Ummimi [‘oo-mee-mee]

Ummimi [‘oo-mee-mee]

This passionate morning, the sun sings
Flashing rays and blinding beams that zings

I rouse in your own fancy
Feeling the petals of pink begonia all over me

I look at you
Hoping I could write your prayers on my lips

Abundant curves in glorious symmetry
I wish I could trace it’s imagery

Your lips so full, sweet looking like radishes
Angels are tempted to bite, nibble

Your pearly eyes, a world within a gaze
one stare, and humanity is lost

Your aura exudes sainted grace
Reeling musk from the gates of heaven

Shimmering hair,like the gazele’s
Black and bouncy…reminiscent of sahelian Zebra

Kinky hips get definition from yours
Shapely mould to confuse every doubting fella

Sleek and smooth and treasured
Like rose in bloom

Uniquely endowed…
Keep smiling like the lustrous Seraphs

For there is plenty to smile about
Just like today
That you are a year older
Yet looking much more younger
Like the hoors of Jannah

6 thoughts on “Ummimi [‘oo-mee-mee]” by writefight (@writefight)

  1. Wanted to say something about the elevated language in the use of some particular words; but stuff it.

    It IS poetry, right? You don’t know it, Google it.

    Nicely said. Nicely wrote. Happily quote.


    1. Thank you Boss,your words mean so much to me. Gracias.

  2. Oh well. For what’s worth, Umi would get a kick out of reading the poem or having it read to her.
    Nice one, Shittu.
    Well done. $ß.

    1. Sure Bubbllina. Thanks for reading

  3. Sainted or scented?

    Well, I love it plain and down to earth…All those seraph and jannah tins…not my style..

    Well done.

    1. Yeah, ‘sainted’, as in saints….It was deliberate.But scented still works,seeing that the next line has to do with the sense of smell.Thanks for reading

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