Leaked : A Letter To Mimi

Mimi dearie,

The last time I checked, you looked good. Good enough for me to ask, ” Are you a 90 degree angle, ’cause you are looking right.”

I remember the first time I came on NS, I was just a naive newbie who wrote terrible poetry and stories my sister laughed at. I however believed I could spin stunners, I believed one day folks would look at me and say, ”who would have thought he would be king.” How Faith Works.

You were on the top five then (and now). I was curious. You made the writer of the month list, I was piqued and a trifle jealous(blushing), I read your first series and I said, ”Kini big deal?” I said, ” abeg make I hear, e no be like say she fit write that good. Shuo!”

So I went through all your contributions, I danced with wicked glee when I came across ‘Abuja’, a poem you wrote that I thought was so BULLSHIT. I was like, finally, something madam no sabi do. And I commented so.

Bad boy I was.

Later, you would tell me it was when you saw that comment that you decided not to like me. You didn’t know I didn’t give a jack then. I just didn’t like you. And I don’t even know why.

Maybe I thought you were being given an undeserved push. Well, the funny thing was I never really read your works. Which goes to show that assumption indeed is the mother of all Fuck-ups. (Pardon my Greek, christian lady).

Sometimes hate just blinds people. The same way love blinds. So what is the deal? You hate, you are blinded, you love, you lose your sight. If you think of it, Mimi, it is better to love someone and be blind to their faults than to hate them and be blind to their good side.

Just me saying. And you can take that to the bank.

One day, I was online, facebooking and enjoying the strike(uh, not so enjoyable now though), I saw a notification for a friend’s request and when I opened it, my mind was like FTW! Why would you send me a request? I had enough problems with my life than to accept a friendship request from someone I didn’t like and who herself was no fan of mine. (Wasn’t it obvious? You never commented on my posts. Hahahaha, gotchu there!)

See, I don’t know why I accepted. The thing is I can’t tell if I am really nice but secretly an asshole, or an asshole but secretly really nice. Dig zat, buddy?

Anyway, I accepted and to borrow a cliche, the rest is soooo histooooreeeeeyyyy.

Or shall we say, it was the beginning of an history. An history of long hours of chats. Hilarious revelations. Badmouth and wisecracks, (for a christian lady, you get mouth o). An history of all-day-long trips down dark tunnels of memories; the good, the bad and the worse. An history of getting-my-back and lean-on-me. An history of being there for me, for you, as the days passed and life became mean and downright bitchy.

What about the nervousness when the electricity of First-Meeting flickered and it seemed we would just become waning figures in the shadow of memory.

We beat that. Didn’t we? Didn’t we?

I like you now, (lols, like ke? I loaf you joor). One of these days, I am going to fill adoption papers and tell my little siblings that they just got a new sister. And don’t you dare laugh at that. Hey, don’t you dare!

I read your stories now. And I see that I got it all twisted. You write neat, you write solid, and you write as if your grandparents had affiliates to James Hadley Chase. That suspense thing, in NS few can do it better. And in an episode, nobody can. At least none that I know of yet.

Hey, you sent me a message as I was writing you this letter, you asked what’s up and I said ‘sky and sun’. I am thinking of a good way to post this to Abuja where you are down teaching these little devils after your narrow escape from the devil’s workshop in Port Harcourt. I think I will send it through DHL since NIPOST is long deader than hip-hop.

I am giving this letter to a friend to send you. Too busy getting in all sorts of mischief to do that. And hey, don’t worry na, I don’t fistfight again, I just tell the boys from the other street, ” I advice you, don’t mess with me, I know kung fu, karate, judo, fistcuffs and tons of other dangerous words.” See?

Your buddy,


P.S- I don’t know who leaked this on NS. Cross me…* winking*.

67 thoughts on “Leaked : A Letter To Mimi” by Hymar (@Hymar)

  1. This is cool. Sometimes we make assumptions, it’s always better when bad ones turn out nicely.
    Cheers to friendship, the toast would be.

