and as expected, once the car screeched on the tar platform, he hurriedly opened the car door, jumped a few steps mimicking a long jumper and hugging Gift on his athletic landing.

Tim did his best to hug her with both of his arms, but the severed left limb was too much of a discomfort for him, he pondered on the thought of not being able to lift her up and spin her around like he used to but he quickly retracted his thoughts as he entered his living room holding Gift by the hand.

Joan came running in with coal stained hands and a sweaty fore head. She didn’t seem to care as she grabbed Tim by his shirt and gave Tim a passionate kiss, much to the amusement of Gift who pretentiously covered her eyes with her right hand while flipping her right index finger to view a bit of the hot romance.

With the retraction of the kiss gave way to immense staring of the entire house by Tim. “Shey you promised to get me that microwave oven abi?” Said Joan, grabbing his right hand, “as you can see honey, I bought it myself. Business has really been good you know, man have I got a lot to tell you!” She grinned. “The Kebbi state governor’s wife has asked me to personally design her daughter’s dream wedding.” “Wow!! That’s nice Hun!” Shrieked Tim! as he held her left arm. Bringing his face closer to Joan, he muttered; “Babe I’m really tired, and as you can see, you have stained my shirt!” Tim said smiling towards her. “As if it’s not me that will wash it!” blurted Joan. They both chuckled with Tim looking towards Gift who had her eyes glued to the TV set.

His room felt emotionally overwhelming as he swiped his right hand across the bed and moving his head around in view of any changes but there wasn’t much more to see except a new set of drapes and some broken artificial finger nails by the bedside. He lay down on the bed and shut his eyes to the tune of television chatter and the exquisite aroma of dinner.

As he was about to delve into the world of the subconscious, He heard a knock on the door with Gift slowly opening the door handle as she vigorously jumped on the bed with him. She looked at his eyes and spoke in a mild voice, “please dad, tell me about your adventures!” “Honey maybe later, I want to rest, How about if I tell you before you go to bed, and then it will be a bed time story just like old times”. Gift chuckling “dad your always a kidder am almost 14 am not a little girl anymore”. Then with a little wink of his left eye he tells her; “you are and will still be my little girl”, Gift counter speaking almost immediately; “Dad even when I am married?” Tim reply’s nodding his head. “Even when you have grandkids!” .They both chuckle.

Suddenly Tim started hearing chatter downstairs, what’s going on downstairs He asked.  “Ehm dad!, your father has been downstairs for some minutes and he looks worried can you please go and ask him what’s wrong because he doesn’t want to tell mum anything.”

 He opens his room door and steps outside his room to the tune of pitch black… “All the lights have been switched off” he thought.

Surprise!!!! the chorus jolted him, followed by a flash of light bulbs around the house which seemed to give his retina a mild tickle, as he wiped his face with his right palm and gradually walked down the stairs while maintaining a firm gaze on Joan and walking towards her not minding the group of people who stood staring at him.

He quickly grabbed Joan’s hand and took her into the kitchen and in a cute whisper and a raised eyebrows he asked; “Sweetie I told you I was tired now!”

“Don’t ask me o!! Ask your friend Mark.” She said, pointing towards the door.

“It was his idea sha! But I thought u also needed a welcome back party for your friends and family.”

“When you came back, all the visitors were in the backyard waiting.” She paused

“I invited your dad too he is in the living room.“

 He pretentiously peeped through the keyhole of the kitchen door and saw Gift giggle ling towards his room door and caught his daughter’s intense and mischievous smile.

Knock knock!! Quivered the kitchen door, from the other end of the door came an ecstatic voice rather cheerful and goofy with a Latin accent behind the bass like pitch. “Timmy leave that lady alone! she is just excited as we all are.” Said Mark, as he rubbed his hands across his brunette hair strands.

“Man! What am I gonna do with you Tim asked?” at the other end at the same time opening the kitchen door.

“You can start by giving me a hug!” with his arms outstretched; Tim laughed loudly and hugged him, not minding the eyes around.

“You know I stood by your bedside for the two months it took you to regain consciousness, unfortunately I wasn’t there when you woke up I had a job I had to take care of.”

 “Yeah the Nurse told me a handsome gentleman always visited me, she never really told me the name of the handsome gentleman she kept on talking to me about.”

“Wow so your nurse thought I was handsome?” Said Mark, letting of a rather large grin!! “Dude why do you always act like a kid?” Tim raised his eyebrows, “You know when it comes to women, I just can’t help it, a new woman in every country,” He laughed. “But on a serious note, I think am in love. I finally found my soul mate and I brought her along with me. The best part is.. She is Nigerian”

“Hmmmm!! I won’t say I believe all your chatter but I am happy for you!”

 “Okay let’s go and meet her” Tim said, while grabbing a glass of punch from Joan and following Mark’s foot trail.

Timmy boy meet Ana…Mark smiled.

On seeing Ana and with an instant panic Tim froze up almost immediately and his glass cup suddenly fell to the floor

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  1. Wow, sloppy start… ‘peering his eyes?’ hey, we peer with our eyes, so it should be ‘peering’ alone.

    But you got over that and the story surged forward almost flawlessly. Whoa, I didn’t even mind d tiny typo and oversights I came across.

    Terrific piece. Well done.

  2. Better than the first episode but still need a lot of work..
    Well done
    The story is coming along okay

  3. I went back to the last part, yes you improved and that is commendable.
    I liked this part cos you injected life into his arrival as it should be.
    Now, I am wondering, ‘who dat girl?’
    Go through the piece some more and clean up.
    Waiting for the next.
    Well done, Jacob and Welcome to NS. $ß.

  4. Lively…
    Keep improving

  5. Good story so far, but more hard work should be thrown into it. Stick to one tense form and clean up the typos. Well done.

  6. Jacob Gad (@jacobGad)

    Thanx guyz! Expression is jus wat i wana do! Will make d nxt episode better.

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