Just A Jar

Just A Jar

Don’t look at me like some kind of star
When I do signs and ye marvel in wonderment.
Don’t praise me, please; I’m just a jar –
Privileged to be filled with the Master’s content.

As the Lord’s creation, made for His will,
He’s got me set up like a pencil.
Dusted off and lifted out of the shelf,
He’s taken away my sinful self.

Clap your hands to the Lord and shout His praise
When you see me performing on the dais.
I have power because God supplied the watts,
And thus, to Him should you tip your hats.

Don’t count the Spirit’s Gold as mine:
I’m just a jar, clay is my bone.
Dust is the dude that works these signs;
God plays the tune, I’m the trombone!

© 2013 Kingsley U. Ayistar

21 thoughts on “Just A Jar” by ayistar (@ayistar)

  1. I absolutely love the message in this! It’s all about who He is, nothing to do with us.

    1. be all the glory, honour and adoration… Thanks @ibagere

  2. All Praise and thanks to God
    The Father now be given,
    The Son and Him who reigns
    Up in the highest heavens…

    1. yeah, @Hymar, He deserves them.. thanks a lot!

  3. “But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us.” II cor. 4:7. Good reminder. Well done.

    1. @psalmy you have a good memory… The Scripture says it all. Thanks!

  4. Really good theme. We are nothing, God is everything.

    However, I think this needs more work to make a great poem

    We never quit learning. Weldone

  5. Jo (@josephoguche)

    beautiful … a humble acknowledgement.

  6. Praising God never gets old, but this has been posted here before.
    That said, Welldone Ayi.

    1. the poem is appearing for the first time at naijastories, @sibbylwhyte, thank you for reading!

  7. There are still poems that teach us and reach us
    There are still poems that praise God and raise God,

    Well done.

  8. …I sitting on my chair right nw smiling…jes smiling ayistar…this shows how much I like this….may we be golden vessels…jars of honor!….Amen!

    Well done bruh.

  9. nice and direct

  10. @sylvia, @josephoguche, @sibbylwhyte, @Chime221, @funpen, @Omoniyi; thank you all literati for your encouraging compliments! Much much gracias! :)

  11. This is really nice
    To Him be all the glory…

  12. I am a jar mad by Jah to praise His name in such an unfathomable manner..I so love this poem..weldone..this is really overwhelming..

  13. @topazo & @wendy thank you so much, guys!

  14. Very refreshing read @ayistar. The message was succinct, without pretension; a soul-searching sermon, presented in a simple jar. Well done.

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