    P.SS: y’all can wish Mimi a belated Happy birthday as you comment.

    Well done, Hymar.

  2. Thanks @ogaoga, for posting this way ahead.

    Lol, thanks @Sibbylwhyte, yeah, it is better to believe the best.

  3. Wow this one pass love letter….i like like

    Happy birthday Mimz….xoxo

  4. Am blushin so hard right now.Oh my God!!!! Hymar I will kill you for this!!!

    There’s no mystery in MimiAdebayo again na! Just kidding joor…. I loaf you for this. Plenty hugs and kisses to u dearie!

    I’m so glad I took a chance on u.even though I didn’t like u @ first ! hehehehe.

    You the best, buddy!. Thank you sooooo much!

    @sibbylwhyte Ain’t that the truth. A toast to friendship indeed! Thanks for the birthday wishes. Am grateful much.

    lok@schatzilein Thanks a whole lot.

  5. Haha, @Mimiadebayo, so you have a new series titled ‘MURDER SHE PLANS?’.I am making myself scarce o. Who no want live long?

    On the other hand, I was having fun writing this and laughing at you all through. Mystery Lady Unmasked. Hehehehehe, see GOBE!

    Here is to you dearie.*raises glass of pure water*


  6. Glass of pure water fa?!!! I should have known you have mischief under your sleeves,you are after all Hymar. Laughing at me eh? I will get u?!

  7. Lols, @Mimiadebayo, run run run as fast as you can, you won’t catch me, I am the gingerbread man.


  8. Happy birthday @Mimiadebayo. Have a fantastic day good lady. You are an amazing writer who still manages to stay humble despite your achievements. Keep going strong. God bless.
    @Hymar, you did well here. Mimi deserves this. x

  9. @olajumojmoke Thank you for the birthday wishes dearie! I really appreciate that you said this. You’re not bad yourself Our Angel…. I’m truly enjoying your series. Hope you’ve got something new in the works as soon as you wrap this up?
    Plenty hugs for you!

    1. You are welcome @Mimiadebayo. Hope you had a good birthday.
      Lol, no series cooking at the moment. Just several short projects. I am busy writing my dissertation too, so I won’t be able to do a series for a while.
      Am sure you will keep us entertained with your suspense-filled treats x

  10. Happy Birthday Mimi and weldone @hymar.

    *circles away tediuosly*

  11. Serious love wantintin.

    Happy buffday @Mimiadebayo. Many happy returns.

  12. @Estee, your comment got me cracking up. Thanks o

  13. segunEGBEYINKA (@segunEGBEYINKA)

    *smilin* Nice one Hymar, an interesting friendship tale.

    Once again, Happy birthday Mimi. @Mimiadebayo

  14. @Basittjamiu, Wetin u dey stalk like cat for? Leg dey pain U? Lmao, Abeg park well well. Hehehe, thanks for checking in, man

  15. One big happy family. Sweet. Nice one @Hymar. Birthday kisses gurl! @Mimiadebayo.

  16. Thanks @Estee.Serious love oo. @basittjamiu always cycling. Makes me wonder.Thanks all the same.
    @segunEgbeyinka Thank you once again. I appreciate. And the friendship tale ain’t done yet.

    @ibagere thanks dearie. I appreciate.

  17. Awwwwwwn, now isn’t this just sweet? Great job Hymar, @mimiadebayo a happy birthday it is already. Hope my wish makes it happier. LLAP

  18. @clemency Yes it does. Thank you much!!

