I Go Go – Payback Time 2

I Go Go – Payback Time 2

“Are you serious? Do you have any idea the likely consequences of what you’re about to do?” Sheila asks carefully and I nod.

Sheila has been my best friend for five years. We met in our first year at the University and we’ve been very close since then. I had slept over at her place as part of my plan to ‘cheat’ on my husband and I’m now getting ready to go back home.

“It’s no big deal Sheila, I just want to hurt him a little bit and it’s not like I’ll be sleeping with my boss.” I answer calmly but Sheila isn’t convinced.

“So, your outrageously handsome young boss is hitting on you and you want to ‘fake’ an affair with him just to hurt your husband? What makes you think he cares? If he really loves you he wouldn’t have turned you into his punching bag in the first place.”

“All men have ego and the poor ones have specially huge egos. I believe it will really hurt him to find out his wife is having an affair with a rich man.”

“Your boss, is he in on this? Does he know what you are doing?”

“No, he thinks I really want to have an affair with him and I don’t intend on telling him either, he has money to squander and I want to help him out.”

“Biola, I know that you think you can handle all of this but honestly,  I don’t see how you can date your boss and not sleep with him. Besides, what happens if your husband just kicks you out? Do I need to remind you that you are pregnant?” Sheila asks again and I shrug.

“I can have an abortion.”

“I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that. You can’t do that, it’s murder.”

“I’m just three weeks gone Sheila, it’s still an embryo.”

“An embryo with life! It’s an embryo that will grow to become a fetus and then a baby, a human baby.”

“If I don’t get rid of it Femi will anyway, he’ll beat me one day and I’ll lose the baby.” I say factually and Sheila pulls me to sit beside her on the bed.

“Leave your husband, leave him and move in here with me, I’ll take care of you and we can take care of the baby together. Just push out all those crazy ideas in your head and move in here with me.”

“Thanks but you don’t get it Sheila, I love my husband very much and doing this is just to find out if the feeling is mutual, if he kicks me out then I might as well just date my boss and if he doesn’t,  we will have other children. I’ll get rid of this one for now.” I say with a tone of finality and pick up my bag. “I have to leave now, don’t worry about me, I can handle things and please don’t let my husband know I spent the night the night here.”

“I can’t change your mind, can I?” Sheila asks slowly and I shake my head. “I’ll let you know how things go. Bye Sheila.”

I enter the compound to find my husband sitting in front of the house but I decide to ignore him and  start to walk past him but he pulls me back.

“Have you gone mad? Where do you think you are coming from? You left this house yesterday evening and you are just coming back?” He asks with feign disbelief in his eyes.

“I’m sorry, I told you there was work to do at the office and we worked through the night, I spent the night at the office.” I reply calmly, knowing the worst that can happen is the regular beatings I’m already used to.

“You really expect me to believe that? You couldn’t even call to let me know!” He screams as he raises his fist to hit me, his eyes are bulging out they are almost falling out of their sockets.

“You should know by now that I am used to your constant beatings, Femi, you can hit me all you want but the only thing you will be doing is helping me get rid of  this pregnancy I already plan on getting rid of. So please, go on and hit me.”

I don’t know where the words or the confidence to say them came from but I can see their blinding effects on Femi; his fist remains mid-air and his mouth slowly falls open. I carefully free myself from his grip and make my way into the house in a rush, fearing that the spell my words have cast on him will suddenly lift and he’ll beat me to a pulp. I run into the room and bolt the door and for hours, it seemed like I was the only one in the house…until I hear a knock on the door and the voice that follows is so soft and strained I could have sworn it isn’t my husband’s.

“Please Biola open the door, we need to talk.”

45 thoughts on “I Go Go – Payback Time 2” by Bibbie (@Bibbie)

  1. Nalongo (@Nalongo)

    Somebody please help me close my mouth that is hanging open!!!!!!!

    1. Bibbie (@Bibbie)

      @Nalongo Why is your mouth hanging open?

  2. Hahaha….nice one. A few typos that can be adjusted with review. Keep going

    1. Bibbie (@Bibbie)

      @Olan Thnx, I will.

  3. @Nalongo

    I understand why your mouth is hanging open. So is mine.

    @Bibie, I want to watch and see what happens

  4. Tricks like this work on growing monsters. I thank God her tactics had a positive effect on him. Means, there is a slight chance that whatever demon made him start beating, may just flee.
    Good job, Bibie.

    1. Bibbie (@Bibbie)

      @sibblwhyte Thank you.

  5. Hmm, you still need to convince me. I just don’t picture very well a situation where a pregnant woman who ‘loves’ her husband very much would just talk anyhow of getting rid of the baby of the man she ‘loves’ very much.

