Happy New Year

I could hear my parent’s loud voices in the background, it was at this moment I wish my phone was not dead, radio would have been my solace, I tried zoning their voices out but it wasn’t working this time

“How dare you veronica?” my dad’s loud voice boomed in the house

“Get off my back Phillip” my mom replied in a similar loud voice

Thank God am the only child” I couldn’t bear the thought of sharing this experience with someone else

It was New Year eve, when other families were going to church or having a nice family time mine was fighting like it wasn’t a special day

“Phillip, am warning you for the last time, leave me alone”

“Veronica am the man and the head of this house, so you have to listen to me”

She heard her mom’s retreating footsteps she knew what was going to happen next, she tried bracing her self

A loud crash emanated from outside, my mom started sobbing

From the wedding pictures I saw they looked very much in love so young and naïve so happy in the pictures if only they could have maintained the good start

I  hear my dad’s voice

“That should teach you not to mess with me again”

“Phillip please leave me alone” veronica’s voice cracking

“Finally, you know your place in my house”

I knew that statement would really piss my mom off, I heard her shuffling up and then it was quiet for few seconds before another loud crash broke the fragile silence, then my father started screaming

I came in the third year of the marriage things were still rosy then my father was the regional manager of an insurance firm my mum was a manager at a courier service she resigned after my birth to take raise me.

“How dare you veronica, how dare you?”

I stared at the glow in the wristwatch “11.30pm” stared back at me, 30 minutes to the New Year but the enuthaism wasn’t there was nothing to look forward to and my parents made sure of that, i could hear the shouts from churches around the fireworks going off “I wish I was like them, they don’t have worries, they still have faith

“Veronica if you throw anything at me again, things are going to change for much worse”

No one makes threat against my mom and gets away with it; I was right when I heard the loud crash of something made of glass I cringed on my bed trying to picture what was going on outside my door

When I was 15 my mum became fed up of sitting at home and found a job at a telecommunication firm my dad lost his job few months after that was it all changed, my dad was home with me for months while my mom worked, I could feel the resentment in him anytime he asked my mom for money, a year after my dad got a job at an engineering company but things would never be the same again between them that one year ruined their marriage now am 16 and my parents fight 3 times a week, on trivial things like who should pay for my school fees or who should pay the house rent or who should pay the utilities bills, it always had to do with money

Another loud crash brought me back to the present I was praying that wasn’t the award for academic excellence my mom just broke

“that is Nicki’s award you just broke” my dad pointed out

I lost it at this point, I was fed up of hiding and trying to zone them out, fed up on been embarrassed by my family, fed of behaving like everything was okay, I looked at the time again it was 10 minutes to the new year, I stood up from my bed I walked gingerly towards my door I took a deep breath before opening it I made my way towards the living room their voice getting louder with my every footstep, when I got to the living room I was shocked by the level of disarray it was in, my parent stood at the extreme end of the living room each looking tired worn out and distraught,  my mum was the first to notice me

“Nicki go back to bed” she said, her voice even for the first time that night

“No” I replied softly

“Nicki do as your mom says” my dad said his voice also even

“no, no, no am not going back inside am fed up of hiding am fed of the daily nightly noise, fed up of pretending nothing is wrong other families are out there enjoying the new year eve together in harmony and joy meanwhile my parents are here arguing about who is richer or whose job is more important or who has the bigger car, instead you should be talking about which university I attend or course I should apply for, it’s a new year in, I checked my wristwatch 2 minutes to new year

so please kiss and make up, it’s going to be a new year with new possibilities new hopes and rekindled love I want my old parents back the parents that took me out on new year eve, the ones that got me new clothes and new shoes on new year, parents I can be proud of remember the beginning and what is really important

“Happy new year mummy”

“Happy new year daddy”

I hope you guys make the right choice I said as I headed back to my room I felt better after my speech even if it was impromptu I laid on my bed waiting for another breaking sound but it never came

I was really going to be a happy new year” I though as I closed my eyes and slept in peace for the first time in months

14 thoughts on “Happy New Year” by damilare oso (@damilareoso)

  1. Emmanuel (@Emmanuelpro)

    Pitiful story about marriages and its turmoils. At some point, i started feeling sorry for Nicki.

  2. Emmanuel (@Emmanuelpro)

    Nice story…keep it up!

  3. Nalongo (@Nalongo)

    Good girl!

  4. Hmmmmh…though, the message is clear, but, the piece is riddled with massive typos to the very end (“It was really going to be a happy new year” I thought…) and pls work on the punctuations. Nice attempt.

  5. Good story, good message but riddle with typos, wrong tenses and poor punctuation, at some point, you even changed narrative voice, MC became *she instead of *I… Work on them… Well done

  6. Happy new year in October? Hmmm, feel this post came too early… Just me

  7. Hahahahah…Clemency won’t kill me Oº°˚˚°º!!
    My dear work on the above comments, ok? You’ll be fine.

  8. namdi (@namdi)

    Nice story…..

    Still, it had some issues………punctuation, proper nouns starting with small letter e.g “veronica”, typos too.

    “they fight 3 times a week”……you made it seem like they have a timetable indicating the frequency of their fights.

    The more we write, the better we become at it……keep writing.

  9. Seconding @ibagere.

    You started very well sha. A C .

  10. i hate it when people say “not good” and not say what is bad about the work. take note @kaycee and @Hymar i dey vexooo

  11. The errors have been pointed out…little things harm a story, and this was peppered with lots of typos that made me wonder if it was even subjected to a second read.
    Check your punctuations, spellings, capitalization and your syntax.
    This could be made better. Edit it.
    Well done, Dami.

  12. …capitalization, POV and syntax.
    This could be made better, just Edit.
    Keep reading, writing and learning.
    Well done, Dami. $ß.

  13. You get mind to dey vex upon all the errors already highlighted abi? What else do u want me to point out? The rest have poked yhu enof for me to add my own. Which most often than not is more In-Yo-face than others. Hey, I even gave u a C. See,?

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