Beware All Ye Evil Doers

Beware All Ye Evil Doers


The Pastor preached against these “All discrimination should hereby cease
In a place where there is division it becomes to Satan an invitation
This is the Temple of the most high it is no place for Lucifer to abide
Everything concerning hatred is evil and it is a seed cultivated by the Devil
For everyone who feels proud shall be humbled and the humble again shall never be troubled
for vainly I say onto the brothers for anyone of you who would not be the other’s servant
Shall never see the kingdom of Heaven he shall suffer in that place of burden.

What he said annoyed the chiefs the more everything about him made their hearts sore
They stopped coming for his sermon seriously determined not to return
Although the temple was no more this business one of the chiefs wanted the temple to be in suspense
From the day he saw the Pastor he hated him and now the Pastor made this hatred full to the brim
He did not know who to trust or whom to tell his heart’s wicked force
So he decided to tell the thieves they would obey him for he was their chief.

The next day the thieves came and in his house they planned the game
Although they were five determined not to leave the Pastor alive
He had annoyed them too on that day when he spoke the truth
“Tell me young hero how this action is made to go.”
The chief asked the leader of the gang he then turned to his mates and began to brag
“Tell me Oh men have we ever failed?” they answered “No man we’ve worked for has ever wailed.”
The chief once more began to plead “Please do it well and if you succeed
It’s a promise you’ll get all you desire I’ll give you more than you require.”
One of the boys said to the man “Have me killed if this duty is not accomplished all these stupid talks we shall abolish
And every man that dares to continue will be made no more than a dead man’s view.

This made the chief very happy and all the money to start he gave them gladly
The men went off discussing how they would do the killing
Then the first, the leader, suggested “We will pretend we have been rejected
By all our relatives and neighbors and ask him if he would render us help just a day in his house and then we’ll make him as silent as a mouse.”
The rest rejoiced and agreed they were very happy indeed.


That night to the Pastor’s house they went and knocked and out loud they wept
“We have been banished and rejected Oh! How we feel so rejected
We really need someone to house us everywhere we begged we received a curse.”
The Pastor we all know was very kind he took them to his house without an evil mind
He went to the kitchen and made them a meal he switched on the film to create in them a happy feel
He brought out his bible and preached to them in a voice so gentle
But before he could even turn the men brought out their guns
“Jesus Christ” the Pastor gave a scream and of course thought he was in a dream
Before he could move they gave him a shot it was on his head and really was so hot
Nevertheless he fell down on his hand and the men ran away as planned.

The next day people found the Pastor clothed in red they later discovered he was dead
They were very shocked and cried out their eyes and to the chiefs it was a big surprise
When the wicked chief heard this, he was joyous and exceedingly pleased
Even when the thieves came for their every desire he gave them more than they required
I mean he gave them double because they had done well and did not fumble
After the chiefs heard about the Pastor’s death they were happy that they were free on earth
There was nobody to tell them to repent there was none to make them feel resent
They became the temple members again happy that their actions will no longer be in vein
They oppressed the humble the more from collecting plenty from the poor
To banning the poor who were sick from coming to church during the week
They said the church was made for the healthy and any sick who was wealthy
Gradually, people stopped coming to the temple that is, those who didn’t have wealth and ample.

Even when it was time to bury the Pastor you need to have seen what happened; it was horror
Only the poor came for it the chiefs stayed at home to merry and eat
They donated the little they had and prayed it could buy a coffin even if the size of a lad
They dug a hole and put it in they didn’t have money for cement to make it clean
They prayed over it and began to go each one to his own home.

Mind you, when these things were happening God was never for once sleeping
He knew what to do at the right time so he waited patiently for it to arrive
He called his Angels and all his Heavenly saints and told them how good the reward he wanted to paint
How justly he was, he was going to reward the deeds of the wicked young men who were thieves
Not only stealing money but stealing human life with a gun their manmade device
And then he remembered them to his words in the bible as was recorded in the Holy gospel
“What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and suffer the loss of his soul when he is called?”
The Saints onto the Lord said wanting all men, their deeds to be repaid
“You are the giver and taker of life Lord do it your way according to your word.”
The Angels did say in the most pleasant way
“Use us Lord to carry out your plan for your every wish is our own command.”

The Lord we serve is a God of justice and to those who love him he renders his mercies
God was ready to fight the battle for a man who he wants to use in the temple
That man who had converted souls that man whom he used to strengthen weak bones
He said in his word “I am the beginning and the end” he had in mind to set up a general trend
To bring down the proud to defeat and grant to the humble the high seat.

No sooner had weeks gone than terrible things began to happen and those thieves one by one began to be troubled
They all had sudden premonitions what it was no one could render the definitions
Now I will tell you what happened to each and how happiness was far off their reach.

