2nd Anambra Book And Creativity Festival

2nd Anambra Book And Creativity Festival

2nd Anambra Book & Creativity Festival


Theme: Reinvigorating the Literary, Creative and Cultural Enterprises in the Realities of the Millennial Turn




November 5-9, 2013



Women Development Centre, Awka



The 2nd Anambra Book and Creativity Festival hopes to build on the first edition. It shall bring together writers, artists, publishers, film makers, craft makers and other creative people in a five-day event where creativity and the cultural enterprise commingle. As a corollary to the first, this second edition will examine, from a Nigerian standpoint, how writing, art, craft  and cultural enterprise in general can be strengthened to contribute more meaningfully to the amelioration of the human condition and the perpetuation of civil society.


DAY 1: Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2013




Women Development Centre, Awka



Opening and Tour of Exhibitions


  1. International Exhibition of Books
  2. International Exhibition of Art and Craft (with sections on: painting, sculpture, drawing, installation, ceramics, photography, one minute video, fashion design, and selected craft)
  3. Special Exhibition: Nollywood in Perspective (an exhibition outlining the history and evolution of the Nigerian movie industry).
  4. Special Exhibition:

Things Fall Apart Under Artists Eyes: Drawing Suites by C. Krydz Ikwuemesi, Chijioke Onuora, Okey Nwafor,George Odoh and Henry Mujunga.

  1. A mini exhibition “Sound from the Hallways,” by Lasse Lau with his film from the Egyptian Museum
  2. The Peace Poster Exhibition by the Art Republic


2:00pm – 5.00pm

Plenary Session (with all participants attending)





Books as Embodiment of History and Civilisation


Theme2: Re-Reading the Poetry and Life of Christopher Okigbo



4.00pm – 5:30pm

General Book Launch:

New books will be launched. Authors, especially young and burgeoning ones, will be given the opportunity to present their books to the audience.


Day 2 Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2012



Theme: “Books and the Creative Enterprise as Antidote to Neocolonisation and Underdevelopment”



  1. Art, Craft and the Creative Economy
  2. Artists and Writers as Conscience of Society
  3. Artists, Writers and Craftspeople  as Vanguard of Heritage and Development
  4. Books and Art as Survivors of Mankind
  5. Reading Culture and the Book Industry in Nigeria
  6. Intellectual Desertification and the Postcolonial Condition in Nigeria
  7. The Role of Education in Heritage Preservation
  8. Artists, Museums, and the Heritage Crisis in Africa
  9. Craft as Econo-Art: Some Examples from Africa
  10. Problems and Prospects of Cultural Entrepreneurship in Africa
  11. The Artist and the Intellectual Property Law in Africa
  12. Art, Culture and Politics In Africa
  13. Unbeaten Parts in the Field of Cultural Production in Africa
  14. AU, ECOWAS and the Creative Enterprise in Africa



Artists, craftspeople, writers, art critics, cultural entrepreneurs, publishers, lawyers, museum people, and others.


Abstracts of not more than 200 words, should be sent to  anbukraft@gmail.com before September 30, 2013.


Coordinator: Dr Ikenna Onwuegbuna


Day 3, Thursday, Nov. 7



Lecture/presentation by Lasse Lau on the work of the Kram Film Collective


11:00am – 1:00pm

Children’s Literature as a Tool for Promoting Understanding:


1:00pm – 2:00pm

Celebrating Our Classicists: A Look at Chinua Achebe,  Wole Soyinka, John Pepper-Clark, Christopher Okigbo and Ben Enwonwu (Panel Discussion)



3:00pm – 4:00pm

Roundtable Discussion 2

Theme: Cultural Production, Social Capital and the Tourism Rhetoric in Nigeria



4:00pm – 5:00pm

Roundtable Discussion 

Theme: Reading Culture and the Book Industry in Nigeria– Social Entrepreneurship to the Rescue?



Craft Portfolio1

Theme: Art and Craft as Tools for Identity and Cultural Integration in West Africa


7.00pm-12midnight (JUMAC HOTEL, AWKA)

Special Evening


Reception and cocktail for Prof Frank Ugiomoh, Dr. Peter Ezeh and Chris Afuba



Storytelling, poetry, spoken word, music, drum/xylophone, drama sketches, and more.



Day 4: Thursday, Nov.8



Theme: Re-appraising the Status and Work Condition of Creative People  in Post Colonial Africa


Participation: artists, writers, film makers, publishers and others.


Special session:

•Creativity and Talent also Demand Hardwork



Roundtable Discussion 

Theme: What is an Artist Worth? Status of the Artist and his/work under International Conventions



2:00pm – 4:30pm

A Special Session Dedicated to Chinua Achebe


Presentation 1:

Achebe, his Life, Work and Laurels without the Nobel


Presentation 2:

Achebe, Things Fall Apart and the Legend



• Nollywood as Cultural Produciton


6.00pm-9.00pm (Jumac Hotel, Awka)

Fashion Show (with parade/cat walk) by participating fashion designers


Day 5: Saturday, Nov. 24, 2012



Then and Now: an Elder Statesman’s Tale




Notes on the Philosophy of Music


Roundtable Discussion

Theme: The Creative Enterprise and  the Creative Economy in Africa

Country reports on the above theme will be given by craft people and participants from different countries.


2.00pm:Closing (General) Session:



2.00pm  – 3.00pm

Closing Lecture: The Role of Books, Art and Craft in a Developing Economy.



A Harvest of Music and Creativity

Docent  musicians and other artists will entertain the audience



Selected awards in the areas of Fiction, Poetry, Novel, Publishing, Film (acting, directing, scriptwriting), Craft, Music, life time achievement, etc.








(Day 2 to Day 4, 11am – 3.00pm daily):

Interested participants will have to register on the first day or before the event.


  1. A.    Craft Making and Writing Workshops for Children and Youth


  1. B.     One Minute Video Workshop

This is for young artists and students. Participants are to come with their own cameras and laptops. One minute videos emanating from this workshop will be presented on the last day of the event.



Artists and craftspeople intending to participate in the International Exhibition of Art and craft should submit their works online at www.artrepublic.co between July 30 and September 30, 2013. Works to be shown in the exhibition will be selected by an ad hoc panel. Selected artists and craft makers will be informed by October 5.


Registration for individual artists and authors is N2000

Registration for groups, publishers and other corporate participants is N5000


Registration will open at www.artrepublic.co from September 15, 2013

Contact: anbukraft@gmail.co, anbukraft@artrepublic.co

Tel: 08038257629, 08036964063, 08063790799, 08035639139, 08037244485


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