Spartacus – My Take

Spartacus – My Take

Not since The DaVinci Code came out has the world been so rattled by so much controversy. The book by Dan Brown challenged the status quo and shook many a believer, irrespective of faith or religion; all were scandalised. The uproar died after a while, but the author had gained international celebrity. The world moved on, then came Spartacus.

I remember back in school my friends, acquaintance and even strangers condemning the series as porn (and believe me, if you saw season 1, you wouldn’t be in doubt). Yet the series had a higher purpose. Bear with me a little, while I challenge your minds.

After months of hearing people condemn the series, I got the whole season 1, locked myself in my room and started seeing it. I remember the words of the dude who copied the file onto my laptop, ‘make sure it’s just you and your babe that are in the room before watching this.’ I understood his reason less than twenty minutes into the first episode.

One funny thing of note though was, beyond the orgy and sex scenes, the fight scenes captivated me. Spartacus’ flirtation with death intrigued me, and then he became a champion, I was hooked. How could I stop seeing a story of a man’s struggle that held so much inspiration?

Then came Ashur and his treachery oh boy, I thought, this series has all on the human nature. Varro’s Death made my eyes sting, yet I trudged on. Amidst all the chaos, lies, betrayal and sex, not forgetting the fights and the gory scenes Spartacus 1 ended. And then the lead actor died, the world held its breath.

For a series much maligned, it was the DPs and the messages that made me know the actor’s name. Everyone whether they had seen the show or not doffed their hearts for the passing of an actor who wasn’t in any A-list movie. Yup, the series – Spartacus – had made him a world celebrity.

That unfortunate incident brought the introduction of Gannicus, it was, I think a smart feint by the producers to bide time and deal with their lead actor’s passing.

Season 2 came out, and it took a while before the public took to the ‘new’ Spartacus, still the storyline did not deviate. It was all back in there, the sex, fights, treachery, betrayal, loyalty, lies, and of course secrets. The human character x-rayed.

Familiar foes defeated, beloved characters killed, both the storytellers and the viewers had become one on the journey of freedom Spartacus embarked upon. With pulsating hearts, Legatus got a sweet death. I jumped and danced.

Then season 3 came out with a powerful bang, it was all about the war tactics and intellect. Spartacus had shown himself to be a keen planner in Season 2, and continued getting better. The trek for freedom had started full blast, and none could be faint-hearted.

Scheme after scheme, the taking of a city and then losing it, spies sent into the mix and misdirection during battle the series did not fail to deliver. In the end Spartacus died, but his dream was achieved, his people attained freedom.

The End.

However, the producers of the series claimed they killed him and ended the series to stay true to history. Though they admitted that Legatus was not the Roman who banished Spartacus to slavery.

I think in exploring the best way for him to die, they (the producers) had to first separate Spartacus and Crixus. That weakened the fighting strength and cohesion. And when hot-headed Crixus got himself killed, Spartacus lost an ally and lots of fighting men.

The last two episodes of the series are really emotional; Crixus’ burial and Spartacus’ death. The series had it all, making Spartacus the realest series ever made.

14 thoughts on “Spartacus – My Take” by Daireen (@daireenonline)

  1. I haven’t bothered with seasons 2 and 1. But I agree with you, that beyond the sex there was something more that the film showed…
    Personally, I loved the language and witticisms…
    Thanks for sharing, Daireen. $ß.

    1. Na season one I watch jare…

  2. Nice review.

    Well done

  3. Nice review, but the ‘realest series’? I couldn’t agree less. They had to bring back almost everyone that had died in season 1 like without them they had no story to tell, so in season 3, there was hardly anything new. The violence was always excessive, with shoddy effects, so basically Spartacus is a series that trades more on ‘sensation’ than anything else.

    By the way, have you seen Game of Thrones?

  4. @sibbylwhyte yup yup. One and two had better story lines. Three was about war tactics. Thanks for stopping.

  5. I watched session one. It was the first and the best. Didn’t bother with the rest, maybe the passing away of the lead actor kinda took away the ‘so real’ feel of the series. My favourite character was Crixus, strength, wit, mean streak, crowd please, careless swagger and looks. Haha, reminds me of someone.

    1. @hymar Varro made more sense o. And Doctore. Hated Crixus, hotheaded fool.

    2. @hymar remember Theokoles? Yeah, Crixus died in season one, Spartacus redeemed him. When he found out Crixus had been poisoned, he told the nigga, like dude, I ain’t fighting you. Watch it well. Spartacus na very good tactician, Crixus, just brawn, no brains. Fool.

      Buh then again, I understand all man have a right to their opinion. Yours too count, buh Gannicus has more rep than Crixus sha. Do a vote type thing. :d

  6. @daireenonline, so Wetin? Na your personal thingy na…………. Leave me and my own choice be. Gbo? At least he whooped spartacus’ ass the first and only time and even though weak from poisoning, he was brave enough to face a strengthened Spartacus again in a sort of handicap match. The boy may be hotheaded but he is no fool.

    E just dey pepper you for body say the Ladies no go scream yo name as they do his.

    No be Spartacus himself say, ‘his reputation is well earned, my sword could find no weakness’ after Crixus beat am?

  7. leroyA (@LEROY)

    An O.K review.

  8. In all, you cant but end up admiring the mastery of all the scenes and how much sway it holds over any viewer. I have not finished the series, but its so sad to know that Spartacus and Crixus died.

  9. Never seen a single episode of the entire thing but it reminds me of the Game of Thrones. Does anyone know the name of the novel? Song of fire and ice wetin kon?

  10. nice review. i usually laugh when people compare it with game of Thrones. some even go as far as saying it beats spartacus…

    if yu are a big fan of cathy and witty dialogue…you ll fall in luvwit spartacus…

    my favourite line is..” a gladiator never fears death, he kisses it, caresses it, fucks it!”

  11. Spartaccus “gods of the arena” is the only season I have watched,sex scences apart,the series are very interesting.

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