Lotus Flower!

Glorious pink, fleeting but unforgettable
Brilliantly blossom
Embraced with yellow-white tips
Subtle and Sweet
Unfurl from thorns around
Each day a rebirth
A new life to unravel

From the swamps through to escape
The muddy ponds to grace its beauty
Groomed to bloom gorgeously
Strained to escape life’s bait
Struggles forgotten, now it glows
A symbol of unsullied purity

Petals spreads, peace unleashed
Its fragrance, pleasing to embrace
Its bud, sign of resurrection
Its color; adoration
Hope for those still beneath
Yet to find path to light
A flower of creation and beauty
Reborn to be known at dawn
At dusk, sinks to rest
Like the Sun, works each day

Followers of it need be faithful
To lighten up life’s murkiness
And embrace the glowing passion
Of love given by nature
For Jewel is the lotus sunflower
A bond between lovers
Beings unified after won battles

As beautiful flowers are
Their days are numbered
Fear of each rainy day
Drops of water to flatten it leaf
Humans are such, each day to count
How then do they impact?
Like the locus flower produce
It leaf to fall any second!

20 thoughts on “Lotus Flower!” by Edward Chinwendu. (@wendy)

  1. a beautiful analogy .. a great metaphor … Nice poem @wendy

  2. As beautiful flower are
    Their days are numbered…
    Humans are such, each day to count.
    Hmn… Nice write! Keep writing

    1. Thank you for your comment @ash, really appreciate. Still learning sir.

  3. Not impressed.

    No doubt you are a fantastic Poetess, but you never listen when we tell you that your seemingly random arrangement of lines, erratic punctuation should be treated.

    Next Time.

    1. @hymer, probably its difficult for me. I have been working on that, maybe I am not doing well. Maybe I should stop writing. Your comment really discourage me or maybe, it didn’t meet me right. #sorry#

  4. Oops, am sorry I came off as harshly discouraging. Twasnt meant to be. Like I said, you are a fantastic poetess, but t felt you are better than that, or u could be.

    If you read some great poems here like A Cavatina For Mother and Some of Auroa’s latest poems, you will see that the placement of punctuations actually helps in understanding the poems or one won’t know where to pause and ponder, where the line runs into the next and where it stops. It would be like A beautiful traffic jam which to the man stuck in it isn’t beautiful one bit.

    P.S- don’t ever stop writing, you have so much to give and it is not for nothing u r one of my favourite poets here. Guess I am harder on you cos of that.

    1. Hope I will get better. The punctuation thing is giving me headache. Scared to post more.

  5. Relax, obviously you have been trying, and we all have weak spots. Read some pretty poems and take note of the way they handled the things you stumble at. Yhu can do it jare. U will c.

  6. I love the analogy of flowers and humans. They actually are alike in more ways than one.
    Do NOT stop writing…as you write, you learn. Got it?
    Well done, Wendy.

    1. Thank u maam for ur comment…still learning.

  7. Although I’ve read poems that are fast paced and not punctuated at all, but those are done intentionally.
    But yours needs the punctuation to make sense out of it.
    Now to help with your punctuation, read your poem aloud to yourself and whenever you feel like catching your breath, just insert a comma, and put a period wherever you feel that the sense of the line has finished and a fresh idea needs to be introduced.
    I pray this helps. Keep improving dearly @wendy

    1. Thank you so much. I will work on that

  8. Fadehan Adeoshun (@Fadehan)

    nice work….. though i dont have a flair for poems, i like this

    1. Awwww! Thank u so much. Am honored.

  9. Don’t stop writing…you have it in you…

    Lovely analogy…

    Well done

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