Silent Echoes

Silent Echoes

There is a silence…
echoing across the land;
indeed silence ringing in our hearts
but wait! I hear a sound
a moan…a cry… a soulful dirge
of souls torn from terrestrial nests.

There is a rumble…
thundering across the skies;
but wait! All is quiet
broken souls…orphaned babies
quenched dreams…silenced hearts
victims of a faith gone sour

But the Victims, who are they?
surely they are not those
scorched in fiery tombs
monuments to a religious fury
The victims are Us…
Hearts in mouths, we await the dawn!


14 thoughts on “Silent Echoes” by Edydeyemi (@edydeyemi)

  1. Yeah, the greater victims are us that wait, wondering when the knife shall on us, fall.
    This is good… Well done, Edy. $ß.

    1. @sibbylwhyte one can only hope for that day when language, colour or even religion will not be used as a launchpad for selfish vendettas

  2. Indeed, there’s so much confusion. We, of ourselves, forment trouble and make peace at the same time; hear sounds and nothing at the same time. And then in the end, we wait in horror.
    Good job. Short, precise, rich.

    1. Have you not heard of a ‘deafening silence’?
      These coinages are not new in poetry. Systematically, at the syntactic level, it’s called Neologism.

  3. “we await the dawn”, I wonder though if our people wants this dawn? I just wonder. Because we are “victims of a faith gone sour? Lame excuse! We should sieze and approach this dawn.
    Nice piece.

    1. @dolphineyes, all we need is a charismatic leader. Will you be the one?

  4. We are truly †ђξ victims, always. Especially of religious intolerance.
    Nice work there

    1. @chime221, imagine if we had just one religion?

      1. I’m sceptic. And while I don’t entertain such possibility, I must concede that it’d be the best.

  5. You got a nice poem here … Love it @edydeyemi

  6. very rich poem….captivating and with a profound message

  7. This was very good, @edydeyemi.

    I liked these lines:

    “surely they are not those
    scorched in fiery tombs
    monuments to a religious fury.”

    Well done.

    1. @TolaO, thanks for the compliment. Just my way of protesting against religious intolerance

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