A New Kind Of Messiah

A New Kind Of Messiah

Yandev is a settlement struggling to survive as an outpost of Gboko, the capital of Tiv Kingdom in Benue State. It is the nearest neighbour in its own right and chances are that it was conceived capable of catalyzing the dream of Gboko becoming a modern metropolis. The loss of its messiah Benue Cement Company, BCC, to what was considered a foreign octopus appears to have killed that dream.
Before you make the connection for Yandev and my new kind of messiah, I was on a routine round trip to Jalingo from Makurdi when it happened. My taxi stopped there to pick up a student from Yandev College of Agriculture which was famous for quality output. She sat next to me this sixty-minute tail journey home and almost immediately, she asked to read the book about God in my palm. Soon she was so excited by modern day encounters with the perfect name or image and likeness of God, being told in the book by my guardian angel. Then she stopped reading, turned to face me and said: ‘Who is this man, the writer?’
She probably had never seen it written so clearly, those three divine parts of each person’s life and story. You are spirit, occupying a divine house and going out daily to create a place in life. It takes experience to create your place in this life, to make a house a home. I turned her question around: ‘From what you have been reading, what would you say? And she didn’t think about her reply: ‘He is a new kind of Messiah!’
She had just known that as image and likeness of God, we are each a living holy name of God. You’re a unit of Holy Spirit which is the perfect image and likeness of God. As the Voice of God called HU in most every religion, each saviour promises Holy Spirit as a new kind of Messiah so that your life and your destiny are in your hands. If your minister or imam collects your hard earned tithe, he should not hear this from you yet. Eventually he will and be surprised that you knew it better than he could have imagined, once you too have known how to be a voice of God or HU. As a higher role model, Holy Spirit makes you to be one with It.
I have learned that no matter how long I pin up my destiny to a saviour or godfather who can do for me those things that I still have to learn how to do, the saviour will eventually leave me to his promise to send the Holy Spirit so I can learn how to do everything in my life and be a voice of God, myself.
I remember when I started talking about what I will be when I grew up. It was common with kids in my time to dream about the future, looking to a role model of some kind to help. There was no shortage of such role model godfathers in extended family, school teachers even community, like Gboko, Yandev and BCC. Everyone was right about doing it and many actually worked hard to get to their goal. Thereafter, slowly and naturally we did not require as much or anymore of the services of our first role models. It was for a simple reason that we had reached the same point or pedestal. We were expected to continue the dream by going for a higher kind of reality, as it is going from a saviour onward to Holy Spirit.
Of course, our hearts still held as much or more respect, appreciation and love for their very first or every next godfather and saviour who acted role model for each road to the childhood dreams. But it was now our turn to do to others coming behind us what the godfathers had done for us. It was payback time and rightly so, from age to age. Those first generation role models did fade from memory slowly or rapidly because the expertise of the new role models set new horizons for higher achievement in art, science, song or dance even Nollywood, Bollywood or Hollywood. In time this makes grandfathers of any game to be ‘the old school’, a recurring tribute to founders or forefathers of its basic skill, conduct and arena of influence.
I tried to reconnect that Yandev student with such wonder grasp for life in simple terms. She’ll probably smart it out too that every corporate or human individual celebrating or struggling to make and keep their place in life is resolving the divine challenge. Every person or principle is a divine idea that standalone on his own right. But until he builds his own house into a home to ensure he endures, he remains an infant to be catered to or engulfed. The mark of full maturity requires him to identify spiritual property rights by daily going out to deliver on expanding arena of influence and returning in a round trip, ready for each next run in tune with HU. That is why every single thing we do every day is for discovering or celebrating Holy Spirit.
That Yandev student might not have read every page in the book during only sixty minutes. I wish she kept the book to get more of how HU or Holy Spirit shows that my home of body, emotion, memory and mind is a tool for my technic of giving service that creates my place of truth in life. It’s so that no matter how many reverses I encounter as an individual talent of Allah HU, Halleluiah and HU, such as my own losses of one or other kinds of BCC, I would keep growing quality of my home in its highest freedom called purity.
I will never forget my own first encounters with Holy Spirit or HU, the most holy name or image and likeness of God. I learned that accepting the Lord gives power, discovering Holy Spirit adds position and deepening to be the Holy Spirit is Purity. These three freedoms drip down into each person as little lactating drops of deepening divinity from a new kind of Messiah.
The Three Freedoms series is a tribute to HU, get it here: www.createspace.com/3860724

12 thoughts on “A New Kind Of Messiah” by tonynwadialo (@tonynwadialo)

  1. In the beginning, I thought this was about Yandev, but as it went on, I saw that drastic turn to the scriptures and HS. Great work. Of course, no one can ever have a meaningful life with Christ outside of the Holy Spirit. @tonynwadialo great job

  2. Hmmmm. HU?
    I can easily guess your denomination.
    Point of correction though, the Holy Spirit is a He and not an It.
    He’s a person.

    1. Holy Spirit is not a person. You can’t prove your point logically, it’s only from religious angle. It’s spirit and spirits are not persons unless seen from religious point of view. And even †ђξ Bible calls it God’s force at work. It is †ђξ force with which God causes things to happen and or exist. It was not until Emperor Constantine that Church Fathers indoctrinated it into one God and Jesus, thereby forming a trio now known as Trinity, @mimiadebayo

  3. @Chime221 bros I won’t argue with you about something I know without a doubt.

    So stick to your belief. Ciao!!!

  4. Besides how else do you see the Holy Spirit if not from a religious point of view? @Chime221

  5. Besides how else do you see the Holy Spirit if not from a religious point of view? @Chime221 There’s no logical part to Him. You can’t explain religion logically,if not how do you explain people believing in a God you can’t see?Check your Bible.

  6. Not point arguing then….let’s just leave it at that.
    Besides, what’s †ђξ point? Are we gonna win a trophy?

  7. @chime221, seriously they taught you that in sunday school? Jeezuzzzz wept!

    John 14:16-17.
    And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that HE may abide with you for ever;even the Spirit of truth whom the world cannot receive because it sees HIM not neither knows HIM: but ye know HIM for HE dwells with you and shall be in you.

    Hey check out the words I capitalized. Jesus didn’t address the Holy Spirit as an it but a He, a PERSON, a being. He tags the world as ‘it’ but didn’t do so to the HS. So u ain’t got nuthin on @Mimiadebayo. Religion just pulls the wool over yo eyes, man. I would rather go with what the word of God tells me. I can give u one hundred more Biblical refs to support the FACT that d Spirit is no thing. It is a part of the Trinity, the Spirit was there with the Son at the beginning that’s why God said in Genesis, ‘ Let Us make’ and not ‘ let me make’. Remember God alone is the creator, The three-in-one in union.

    Thank you and forget about a debatey reply….Kanye West is playing on my Ipod, title is ‘CAN’T TELL ME NOTHING’

  8. And hey, @Chime221, word of advice: never ever bring LOGIC in when you are dealing with the things of God. It is the easiest way to piss Someone Upstairs Off.

  9. @Hymar, it’s a pity that you think that the said ‘thing of God’ is distinct from ‘logic’.
    However, as you said earlier, I shouldn’t think of replying because your ipod is playing Kanye West for ya….well I don’t have ipod, I use Nokia3310 to browse and listen to Oliver de Coque’s ‘ibiri kam biri’ (live and let me live too) that is to say, hold your weltanschauung and let me hold mine, kakpish!

  10. Matter of fact- you don’t have a NOKIA3310. Stop lying.


  11. Matter of fact- you are browsing on your friend’s BB Curve, you don’t have a NOKIA3310, you use a torchlight phone. Stop lying.


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