    Plus she knows of his chronic temper and it is in her pregnant state that she is coming out to dare him? When he could just blindly kill her in a fit of rage? She doesn’t care being beat up in her condition? Even if not for herself, at least for the baby? Please.

    Realism needed. And convincingly so.

    Watch your tenses too.

    1. Bibbie (@Bibbie)

      @Hymar I don’t know about realism cos dis is a fiction, not a true life story and last time I checked a fiction is an invented, ‘unrealistic’ scenario that didn’t happen.
      Besides that, nothing is new under the sun, I bet if someone had written a story about a man raping his own daughter about 30, 20 years ago, many people wud have called it unrealistic but stories lyk that are in the news everyday and they are happening now for real. If a father can rape his own daughter then I don’t see why a wife cannot get rid of a pregnancy she has for a man that beats her a lot no matter how much she loves him. I mean in a way she’s actually considering the baby too. Honestly, religion and morals aside, I don’t think I wud want to have and raise a baby in such an hostile environment so such baby doesn’t become like the father and in that case, I guess I wud have to choose btwn leaving my husband to raise my baby the way I want or not having the baby and sticking with my husband.
      Even if I’m trying to be realistic, the truth is if ladies or women out there in this century really care about their unborn babies then we wud have less abortion rates and abortion wudn’t even be legalized in some foreign countries.
      From my own p.o.v, a baby is only loved when it is needed and the conditions are favorable.
      Thnx for reading and sharing ur opinion. I really appreciate it.

  6. No problems, we all have different takes on issues. Thanks for making your points more coherent now. Of cos I still have my reservations, but at least I understand your motivations. Keep writing.

  7. My mouth too hangs open…

  8. namdi (@namdi)

    His voice sounding soft? I hear! Guess it won’t remain same once he’s allowed into the room……*just trying to imagine what comes next*

    Nice one.

  9. @Bibbie I feel that you are romanticizing abuse.You as the writer you need to research about people living with this pain.From the research I made before writing angry sky.I will tell you that people living with abuse suffer a lot.it is not about love it is about control.So for example there is a woman going to WRAPA and she has an abusive husband who beats her every day and at the end cries and say he loves her.please don’t go if you go I will kill me myself.Maybe people around family,women right activists are begging her to leave and she comes on naija story and she reads this story.What message will she get.
    The story itself lacks an emotional impact.I as a reader cannot feel it.

    1. Bibbie (@Bibbie)

      You sound like someone who already has this fixed mentality that every woman should leave her abusive husband. I definitely don’t want a woman to read my story and jump into conclusion of leaving her abusive husband without exhausting all other options. If I had written the story along that line, I would not only be judgmental, I would also be writing the same thing a lot of writers have written just in a different way. Fiction allows a writer to be imaginative and to explore and consider as many ‘what ifs’ as possible and if I have to conduct a research and write based on some people’s experiences every time I write, then I myt as well be writing true life stories. I think we are all just stuck to the idea that fiction should in a way relate and tally with the things happening in the real world. The message I want every woman going through this kind of experience to get is exactly the message I’m trying to pass along in this series. Marriage isn’t just something you walk in and out of, that’s why a marriage should be at least two years old before it can stand the chance of being dissolved under the law except in cases of extreme hardship and depravity. A lot of women tend to walk out of this kind of marriages backed up by feminists without considering other options or even the cause of the abuse and I used to have that kind of belief too until I started having wider imaginations.
      To what extent and under what circumstances am I willing to tolerate my husband’s inadequacies if I were to be married? I think if I really love my husband, I’ll fight for my marriage until I’m sure there’s nothing else I can do.
      About emotional impact, I didn’t want to start going into emotional details cos I don’t want the series to be too long. I just want the reader to get the gist and let his or her imaginations do the rest. It’s up to you to imagine the kind of suffering she might be going through and decide whether to feel it or not.
      Sorry about the long speech(It’s like an habit) and thanks for sharing your opinion. I really appreciate it. You peeps on NS are the best, you’re giving me the ‘push’ I want. Most of my friends just read my stories and swallow them hook, line and sinker.

      1. @Bibbie but some people end up dying.My friends friend died. she was pregnant and was trying to keep her marriage.After she died her friend told me that if she had left maybe she will still be alive.She was sad.This is why I feel that marriage shouldn’t be so important that you have to kill yourself over it.

        1. Bibbie (@Bibbie)

          @khadijahmuhammad Aww, I get your point. It’s because of occurrences lyk dt that women don’t care about fighting to keep their marriages anymore. The most important thing is to pray to have a good marriage.

    2. @khadijahmuhammad……. I do not agree with you completely, maybe a small percentage because there are truly people who dnt think for themselves; there are also people who need inspiration else where for that little push they need.
      However, I do think everyone should be responsible for the decisions they make. Now, things influence our decisions from time to time but this is fiction as @Bibbie said. Its about imagination and hopefully, persons going through similar stuff who may read this would apply it wisely where it fits and not hook, line and sinker.

