Under the Sun Or In The Rain

High walls, and armed men
Issuing out commands,
Armed men whose heart are cold.
We, like prisoners on white, and
Under spell, blinded by dedication,
Sauntering here and there
Haunted by the voices that command
And the trumpet that wakes us.
Darkness became our companion,
Men sleep-running,
Boys stumbling and fumbling.
And the girls:
Many always don’t bath,
Smelling like sleep cut-short, and fatigue.
Yet they always double-up, for
If you are walking, you are wrong
If you are seated, you,re on your own.

If you have been there,
If you’ve worn that khaki that does not fit,
If you’ve been made to sleep late,
If you’ve been made to wake early,
If ever your life have been regimented,
And subjected to a routine,
If you’ve been fed a tasteless jell-of-rice,
Or a watery soup,
If ever you’ve queued up for food,
You’d probably know how pathetic,
How demeaning and dehumanising
It is to be a beggar, and you
Might be touched if you see
A real one, haggard and hungry
Lying on the street side,
Your heart might go out to
A hungry-stricken hand waving for alms.

When the hen beckons,
The chicks quickly saunter around her.
It’s our service to our nation:
A call we can’t resist;
We think of what we can offer,
And not what can be offered us.

But If you could listen to our heartbeats
Hoarding love and spilling blood,
Pounding under the sun or in the rain
Or the crack of our stress-beaten backs
Or our rioting stomach;
If you could imagine serving an adult
Little food meant for children,
You’d probably quickly stop your ears
To the clarion call!

7 thoughts on “Under the Sun Or In The Rain” by Chime221 (@Chime221)

  1. Wow, is service at NYSC that bad? I berah think of skipping am o.

    1. It may be worst depending on where you are posted. NYSC is ₪☺̣̣̥̇ more what it used to be.
      Much as it’s a good innovation and is well funded too, mismanagement and other Nigerian factors are killing it.

  2. Nysc programme like most nigerian projects, is fucked up to the square of a million.
    And some of the corp members die while servicing this perverted nation.
    God will keep all of us safe abeg.
    Well done, Chime.

    1. Thanks @Sibbylwhyte, what is killing Nigeria is not lack of innovations, it’s lack of maintenance.
      Corps members’ well-being is the last thing on the organizers’ mind.
      It could easily pass for laughter, had it not all been tragic.
      If not for †ђξ Discharge Certificate, Pε̲̣̣̣̥☺̣̣̥̇plε̲̣̣̣̥ like me won’t even smell NYSC, but it’s just there, like a necessary evil!

  3. I love this……….

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