On the Death of Awoonor, Kofi

kofi awoonor

This pill is too hard for me to swallow,
And the words hang on my throat:
Kofi Awoonor has done me wrong,
He crossed over without telling me.
He has gone back to the womb of the earth
And I’m helpless, helplessly helpless!
Now that you’ve crossed over and the
Eternal gateman have closed the cemetery door
What do you expect me to do?
The weaverbirds are too many
I can’t fight them all alone!
What would happen to this house,
The house we are both tending?
Should the weaverbirds take over then?
Should they now defecate with impunity?
I’m helpless, believe me, I’m helpless!
But promise me two things father Awoonor:
That you’ll have the mind to look back at me?
Promise me also that as you cross over,
You won’t fight the likes of Kove,
Kpeti, and Nyidevu for abandoning us?
It’s not their fault, but the way of the world:
Where one’s race stopped is beginning for another,
The death of one is the birth of another.
They know, yes, that you’ve wandered lonely
The wilderness is so vast you can’t traverse all
And now you have returned back to them.

I stand here, I, the late mourner at the cemetery,
Others have all gone back home,
But I want you to know one thing still;
Your poetry roars and can be heard from afar
It still lingers, and in the concave of my memory
It lodges evergreen.
You’re eternally crested with gold in my mind.
You’ll forever be remembered in my heart!
Sleep on.

15 thoughts on “On the Death of Awoonor, Kofi” by Chime221 (@Chime221)

  1. Rest on in the womb of the earth …. Death, a necessary end.

  2. Nice try, well done.

    In pace requiescat

  3. Thanks @Josephoguche and @Hymar
    He was a good poet himself.

  4. Rest in Peace, Awoonor.
    Well done, Chime.

  5. @Sibbylwhyte thank you. I appreciate your coming around. Awoonor was a mentor to me.

    1. Ɣε̲̣̣̣̥s
      Very painful death. ♧:)ƭћǟπƙ-U:)♧ for commenting.

  6. Very painful…And like I wrote on my wall here on NS,the beautiful ones are indeed yet to be born if sieges like this continue.RIP Awoonor

    1. With just a few of them around.
      The world is indeed hexed!

  7. Sad loss.

    Well done

  8. Indeed very sad, although he would have died on a very good day, but it’s the nature and cause of Awoonor’s death that is more saddening.

  9. segunEGBEYINKA (@segunEGBEYINKA)

    A beautiful eulogy for a great man. RIP Awoonor. Well done Chime, the poem is well worded.

    1. @Segunegbeyinka, ♧:)ƭћǟπƙ-U:)♧.
      Glad you came around, read and dropped heart-warming comment.

  10. may he rest well in the world of no return………………..

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