The Compassionate Young Boy


Once upon a time, in a small village in Kenya, there lived a young boy with his step family. Due to the scarcity of water in the village, the young boy awoke early every morning, carried his pot and headed for the stream with the aim of fetching water for himself and his step family. Sadly for him, he alone had this task as a routine every morning and evening to fetch water from a distant stream while his step siblings were given other lenient tasks or even none. Yet, the young boy bore no grudge against his step family, loved them and carried out his task, diligently.

On his way back from the stream, he met an old man resting under a tree who begged for water to quench his thirst and he gave the old man. He met an elderly woman who begged for water and he gave the woman. This happens almost every time as he comes back from the stream; meeting people who beg for thirst, yet he gave them despite his step mother’s torture on him for fetching half-filled pots that wouldn’t even be enough for the family.

One day, he couldn’t bear the torture from his step mum, so he swore never to give anyone water, but on his way back, he met a strange looking man who begged him for water. The strange man lay by the road side with an injury. The young boy remembered his vow – never to give anyone water – but contemplated for a moment and then gave the strange man some water.

When he got home, his step mum noticed the half-filled pots, and again pounced on him – this time with more cruelty. As she was beating this young boy, there was a knock on the door. It was the wounded strange man – a mail deliverer. Apparently, he came from the town with a letter for the young boy. A letter containing a scholarship with additional cash gift for the young boy and would have died on the way if not for the boy’s help.


They say there is love in sharing…they say where there is love there is life. Your everyday good deeds are never in vain for they shall return to you even when you’re not expecting it. Just like the young boy who was filled with love & compassion met his blessings at an unexpected hour, you shall meet your blessings for your good deeds of love and compassion.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” – Aesop

©Emmanuel Aghado 2013

15 thoughts on “The Compassionate Young Boy” by Emmanuel (@Emmanuelpro)

  1. Hmmmm.Reads like the stories we read in Primary school.
    I really don’t know what to say about think story…it’s… uh…
    Good lesson, though. Kids would learn a lot from it.

    Please keep writing and improve. Show more and don’t tell.

    Watch out for typos and punctuation errors.

  2. Rooms for improvement is wild open… Kudos

  3. Nalongo (@Nalongo)

    Tales by moonlight.

  4. namdi (@namdi)

    “Once upon a time”…….I just knew it would have a moral less at the end.

    Even with same story, you could have made it tighter.

    Nice one, anyways.

  5. dupebaby (@dupebaby)

    I like this story regardless what age it meant for…good job

  6. Emmanuel (@Emmanuelpro)

    Thanks @Mimiadebayo, apparently this is one of my many “facebook short stories”. Perhaps, you may Google it and see its growing fb fame and beyond. It isnt really for kids. It’s my writing strategy to achieve a paticular objective.

    @Chime221, thanks as well, this isnt really the best of me. The best(s) is/are yet to come.

  7. Emmanuel (@Emmanuelpro)

    Thanks @Nalongo, yeah its “tales by moonlight” or even daylight, but you’ll never know how these kinda stories possess great potentials on social media, blogs, newspapers, etc. Its just for you to tap into that idea.

    thanks @namdi, there’s still alot more for “once upon a time” fantasy stories. Great fantasy writers like George R.R. Martin, J. R. R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling etc, all started with little short stories like this, got famous and bingo! they started their big fantasy stories.

  8. Emmanuel (@Emmanuelpro)

    thanks @dupebaby, thats the idea!
    The story can be embraced by all ages.

  9. Nice twist at the end… I really like the story; regardless of what you think, it is really instructive for kids and may be more or less a reminder to adults of the virtues of kindness. I feel though there is a cynical note to these brand of stories we were weaned under, the idea of kindness opening the door for YOUR own good; I think selflessness, without expecting a reward, is a reward in itself… The opportunity to do good is more of the blessing; it is more blessed to give than to receive, the Bible says.
    You did well

  10. Emmanuel (@Emmanuelpro)

    A big thanks to you @wendeekay, you’ve said it all!

  11. Really love the story.

  12. Emmanuel (@Emmanuelpro)

    Thanks @basittjamiu

  13. This was a simple, easy-to-understand story, @emmanuelpro.

    But it felt like you pulled the ending out of thin air.

    It would have been better to foreshadow this without giving too much away, e.g. by letting us know that the boy was smart so that it would not be surprising to us that he got a scholarship.

    Watch out for tense confusion as well.

    And of course, kr&w.

  14. Emmanuel (@Emmanuelpro)

    Thanks @TolaO for your comment and observation.
    Yeah, i agree it’d be better to foreshadow his future rewards, instead of concluding out of the blue.

  15. Emmanuel (@Emmanuelpro)

    That reminds me @TolaO, do you mind reading my succeeding short story, “The Haunted House”? I’ll be glad to know what you think of it.

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