A Word withTaban Lo Liyong

A Word withTaban Lo Liyong

You began a sound poem
-with purity, nothing had grown
And ended it so
-impurity is free like your soul
Between these lines you made bare
How cruel and worthless purity can be
And attributed worthiness to impurity
Your standpoint is unshakably clear
And as a poet, I can swear
It is one of the best poems
I have ever got near
But would it be very fair
To crucify purity
And elevate impurity?
Wouldn’t it be a sacrilege
Like Eve eating the sacred fruit of knowledge

4 thoughts on “A Word withTaban Lo Liyong” by Idiong Divine (@Idiong_Divine)

  1. I read this poet months ago, I loved his unorthodox methods of addressing racial issues in his poems. Both of his collections simply rocked.

    1. @Hymar
      Taban Lo Liyong is something else. His style in poetry is especially unique.

  2. That would be a rhetorical question, right?

    1. @Chime221
      Of course it is a rhetorical question. Thanks for your comment.

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