Stay Hungry! Stay Foolish!!

Stay Hungry! Stay Foolish!!

Atm I run the show

Anywhere that I go

My flows make the world whole

A bridge for the broken hearted hole

I stay ahead of my time

I have excess ever before I need a dime

My drive for life

To remain ahead of life

Is to stay hungry, stay foolish

Where am I when I’m needed

The world’s media says I’m wanted

Troubles double and energy crumble

I stay humble

I don’t fumble even in rumbles

For nothing new exist under the sun

I break gravity to connect to the Son

For the Son above the sun gives me something new

To receive, I stay hungry, I stay foolish

Where am I

My lips ask the question on everyone’s mind

Corruption grows like hell

Traffic sucks like hell

Government lie like hell

People angry like hell

Nature pissed off like hell

Damn I’m in hell

A race in heaven’s hell

A struggle to create paradise in hell

For if it can be imagined

It can be done

So I stay hungry, I stay foolish

Never is plenty enough

Accolades not a limitation

Laurels not a sign to rest

Being the best not what matters

For as long as breath remains

I must matter

To matter I do new things

I break new grounds

I touch lives, give hope

Celebrate success, courage to the downcast

Arms wide for the outcast

Excess aint enough

What I know isn’t okay

There is always a step above best

A level beyond excellence

It may remain unnamed

Yet I stay hungry, I stay foolish

3 thoughts on “Stay Hungry! Stay Foolish!!” by Ogbole Samson (@ogbolesamson)

  1. There is a very thin line between rap and poetry. Which is this?

  2. I ditto @Hymar. This needs to be defined and then re-written.
    Work on it.

  3. I always love alliteration …

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