Groaning for release


I believe in God

The only supreme being

Sole founder and creator of the world

But as for man

He is in my worries the least

And in my eyes only a mere beast

With burdens

 Like seeking with excessive efforts

And various fruitless methods

To understand God through the dark eyes of religion

Yes! I love God

And no denying, hate religion

With all the mystery and shadows

Looming over it like a dark cloud

Bringing a hurricane

Wrapped in boxes of sorrow

To a ship sleeping sweetly at sea

Judge me for judging religion that judged me

Yet, I will

I will stare at her as i would a prostitute

Who in her old age

Stands in array beside the highways

Hair white and dishevelled,

Face wrinkled

And breasts sagging

Under the weight of too many bacteria infected mouths and hands

Sucking, squeezing and sharing a common disease.

As for man, hmmn!

The sight of him is hilarious

As he enslaves himself in a cage

 Much too small for his erecting spirit

And with true conviction swallows the keys

To a cage called religion

Through which he tortures his free spirit

And loathes his awesomeness

Religion is a chain

Which man, with both hands

Has tied a little too tightly about his ankle

A chain fastened firmly to rules and regulations

Heavier in weight than love, kindness, mercy and forgiveness

Man is in chains, fastened to a cage

Under exhibition like in a circus

In his own world, his habitat

While free roaming spirits amuse their spirits

With the sound of his groaning for release

Yes! Groaning

For release from that judging look in his eyes

When he sees another of a different religion

Groaning for freedom

From that white robe

Tied a little too loosely to his waist

Supreme Being stares at robe, white as snow

Yet sees through to hearts as dark as nothingness

Yes! Groaning

For release from that white wedding dress

That mocks the blood stain in your under pants

While you stand before that sacred altar

Groaning for freedom

From that primitive man

Dancing naked around red hot fire

That one day will consume his very skin

For freedom from that black cloth

That allows only the white of your eyes to be seen

Is religion a dress? No!

Religion is that owl, that bat

That refuses to see or live in the day

But chooses instead

The stiltedness of darkness and midnight

Now blame me,

Point your fingers at me like religion

For blowing the wind of truth

Under religions long white ugly skirt.


10 thoughts on “Groaning for release” by kelora (@okelani)

  1. Religion Makes Enemies, Jesus Makes Friends.

  2. Hmmm… Religion. Well garnished with words

  3. Why shall I judge you? Is not the madness in the world today due to religion? People clutching, teaching and practising what they do not know. I pray our eyes of understanding be opened to understand the Lord’s prayer before his departure: “That they may be one.”

    1. Exactly, until people realize that religion is deeper than laws, rituals and dresses. then there can be a change.

  4. Nice poem @okelani .. Religion is politics, Jesus is the truth.

  5. Love the words of this piece, and that last line made me chuckle.
    The heart is all that matters cos Religion is just as superficial as brazillian weaves.
    This piece could be performed.
    Well done, Kelora. $ß

    1. Thanks Bubbllinna, you know how ugly those long pleated skirts can be, a burden to the wearer and a burden to the eyes of the viewers. I would love to sit in an audience and watch as this piece is being performed…..someday!

  6. Ah! You dare touch a nerve? In religious matters, people, especially religious bigots and fanatics tend to lose all sense of decorum. I’ve argued it somewhere in one NS posts, if it’s possible to have just one religion.

    But to me religion is a madman’s bad. The more you venture into it, the more rubbish you exhume.

    I’ll echo Bubbllinna’s words: ‘this piece could be performed’

    Well done.

    1. Yes, it took some courage to put this into words that would come out easy and not offensive. I expected more criticism for this piece and that is why in the poem I asked to be judged for judging religion. Thanks all the same.

  7. bunmiril (@bunmiril)

    I so love this poem. True talk all the way.
    Well done.

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