The Agony Of A Barren Woman.

The pride and virtue in a woman, 
A thing given as a gift,
I grew up a beautiful girl then to a woman,
A thing not as fast as travelling in a lift.

It was a journey and I have been loved by every man,
They know my worth, too precious a gift,
And I gave it so willingly to my man,
In my first night, it was not too swift,
Even when I was scared by my man’s full glory,

This was what mama told me, the joy of a virtuous woman.

Alas! This is one thing I hate to believe,
That people, my people think I were a baby machine,
If I were still my beautiful damsel, oh what a relieve,
Not to lose my four upper incisors. Oh wrinkles on my chin,
Not to have thought of being a mother, a grandmother,
Even great grandmother, the name I long to be called,
But now changed to what I wouldn’t be called by a brother.

If I smile, it appears as though I growled,
My lost incisors, and the dirty molars so coined a name,
Toothless witch, my name, I groan for its ignominious fame.

My mother-in-law though now in her grave,
The only place she could rest after I married her son,
Blamed me, I sent her to the world beyond,
The same woman who threw her arms round my shoulders,
And gave a welcome, a warm one on my wedding day,
Died hating me for not giving her a grandchild.

I’m fifty but I look much older than eighty,
The sadness that mist me because of kinsmen’s hostility,
Made me age faster than the rising sun,
Hate to admit it; I wish I were never a woman.

My husband, my dear husband who promised paradise,
Who said I was his better half, his second coin face,
Now accuses me, a desert, an infertile land. Names I despise,
Thinking this, wrinkles now on my shamed face,
How I wish I were never married!

My kinsmen, my dear women,
Help tell my in-laws and husband,
My barrenness, not my fault, not if I know,
Why I had become another Sarah and my husband
Another Abraham! But those people’s hope and
Fulfilment, I hope; before I go to my grave,
Will become mine.

Adekanmi A. Solomon.

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5 thoughts on “The Agony Of A Barren Woman.” by Ablad (@ablad)

  1. The agony of barreness cannot be over-emphasized, may the heart that experience such an agony find happiness thereafter, may she experience the joy of motherhood.


  2. Jo (@josephoguche)

    Nice poem relieving the predicament of many African women. How nice that you ended it with that stroke of the Abrahamic hope, pledge and benediction…

  3. Nice. A lot of women face this even when its the man that have medical issues. The woman is ALWAYS blamed.
    And yes we re regarded as baby making machines even in this century, if u don’t believe me, Try not to have children in ur first year of marriage and Ơ̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡ how even ur own family and friends would act.
    Its a crazy world we live in.
    Barreness brings a life filled wit emptiness which eventually leads to loneliness

  4. @basittjamiu @josephoguche @aadetoyin Thank you all for reading and taking time to comment. You inspire. May God save every woman from barrenness.

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