Yes! I Can – The Power Of Positive Thinking

You will never experience how powerful the word I CAN is,until you put it to use. Before this write-up, I used to think, “I can’t write!”. I allowed different thoughts to cross my mind. Thoughts like- I can’t, it is a waste of time or even that how many will appreciate it. But I was able to overcome through the power of positive thinking. So, you must realise that your thought is one of the most powerful gift given to you by God. Remember, as a man thinketh in his heart, so he is. You must remove the word I CAN’T fromyour vocabulary and embrace the word ‘I CAN’.
You must understand that the mind is very tricky. It is like a tool and how you use it determines how far you can go in life. It then follows that, for you to assure yourself that you can, you must have made a decision inside of you to take up the project irrespective of the obstacles before you. Life isin phases, it does not have to be rosy all the time, but that which can keep you moving during the hardtimes is your power of positive thinking-re-assuring yourself that you can, “ceteris paribus”. But I must tell you, reassuring yourself that you can is not enough. Even if you get the encouragement that you needed, the support, resources and other enabling factors, the word ‘I CAN’ will be useless without putting it into action. How then, can you put the word into action?


You must take note that ‘improvement is a product of committment’. Now that you are convinced within you that you can, you must stay focused and committed to your goals and objectives. Until you begin to stay committed, there cannot be room for improvement or success. Like I have said earlier on, there will be hardtimes, but you must not allow any ordeal derail or distract you. Re-assuring yourself that you can and staying committed will see you through successfully.


When you made up your mind that you can, you must have considered the criticisms that may follow. People will certainly criticize you or your project, as worthless or unnecessary. Do not give up but consider it asa challenge and forge ahead. While forging ahead, remember that exellent is doing a common thing in an uncommon way. Apply new skills to come out exellent. It is then, that you will be able to convince the world that you can.


A wise man will not declare ‘I CAN’ and go to slumber. While convincing yourself that you can, you must be ready to perform that particular activity. You must show interest or effort in that project or discipline you chosed. Laziness is a disease, shun it! Be active both physically and mentally. Your boss considers you physically and mentally active when you display your competency to him or her. Then,he or she(your boss) is convinced that ‘you can’ perform the task to an immensely satisfying result. Also, your alertness to dynamics in time and situation and how you respond to them quickly, reveals how mentally active you are.


Unity is the coming together of people to achieve a common goal. You must realise that without unity, nothing works. Realizing that one is too small a number to achieve a thing is one significance of unity. This is more reason why you must realize their is no problem we cannot solve together, but there is a few problem we can solve alone. By meeting sharper minds and sharing ideas with them, you will eventually get to the zenith.


This power makes one to be prosperous. Vision and planning are two powerful tools that takes one from one level to another. Vision is a mental picture of the future, you want to feature in. To get to that vision, you need the step by step procedure to maintain a consistent progress. You must plan as though you are not going to pray and pray asthough you have no plan.


Life is beyond physical, it extends to the spiritual so live a prayerful life. You must pray as though you have no plan. Put God first, andallow the spirit of God to direct you. It is only then that you can excel.

Hello readers. I am happy to inform you that there is nothing you cannot achieve. All you need is to believe more in yourself and apply the right principles. With the power of positive thinking, ‘YOU CAN!’.

2 thoughts on “Yes! I Can – The Power Of Positive Thinking” by shomyk (@shomyk)

  1. Nice message, really.
    However, the delivery was flawed. First, your thoughts were not organized and were not well marshaled and it didn’t flow. Each paragraph should contain a thought which should flow seamlessly into the next.

    Secondly, lots of typos and wrong grammar. E.g its excellent not exellent. Then some words were joined together.

    I feel you were in a hurry to post and didn’t take time to re-read this. Never be in a hurry to post your work until you are satisfied of the quality.

    That said, you can. Keep writing and keep getting better

    Well done.

  2. Blackgold (@Blackgold)

    @Shomyk, good job, just like Topazo said there is room for improvement. You can do it.

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