Give Us more Stephen Keshi

Give Us more Stephen Keshi

Money no de hide! The worst case happened in the last two years before, when he attended a screening interview at the national sports commission. There were only two candidates. One came for action dressed in training suit ready for the drill. The other came in a dressing room meeting suit so fitting that the interview panel turned its mission into a meeting instead of hands on manoeuvre. Two painful years of loss after loss later, the commission awakened to its error and reversed its choice. The landscape quickly lit up.
The man with skill like higher money needed for the job waited. Money is a physical currency of freedom from matter, energy, space and time lumped in a number of baskets. These four raw materials of creation put their value in money as its champion but not in its own right. It is a champion only where it can win. In situations where everyone wants to go to heaven but only so few know how to die daily, it’s similar to where everyone wants to be rich and so few know how to do what it takes to get so much. The human body is like a basket built of these four raw materials so each person or group learns and grows to be a champion in his own right, to be a higher kind of currency of freedom. Money!
Stephen Keshi shows us the distinction. 1. You win because you are a champion 2. You are not a champion because you win a victory. In a world where all can be champions, settlers have come upon heaven or money through the back door. They are the reason for quality of money such as 160 naira to one dollar, and the quality in the mansions of heaven to accommodate settlers whose physical cash is like raw power. At the footstool in its baskets, it is subject to all kinds of doping and distinguishable from genuine portfolio for the purity of heart. Listing the richest hundred individuals in terms of cash will show all manner of settlers amid genuine explorers. Likely, our Stephen Keshi will not belong despite purifying a team into a champion, a currency his nation can deploy as credits of a kind on world stage.
In search of the Sun our poor planet rotates and revolves to serve all parts of itself with the energy to just keep on. We all have to do the same with whatever fulfils our life’s Sun too. It could be a job, learning to love, food, fun and what else soothes our brow and heals our wounds. In this second level of freedom it is not for its size that we worship the sun of our world. Rather, it is for what its rays do to our hearts such that all other talents and tastes pale before its truth. Our life story is thus written by our willingness to do whatever it takes to have all of the sunlight that we rightly deserve. In the process, we learn the meaning of discipline and why it has four aspects for explorers as against none for settlers.
Our story of searching for the Stephen Keshi of our soccer life literally took nineteen years of learning and growing discipline. Nineteen years may be a very short time for a nation to get its act right, if we can all agree it was not just a smack of goodluck. And to get one right act in arena of up to nineteen very different sports of national life, could be a poor score. This kind of call for more Stephen Keshi in all nineteen pitches where national life plays out allows for how much goodluck shall our need discover and how much lookalike shall our Keshi in nineteen Stephens appear to all become findable.
Life only demands of us the strengths we possess to go for the third level of freedom or purity where man is to the Holy Spirit as Holy Spirit is to God. Its simplicity is amazing and drawing from our example above: 1. The reason Stephen Keshi is such a rich portfolio now is not the quality of his team, like the size of the Sun, but our story of searching for him and of past failures in the face of his present victories. 2. The reason his team is like hard currency is how it bears out the second currency of freedom that everyone must accomplish in family and in personal life to win expanding arena of influence or place in life.
Both distinctions are the stuff of champions that role models are made. Champions are like ministers in political or spiritual position, for the winning streak they are called upon to deliver in national family. Rocket science lends us overriding wisdom how the fastest flyer is Spirit, as man daily discovers evidence in UFOs holding up our visions of space exploration. Man is spirit and champions like Stephen Keshi evidence how man is capable of reaching heights of flying power in our poor planet, so we get better doing daily rotation and revolutions or discovery and celebration of Holy Spirit and HU.
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  1. “…champions like Stephen Keshi evidence how man is capable of reaching
    heights of flying power” Nice article.


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    Nice article and motivating too. Well done.

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  4. I started on a hopeful note, got bored midway and speedread to d end. Guess I don’t just have d patience.

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