Unhinged Clauses

Unhinged Clauses

The ink stains splatter in writefights,
A passage of apostrophic grandeur
Lands me on the apotheosis of scare quotes
Slew of praises in exclamation clanged in
Punctuated claps
Murmurs follow,
Dotted echoes billow

Wild parenthetic accusations slammed
On my life’s wheels – I brake without break
And land in your court,
Eyebrows raised in question marks
I braze up for the slash
Yet I end up in your sentences
Sentences lingually wending me
Into the unabbreviated years
Bracketed in prison walls, I wail.
Mea culpa

Be that I dare you not on matters of inks
And letters
You remain the audience in the court over which
You preside
But the flaming vex you see
Signposts the lower arm of life’s ampersand
For punctuating another’s life
In broad daylight
With ellipses and m-dashes of sexy bullets.

28 thoughts on “Unhinged Clauses” by writefight (@writefight)

  1. I like the poem but still struggling to decypher it.

    1. Glad you like it. Poetry is a never ending evocation of feelings. The thrust of the message therein is hidden between the lines.

  2. nice work! but your diction is somewhat technical…am really working hard here to get your message.@writefight

    1. Keep reading,the poems is multi-layered

  3. I understand that this poem uses punctuations in a poetic way(symbolism) and relates it to bits about life. But, be that as it may, who is to blame if readers don’t get the message in the lines? Are you among those who believe that you write for a specific audience, and not just the public?
    It is a creative work no doubt…and I enjoyed seeing the punctuations there. But the comma is absent, and it’s important.
    Check, …apotheosis of scare quotes… Shouldn’t that be scarCe quotes?
    Well done, writefight. $ß.

  4. Thank you for reading/commenting/critiquing.
    This is basically an experimental poetry form using ‘punctuation marks’ as symbolism in the theme of this work. Word play : Fun with word, pun with language to capture a delicate matter of Political intrigues/accusation and judgement for a trump-up case of political murder. For instance ‘Bracketed in prison walls’, brackets {[(….)]} seem most ‘imposing’ of all the quotation marks[ ~`^ ” ; ! . ,],which are rather tiny bits as compared to the height of the ‘almighty brackets’, like the tall walls of prisons. Because full-stops and commas are the most used punctuation marks,I avoided it completely because it will appear hackneyed (cliches are discouraged in poetry). @sibbylwhyte, I am glad with your suggestions. Thank you once more.

    1. Writefight, I am mighty glad you cleared that up. I knew the punctuations were symbolic, but ’twasn’t clear as to why they were being used. But now, you bared it all, I see that this is really good. Lol on the hackneyed comma… Can clichés be totally avoided?
      Good job. $ß.

      1. Cliches cannot be totally avoided, but the less frequent they appear, the better. One good yardstick for good poems is ‘freshness in language’ Thank you once again.

  5. Jo (@josephoguche)

    Nice poem … the message seems elusive

    1. Well, at first glance you have a form of paronomasia using punctuation marks, at critical scrutiny, you realise it is about accusation of a crime/judgement. Thanks for reading,@josephoguche

      1. Jo (@josephoguche)


  6. Writefight!!! aahhhh. This is poetry at its finest! Those punctuations coming alive? Wow! *clapping for your sire*. God bless you sir!

    1. /You remain the audience in the court over which
      You preside/ that is what these “Unhinged clauses” do to you.

    2. *I hope you are a man o

  7. I really like this poem.I liked the way you played with words

    1. Thank you Khadijah. I am glad you like it.

  8. Grammaticalisticationalism unlimited. Reads like sandpaper. Message elusive. Honestly I hate to be the only dissenting voice here but maybe u shouldn’t try too hard to ‘code’ thangs.
    You wrote it while in coma shea? @Ahmedabad would be envious. Someone just stole his thunder.

    1. You are free to have a varied opinion on a piece of work. It only reinforces the nature of artworks,to some it is a mere daub and splatter of ink,to some it is an intricate design,to yet some….it is an intricate design with a message,meaning and nuance they connect with. Thanks for reading all the same.

  9. amazing nd twiated poem.buh i love it

    1. Thank you Emeka

  10. U did good with this…Welldone

    1. I am glad you like it. @topazo. Thank you.

  11. ‘Eyebrows raised in question marks ‘ does it for me. Very fresh work, could do with some polish though, style must serve the work and not the other way round. well done.

    1. @nicolebassey,thank you for reading.

  12. Good poem, deep and beautiful. With time, I’ve come to love poems that appear to defy understanding, though I hardly write such. Loved this especially the pun with punctuation

    1. @clemency,I am heartened.Looking forward to read your poems too.

      1. @writefight my pleasure, please check around my profile page, you’d see some of my poems there http://www.naijastories.com/members/clemency

        1. Sure Ceasar,I’ll do just that.

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