Ungodly Vengeance 3

Ungodly Vengeance 3

A few days later, the people offered blood sacrifice in order to appease the evil spirit. That same night, Mark struck again, going back to the house he attacked last. He ate the private organs and breasts of the man’s wife.
The same night, he flew to the Chief Priest’s house, and took his wife to the back of their house. He made her lie on the ground powerlessly, and then plucked off one of her eyes, sucking out all its veins and consumed it, leaving her to look like a bleeding skull.
At dawn, the news spread across the village like a wild harmattan fire, and everyone became alarmed. Some others were seen packing their belongings, and leaving the village.
“I am off to my maternal home, this village is no more safe for human beings to live in.” said one man who was stopped and queried by a villager.
“Is that the best option?”
“Definitely, it is for me.”
“Suit yourself then.”
The man quickly continued with his journey to his maternal home.
Throughout that day, the entire village was in a chaotic state. Many people were seen seated at a corner, talking about the strange events in their village. Many elders gathered at the king’s palace to seek a better solution to the situation, since the blood sacrifice was not effective after all. Another group of men were selected to go to a powerful spiritual house, to find out the cause of the strange death in their land. They were given two days to report to the people about their findings.
That same day, Mark was wandering in a nearby bush in his bird form, when he sighted a woman carrying her baby on her back. He quickly changed into human form and approached the woman.
“Good day madam.” He greeted peacefully and innocently.
“Yes, good day. Can I help you?” Her tone was harsh.
“I see you are acting like a wicked woman, but I will teach you something now if you won’t be nice,” he said to himself.
“Yes madam, I want you to help me with some money so I can buy something to eat, I have not eaten anything for the past two days.”
“Satan punish you. Do I look like your mother? Trash, get out of my sight!” She yelled at him.
Mark looked at her, and smiled in his usual evil manner.
At once, he invoked the spirit of deafness and dumbness into her, making her powerless. He took down her baby, and gently dropped the baby on the ground, beside a tree. He stripped her naked, and raped her mercilessly. He then ate up her private part. Through the opening he made, he was able to bring out her intestine, and ate it alongside the other parts of her body he desired.
“You have mouth to talk to me, idiot! In your next life, you would mind how you talk to people you meet on your way.” He stood looking at her, he was not satisfied with the damage he had done, so he bent over her again, used his knife to cut off her tongue, and ate it. He then transformed into a bird, and flew away.
He did not strike that night. In the morning, the people delegated to find a solution to the strange death in the land returned with better information – the king’s cabinet members were quickly summoned to the king’s palace. After the pleasantries, the king said;
“Our messengers, please let us hear what message you people have returned with.”
The leader of the delegates got up to speak. He narrated to everyone present the story of how some members of their village had raped a woman, and taken her private parts. He said the son of that woman is on a vengeance mission in their land.
“The three men that committed this offence were sent by our people to go and get the private part of a matured woman to be used to appease the gods who pronounced doom on us because the king’s son harvested his father’s yams before harvest sacrifice. We all are aware of this.” The man added.
“But did we tell them to rape the woman before taking her private organ?” queried the king in anger.
“Definitely not, but this is not the time for blames, but solution.”
“That’s it.” concurred another.
“So what solution did they proffer?”
“That we must go into Anoma forest, and capture that strange bird. If we succeed, then our problem is solved.”
“How then do we locate and identify this strange bird?”
“It has a red tail, and will always be seen by the edge of the Inoja stream every afternoon.”
“This is really something else.” mumbled one man.
The people to capture the bird were selected, and information was given to them.
Mark knew about this, and it prompted him to return to his master’s temple.
“Before you came, I knew of it, and equally knew you would be back, but you should have not bothered yourself. No matter what they do, their power can never be compared to yours. I have told you this before.”
“So should I go back now?”
“Not now, but I will let you know when it’s time. This time, when you go back, I want you to visit the palace, devouring one or two of the king’s daughters, after which your revenge mission will be over.”
For many days, the people fought tooth and nail to get the strange bird, but no one was able to set his or her eyes on it. They eventually gave up. Mark struck again, at the house of his target, and the king’s palace, wreaking havoc there. Two of the king’s daughters were completely mauled as he took them out, one after the other, to a corner and pleasantly ate up their private organs, breast, and their eyes.