  10. Nice. Waiting for more- watch out for them typos. And it is an emotional story, people hide pain behind reckless statements and indifferent attitudes, I felt the emotions.

    1. Bibbie (@Bibbie)

      @elly Thanks, I hope to kick typos out of my writings for good soon.

  11. Hmm, keep on writing. I wish we were shown some more … but thank you for sharing.

  12. Thelma (@Thelma0385)

    Nice one Bibbie. Just watch to make sure you’re using the right words and check for typos. You had my attention all through the story. I kind of understand where @khadijahmuhammad is coming from but she also needs to know, just as you said that its fiction, and you cannot tailor everything you write according to real life stories, otherwise you might as well be writing a self-help book, especially on a subject like this. However, in spite of it being fiction, it should never be far from realism. Cheers!

    1. Bibbie (@Bibbie)

      thank you.

  13. …getting interesting…next..
    well done

  14. This is wonderful too. I love the dialogues.

  15. Been away for a while but I see you are doing great with your writing. Like that you want to do something different with this.

  16. aadetoyin (@aadetoyin)

    Nice read. I just pray things don’t go sour again. No woman deserves to stay in an abusive marriage. Leave b4 he kills u

  17. @Bibbie, you are doing a fabulous job on this series. I just wanted to say that.
    I like where I think this story seems to be heading.
    With fiction, we can do all manners of things, can’t we?
    However, I would never support a woman that wants to stay in a marriage like this.
    I have worked in DV charities and seen the scars. I am not talking about physical scars but the psychological ones- where a woman is so damaged that she can’t live a normal life. Normally, these poor women have children. Don’t get me started on the impact of DV on children. It can follow them into adulthood.
    The man can get help to change but it is often advisable that he does this on his own. Usually there are psycho-social reasons a man becomes a perpetrator that can stem from his own childhood. But, it is always about control.not because things are not perfect at home.
    I hope you understand that my rant is about Domestic Violence not about your message. I like your series, I just wish men wouldn’t beat their women.
    Keep writing, I will keep reading.

  18. Bibbie (@Bibbie)

    @olajumoke Yea, I totally understand your point. Tnx for stopping by, reading and sharing your opinion.

  19. Ajenifuja Adetokunbo (@Ajenifuja-Adetokunbo)

    @Bibbie. Although I have’nt read the previous part, but I really enjoyed this. Concerning the argumentative Essay so far on the issue of marriage, I think you people are debating on a brilliant idea. The power of Fiction, in another way round, is that it should believable. To me, this piece is credible to a particular extent. Please to all the debators, women, irrespective of love, have individual differences in terms of thinking faculties. Miss B, good job! Nice description, diction e.t.c. i will point out some errors below…

  20. Ajenifuja Adetokunbo (@Ajenifuja-Adetokunbo)

    @Bibbie … Minor error. PARAGRAPH 18. He asks with feign disbelief in his eyes. (Did you mean to use fiery, faint, or rather ‘glaring’ instead of FEIGN which is a verb which means PRETEND?)

    1. Bibbie (@Bibbie)

      I think I was trying to say he was faking the expression…i’ll look into it though, cos it now sounds confusing to me too. Thanks for the correction and for reading too.

  21. Okay, she loves her husband and she is willing to endure the beatings…make him jealous and find out if he still has feelings for him….it’s a risk worth taking but she shouldn’t stay too long to make up her mind….

    Lovely writing…just reduce the telling and show more

    1. Bibbie (@Bibbie)

      @topazo Thank you so much for reading, I’ll work on the latter part of your comment.

  22. Hmmm now I like it

  23. I think Bibie is telling a story the real way, not the ideal way. and real is always good cos it tries to be real. i can say that it is not out of the odinary for a woman who loves her abusive husband to think and act the way Bibie’s character is doing. write on.

  24. Omena (@menoveg)

    Let’s see how it goes.

  25. mendel martha (@ihenyengladysusile)

    this was quiet interesting,not just the story but also the comments………………..

  26. I made a comment but it cleared off before I posted! So pissed off!

  27. Oh my word…controversy much?! You got me @ the casual abortion convo mainly on Biola’s part….. “I’ll get rid of this one for now.”

    Femi is a bully. He reacted exactly how bullies do when they realize that their victims aren’t powerless. His beating lost its effect because she saps his zen/inner energy each time he beats her. In other words, he’s become weaker while she gets stronger.

    You are very straight and precise girl. You have to teach me that!

    Very few errors e.g ‘egos’ instead of ego when it was meant to be in plural. Spelling error e.g. ‘foetus’ not fetus. Honest mistakes I’m sure you have taken note of.

    Keep doing your thing @Bibbie.

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