The Pastor

There was once a pastor otherwise called a counselor
he was a very holy person and never for once missed a day’s blessing
he had a very big bible which he always read out in the temple
to both the honest and the thieves, the the poor and high chiefs.
For his good deeds and actions, being good to all creatures,
some took him as an angel, others made him their models.

But for his love for righteousness and his lack of covetousness
the wicked called him a demon and to them he was nothing but a moron.
By God’s help he healed the sick and by God’s power, strength he gave to the weak
to the poor he gave some money to at least fend for their family
to the hungry he gave some food to their satisfaction as much as he could
to the naked he gave his clothes not minding if it snows.

He preached about God’s word and told them to love God
he proclaimed the good news if though some people considered it an abuse.
“Who is he trying to deceive? we all know this is hard to believe
that someone who died and was buried rose up and to Heaven he was carried.”
One of the chiefs did say on one hot Sunday.

Although, the thieves and chiefs did not ever want to believe,
there were some who believed the proclamation because they had received salvation.
This brought about great discrimination and in fact almost confusion
and so much chaos in the temple with the proud maltreating the humble.


6 thoughts on “The Pastor” by bunmiril (@bunmiril)

  1. Nice work, guess u arranged things like u did on purpose. Pastoring indeed is a hard work.

  2. bunmiril (@bunmiril)

    @hymar tnks so much.

  3. Nice way to tell a story so true … This is why I love poetry … Nice one

  4. You are a newbie, so I’ll just say welcome to NS.
    Keep writing, bunmi. Well done.

  5. Omena (@menoveg)

    You and pastors and prieats sha.

    1. Omena (@menoveg)


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