Love And Other Related Disasters – 2

SUNDAY 10:30pm

viewer discretion is advised.

Such was the situation, if you were driving down agungi at the above mentioned time, you would have unfailingly noticed the dead man, lying with his arms stretched out, head splattered wildly on the road.

tomas swerved expertly and avoided it.

“what the fuck?!!” he said to no one in particular, turning instinctively to face victoria, already armed with a “did you see that” face, she did and she had her “are you fucking kidding? why the fuck aren’t we stopping and changing directions” face, it didn’t help that the side of her mouth had traces of vomit on it, she was all kinds of disgusted.

shit, not the car!

tomas reached for the back seat, picked up a box of tissues then handed it to her, her eyes were murdering him but her hands collected the tissues, you do not mess up the car, no matter how seemingly disturbing the scenario.
tomas looked back at the still dead man,
but really what the fuck?
It wasn’t hard to notice Samuel waving his middle finger and pointing at his watch. Tomas pulled up expertly beside him, still not paying any attention to Victoria, he got down from the car, punched Samuel in the shoulder and side stepped when Samuel pretended to attempt to hit back, they laughed as they fooled around.
Victoria got down eventually and tomas instinctively began to head inside, unconsciously he had been waiting for her, he wouldn’t move unless she moved.

♦ ♦

SUNDAY 11:00 pm

says the terror to the terrified ; “are you scared?”

the answer could be a yes, spoken verbally. the answer could be in heavy breathing, shaky hands, watery eyes. the answer could be a nervous breakdown, or in Victoria’s case, sweaty feet.

it would have helped if she knew what the terror was, she didn’t so disaster was inevitable, it was only a matter of time. she headed down the bathroom stall, she was sure she heard sounds from one of the toilets. the windows were open, the wind shook the panels violently, a cold breeze shot through her and she hugged herself, the air was cold and humid. she heard a hissing sound and jumped in terror, in the darkness she could make out hollow eyes, dirty teeth and hard, flaccid skin, the face was grinning, it had no body so the head seemed to float in the air, the darkness became heavy, moonlight shone but it stood separate from the darkness, victoria wasn’t sure if she was hallucinating, the face disseminated and all was dark again, a strong gust of wind flung her back violently, she slumped to the ground and was engulfed by and in the darkness.

she became one with it.

the first moan erupted from within unconsciously, she was beginning to feel again, except she wasn’t feeling as she normally should, she was no longer in sync with her body, she wasn’t feeling her individual body parts anymore, she was feeling on a deeper level, she moaned again.

she writhed on the floor, her body responding to every sensation, fear and despair came with its heart ripping ferocity, she knew she had come to face evil, she knew no good was coming, she knew the terror now because she felt it, from the depth of her soul she felt it, an undeniable sensation, a myriad of emotions climaxing in ecstasy, the pleasure as consuming as the fear. she moaned again, louder this time, the combination of sensations driving her to her limits, the moaning was becoming more frequent, higher and lower in pitch, varying from time to time, letting go of any inhibitions giving in to the darkness and its pitch black pleasures.

SUNDAY 11:47 pm

she wiped her face with her shirt as she walked out, praying tomas wouldn’t notice that something was wrong

are you okay baby?

yh, still a little nauseous that’s all

she folded one leg on the chair, trying to appear comfortable, making herself useful by rolling a joint, tomas held his phone out for light, pointing at a faded antonini and chuckling, victoria giggled too, an empty, fake laugh.
“samuel!” she shouted and threw a seed at him, he raised his head slowly and grinned, they both laughed again, tomas stared at victoria a bit, she smiled and got up, changing postions, resting on tomas laps, he held her close to him, kissing her neck as she worked, she leaned out, she wasnt exactly in the mood for that, unfortuntely tomas couldnt tell, he found her lips and kissed her, she kissed him back so as not to have to explain not wanting to, not knowing the effect it would have, it took some time for everything to go wrong.

5 minutes later she had finished rollin the joint, tomas had stopped talking, she guessed he was waiting for her, antonini was awake again, also waiting eagerly for the newly rolled joint,
“whos with the lighter” she asked as she felt the table for one, antonini searched himself and shook his head,
“tomas” she called out without turning back to face him, she got no answer, “tomas” she called out again, elbowing him gently this time, still no answer, she turned to face him, he sat stiff, staring through her with cold, lifeless eyes,
“tomas” she shouted this time, the panic in her voice obvious, she got up and shook him, “TOMAS!!!” she screamed, antonini hit him hard, still no response,
“fuck!” antonini exclaimed, “what the fuck did you do to him?” he had his hands on his head, victoria was crying already, she knelt beside tomas and shook him violently, eventually causing tomas to fall, she fell untop of him,
“hes ….. dead” she heard don antonini say behind her, it was all the confirmation she needed, tomas lay cold on the floor, she covered her mouth with her head, turned to face a confused antonini then back at her dead boyfriend, she staggered back, processing the events that occured prior to this, what the fuck happened in the bathroom, did that have anything to do with this? what the fuck was going on? did she just kill the love of her life? what …….. her heart stopped, the silence of the night had been interrupted, they heard what sounded like feet pounding the earth, the sound cut through her thoughts like a hot knife through butter, they both heard it, they both turned to the wall, beyond which the sounds were coming from, they heard growling, it sounded like it came from the belly of something big, samuel shot her a look that summed up his feelings, he was scared and confused at the same time, tomas lay dead on the floor, behind the wall creatures from the pit of hell were hot and heading thier way, the growling got louder, and louder, until it was obvious that whatever was making the sound was now in the compound, don antonini tried to run, almost completing the 360 before he was struck down, victoria saw it, all the three heads, the giant paw, then finally, samuels head uprooted from his torso, the body dropped flat where don antonini stood before, the head rolled away in the dark, you could still hear blood gushing out from the headless don antonini, the growling stopped, victoria fainted, shutting down temporarily.


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  1. There’s a good story here, @seunthomas, but it’s spoilt by the very slapdash way you’ve told it. The narrative is staccato; at the start, you move from 2nd person to 3rd person POV, and in each new section, you jump into dialogue without setting the scene. Then your punctuation and capitalisation are all over the place.

    Please keep reading and writing; I’m sure you can do better than this.

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