The Forerunner (4)

The Forerunner (4)

It took them much time but they finally found the house, Wuse Zone 6 Kwame Nkrumah Street Block 2 Flat 4. The men of the combined police unit, within minutes, got themselves into position, ready to make the move. The only thing holding them was the final nod from CSP George Kelani, under whose jurisdiction the operation was being carried out. George and Danlami had earlier on engaged in a discussion on who should be in charge of the operation and whose man should take point. They were old-time buddies and former classmates so it didn’t take too long for them to reach an agreement. George was to command the operation while Kunle, Danlami’s man, was to take point. The time was 3:30am.

Four hours earlier Eddy had dragged his feet, literally, into the station bearing an ugly frown on his face. He never took kindly to his sleep being interrupted. But aside from that he was a very nice fellow, an extrovert to a fault who normally enters a room with his mouth first. He was known in virtually every department within the station and was equally loved for his good humor. A thin lanky fellow, he was good at making friends as he was at losing them. Eddy is the Chief Computer Analyst/Operator at the station, and he was very good at it.

It took just a few minutes to brief him on the situation and to assign to him his task; Find the family name ‘Ilesanmi’ and provide a functioning home address for the family.

“That should be a walk in the park, you should have called one of my subordinate to handle it rather than…” He said, turning to face his computer screen and pressing the Start button. He was, clearly, still displeased over the intrusion. He waited a while for the system to boot before entering his access code and getting to work. What is not known to most people is that prior to 28 March, 2011-the official commencement of SIM card registration-the Nigerian Police were void of any reliable and up to date database of the Nigerian public. The National Population Commission and the National Census Commission supplied its pre-existing database but this was seriously flawed and could not be relied upon for serious investigative purposes, some of them lacked certain fundamental parameters such as fingerprints, while others were blatantly adulterated for certain political gains. They just could not be relied upon. The National Identity Management Commission, which would have covered some of these open bases and give very accurate information about the Nigerian public failed due to logistics, and the ‘Nigerian factor’. In the search for a way out, and also to meet up with international practices, security agencies in early 2008 approached the National Communication Commission to assist it in resolving the new wave of crime that were being perpetrated with the mobile phone. But the subtle truth was that the information was needed in solving a lot more than just mobile phone scam. The combination of all these information gave the police a fairly good weapon in its arsenal.

“There are one hundred and ten persons bearing the name, either by birth or by marriage, and there are seventeen different families” Eddy said.

“How many of the families reside in the Federal capital?” Danlami asked.

“Let me see…” Eddy said, as he pressed expertly on his keyboard, “Yes! We are in luck, just one family, majority of the families bearing the name are based in the West”

“You are a genius, print out the address”

“Una suppose increase my money o!”

“Eddy, give me the address!”

It took nearly an hour to rouse CSP George Kelani from his bed and to brief him on the very strange situation, and it took almost another hour to secure a warrant to enter into the house. Right now all that stood between then and a dreadful unknown was the go-mark from CSP Kelani.

Immediately he gave it the men rolled into the compound. They discovered the door was open, Kunle’s heart raced as he braced up for maybe yet another encounter. He nodded at the sergeant opposite him and the latter pushed open the door enough for Kunle and five ops member to move into the house. The room they entered was dark. Then someone hit the light switch, bathing the room in illumination. The sight that greeted them was the worst they could have ever imagined. One op member slumped to the floor and fainted while two ran back out. Kunle was fixed to a spot like a tree; slowly, he lowered his firearm to his side. With his nightmares he assumed he had seen the worst, but what lay in front of him surmounted everything that he had seen. Strung to the ceiling by their feet were five bodies, or at least was what left of them. The bodies were so mutilated it was difficult, if not impossible, to tell which was male or female. The body hanging closet to Kunle had its head slashed vertically, cutting out its face region and exposing what was left of its brain. Three of the other bodies had no head at all. One body had the flesh of its chest and abdomen crudely chewed away exposing the rib cage and internal organs. Yet another body had one end of its intestine touching the floor while the other end was still within its abdomen. Some were missing a hand, while others had no hands at all. Overall it was a gory sight, an eyesore that lacked neither description nor comprehension. The room reeked badly, of death and human waste. Kunle would have remained on that spot if someone had not pulled him out, he was too shock to have knowledge of who it was.

The house was cordoned off and before first light that morning the bodies were taken away to the morgue.

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