Now the last, he became mad and his condition was thus really bad
For he chased people all about and as he ran he shouted out
“Yes! I killed him the Holy soul and this is my punishment from he on the throne.”
The fourth, he became totally dumb and his condition was not at all pardoned
Even his lips were not opening and at every food he kept moping
He could not even take water to drink and his eyes hardly gave a blink
The third, he was made blind there was no other case of that kind
His eyes remained opened he could not see and each time he had to read
Because flies perched on the widely opened eyes so he had no option but to utter agonizing cries
The second, he was not an exception because his case is out of imagination
As he sat down to eat he got stuck on his long seat
That was at once transformed to his skin and anytime there was wind that part did swing
Everywhere he went to the long-benched skin followed him too
Not that it was attached to his clothes it was already a body part with his bones
Cutting off the bench was cutting him because it was already his own flesh
The first man that was the ring leader the punishment on him was even mightier
For no sooner had he touched his share of the award than he received his terrible reward
He was made totally paralyzed and all his problems were mainly in his inside
Because he had failed in his kidney and lungs each day one percent of his heart was patched with dung
To worsen the case he had cancer of the cheeks and worms and termites went in and out in clicks
And crawled without paying a fee all over his face but he couldn’t remove them because of his paralysis state
The chief you already know the degree of his own because he owed God a very great loan
He stole a life he stole a future and taking his own life will only be a treasure
His very broad mighty chest started to grow on it four big breasts
Before he could think any further he had something else for which he had to bother
On his head grew two mighty horns and behind each, fleshy corn cobs
And nipples arranged on it like corn grains plenty insects came on it causing him pain
Because from there milk was secreting and the taste was rather inviting
Out of his bots formed two mighty hands waving to people to clear off his path
His finger nails began to turn into claws and each day it got even worse
He couldn’t bear the pains in silence so he went to the poor and confessed
“I killed the pastor, I killed the man of God pray, let this punishment be stopped by the Lord.”
Before he could finish, people ran for their dear life because the chief was a horrible sight.

Before long the six were dead and on their bodies vultures fed
The other thieves and chiefs came and they heard and within them they really feared
The next day they bought very large bibles and each ran very fast to the temple
They prayed and prayed for forgiveness of sins promising to turn from their evil actions and deeds
Like I told you before, the Lord is merciful and he is above all very wonderful
He forgave all the sinners and made them his sons and daughters
The chiefs rendered all their wealth to maintain the poor’s health
The Lord was with them in distress and for the rest of their life they remained blessed.


13 thoughts on “Beware All Ye Evil Doers” by bunmiril (@bunmiril)

  1. namdi (@namdi)

    Is this poetry?

  2. Oh Lord! This is one of those posts where I have nothing good to say. So I’ll leave that to others.
    P.S this was too long.

    Do keep improving your art Bunmi.

  3. An interesting prose-poem of some sorts. Of cos, it isn’t very well written, but Bunmi admitted on her profile that she isn’t exactly a very good writer so lets cut her some slack.

    I understand this prose-poem. Good came out of the evil the chiefs perpetrated. God is indeed merciful even to those who deserve the heaviest of punishments. He never turns His back on anyone. As far as He is concerned, ‘all have sinned’. Some may appear worse than others, but sin is sin and God doesn’t judge by degree.

    Bunmi, dear, do try to punctuate well, it helps us know where to pause to ponder and where a phase ends and another begins.

    Well done.

  4. bunmiril (@bunmiril)

    Tnks guys. The poem even has part 2 and 3. Tnks @Hymar, @mimiadebayo and @nnamdi

  5. bunmiril (@bunmiril)

    NS didn’t even publish it from the begining.

  6. Ignorance is never an excuse… even if you are not ‘really a very good writer’. I can’t praise you when I know you’ve not done well. If I do, I’m not helping you.

    †ђξ storyline is very nice and didactic, but badly written. I encountered so much errors… I hope your part 2 and 3 won’t be like this one?
    Well done.

  7. Bunmi, part 2 and three? Wow, hope u will take time to edit o. And of cos, you can definitely be excused seeing you are taking baby steps. I remember when I first started out, I couldn’t even write better than this. Keep them coming dearie, you learn as you write(and read).

    And lol,@mimiadebayo, just noticed yo comment, I am glad you played it nice, no doubt she deserves some bashing for this but she ain’t there yet. Muah

  8. bunmiril (@bunmiril)

    @hymar i always appreciate your comments because they’re always encouraging. tnks.

  9. Blackgold (@Blackgold)

    @Bunmiril, well done, but please it is too long. Welcome to NS, this one would have been 2 or 3 parts sef.

  10. Lol. You know, at the beginning I was wondering if I needed to bash you, but strangely I kept on reading, and it was fun! As a matter of fact, I liked it.
    Bunmi for the next parts, please EDIT, put your punctuations. That way, it won’t turn people off.
    Keep writing, you’ll get better. Well done. $ß.

  11. bunmiril (@bunmiril)

    Tnks for reading it all @sibbylwhyte.

  12. bunmiril (@bunmiril)

    This was supposed to be under the poetry category and not fiction.

  13. leroyA (@LEROY)

    Well done for the effort , but for the finished product; you will need to improve,@bunmiril.

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