As for the second daughter of the king, he took his time on her. He ate up all her intestines and womb, then broke her head, and devoured the content of her skull.
To himself he said “I think I have been able to satisfy my conscience, my mother will really be proud of me wherever she may be at this moment. At least, generations to come in this village will know that somebody visited them many years ago. My mind is now at peace.” He transformed into his bird form, and vanished.
He appeared at the temple of his master same night.
“Welcome my son, you have done well, and I am very proud of you. Today, I shall feed you with the best of meat and drink.”
Mark nodded with a happy smile.
His master went into one room, came out with two plates covered, and a dark bottle whose contents were unknown to Mark.
“Have this plate.” He handed it over to Mark, “Sit down before opening it.”
He did as instructed. He opened the plate, it contained a strange meat. He was still looking at it when he heard;
“This is a mixture of the womb of a virgin girl, and the chopped breast of a sixty-year old woman. Eat it and be happy.”
Mark nodded and started eating, enjoying the meat served to him.
That bottle contains the blood of an unborn baby, mixed with the content of its brain. This is specially reserved for my members with a strong mind, just like you. I am giving you treatment meant for a hero.”
As his master talked, his mind battled with something different.
“But, won’t the people of that village do anything to hurt or harm me, now or later?”
“Are you suddenly becoming weak?”
“No, fellow wise one.”
“How many times will I tell you that your power is too superior to theirs?”
“Okay.” He nodded.
They remained together for a while.
The next day, Mark asked to return home after his long absence.
“My superior, please I desire to visit home again. I will surely be back soon.” He humbly said.
His superior was nodding; “Well, I won’t deny you that humble request, but when will that be?”
“Tomorrow evening.”
“No problem.” He shrugged
“Thank you, my superior.”
“But you must not go there, and begin to blab. The secrets of our temple are not something to be joked with. We accord it much respect and protection. Many who played with it are on the streets, picking food debris from refuse dumps, and you know what that means.”
“Yes, my superior, and I promise not to be stupid.”
“I trust you though, but to be forewarned is to be forearmed, therefore, this piece of advice is in your own best interest.”
“I do understand, fellow wise one.”
“That’s a better response than this your ‘superior’ of a thing.”
“Okay.” He smiled.
There was a brief silence.
“Also, you must not go home and begin to intimidate your inferiors with your powers. That’s not our ideology, but you have the absolute power and authority to destroy any ill force that stands in your way.”
“No problem, fellow wise one.”
“Please, don’t even think of quitting from this temple. The consequences are always too bitter for anyone to bear… and most times, more bitter than death, so be warned.”
“Like I earlier said, I won’t ever be stupid. I know my role, and I won’t ever hesitate to play it well… count on me. I am a trustworthy servant of this temple.”
“Your days on earth shall be long if you continue to trail this path.”
“Definitely, I won’t deviate.”
Mark’s reason for going home was far different from what he told his master, and what his master had in mind.
Later in the evening, when he got home, everyone was happy to see him again, and many questions where thrown at him almost at the same time.
“Where did you run to, Mark?” A female friend of his queried.
“I will tell everyone where I have been to later, when I am rested well enough.” He was smiling cheerfully.
“Are you sure Mark?” Another asked
“I will, but I am sorry for traveling without telling anyone. It was such a sudden one. Please, forgive me.”
“Okay.” Few of them echoed.
“Well, welcome once again.”
“Thanks everyone.” He kept beaming at them.
He quickly got into his house, had a proper shower, and slumbered afterward. Later in the evening when he woke up, he headed to the grave of his mother, to do that which had been in his heart for some time now.
He made sure no one saw him going out. He carefully observed the environment before stepping out of his house, through the narrow path behind his compound. He made his way to his mother’s grave, hidden by the dark night.
When he got there, he stood for a while, in thoughts. Moments later, he sat on top of the grave, saying, “Mother, your death is a painful one to me, but I have avenged your death. I know you will be happy and proud of me – yes, I did what I am supposed to do as man with the heart of a lion. Now I am coming back to you. Please prepare a place for me because I am coming to you now.” He got up gently, took out the knife in his pocket, and stabbed himself deeply. He fell to the ground, bleeding, and groaning in pain until he died.


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