    1. De nada, my pleasure

  19. “An history”…never heard of that before shaa!
    Nice read @Hymar…though I prefer hyena.
    Hbd @Mimiadebayo and please be weary of @Hymar. This ‘leak’ might actually turn out to be a Greek gift after all. *looking for whε̲̣̣̣̥rε̲̣̣̣̥ to hide*

  20. Lol @Chime221 hide well oo. Thanks for the wishes dear

  21. Haha, @Chime221, hyena how? u berah not lemme catch you o.
    Thanks for checking in joor.

  22. Thanks @Clemency, for wishing my buddy well and for yo time.

    1. It’s a pleasure, as always

  23. Serious friendship tale @Hymar …HBD Mimi…wish u al da best

  24. Hmmm…..this is one interesting read…

    @mimiadebayo happy birthday…though coming late.

    @hymar, na everybody you dey biff…lol

  25. @Uzywhyte? You be @Sibbylwhyte sister ba? Thanks joor.

    @Topazo, beef ke? Me no like fight you know? Infact if I run apple, my phone would be names iGentle. Lol.

    Oya bolekaja , I wanna teach you to wish my buddiest buddy well when it is way late. *rolls sleeves*

    1. Abegi, me I no be street boy wey dey pick fight everywhere. I be proper gentle man. Go look for opponent elsewhere…@hymar

  26. Who ya calling a streetkid, @Topazo, I was raised there and so wetin? I fit knot that yo tie pass you sef….lol.

  27. Fadehan Adeoshun (@Fadehan)

    Nice letter….
    I felt thesame way about mimi too sorry….
    But with what you have just leaked now and her James Hadley chase suspense trick…. I think i will start reading all his episode now now now…

  28. I Love what is going on here …

  29. dupebaby (@dupebaby)

    Nice piece

  30. leroyA (@LEROY)

    @Mimiadebayo; belated Birthday wishes to you. I pray the cruse of inspirational Oil will not run dry and I am looking forward to reading about reviews of your books on the wold stage, such that I can make clippings and put them in a scrap book for my daughter. Pray the Almighty will keep you fresh, in tune , relevant, On-Point with every stroke of your pen and doors of the Nations will open to you. The world stage awaits you. Go on and bless the world. Remember You are of an Excellent stock — The very Best, So go represent Girl.

  31. leroyA (@LEROY)

    @Hymar, well done. Thanks for celebrating one of good ones. GOD Bless you, man.

  32. leroyA (@LEROY)

    @Hymar, I meant ”one of the good ones”.

  33. @Fadehan Hmmmm. Well,at least now you know it ain’t right to judge others from afar. Lol.

    Thank you for reading. Please do read my current series,I’d like to hear your thoughts.

  34. @Fadehan Hmmmm. Well,at least now you know it ain’t right to judge others from afar. Lol.

    Thank you for reading. Please do read my current series,I’d like to hear your thoughts. @Fadehan Hmmmm. Well,at least now you know it ain’t right to judge others from afar. Lol.

    Thank you for reading. Please do read my current series,I’d like to hear your thoughts.

  35. @LEROY what can I say to appreciate you for all the blessings you just rained on me? Frankly, words are not enough to express my gratitude… I can only blush and say Thank you darling for every work of mine u ever read and commented on. Without readers like you; I won’t be here.

    Plenty hugs and kisses Leroy. And I promise that day is coming… the day you will read my book reviews and make clippings from them.

    Thank you once again Lee.

  36. @LeroyA, many thanks for your kind words. And to your prayers, I say amen

  37. @Fadehan, Lol….well u know better now. Do read her works. Thanks.

    And @Josephoguche, thanks a lot. Glad u like

  38. Lordjosh (@Lordjosh)

    Adopt as sister? I don’t think so. This one pass sister. :)

  39. @Lordjosh, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, very funny. You totally got me…winking

  40. Awww happy birthday Mimi. You do write well. Me I’m a newbie here o and I’m really jealous. I must find my own friend and mentor. *Now searching for a scribe to stalk*


  41. Better late than never happy birthday @mimiadebayo. Hope you will write the occasional short story for those of us who can’t keep up with series.

  42. Another generation of NS lovebirds are erupting…

    Just like back in early NS days when @Jaywriter, @adeyinkacu @Seun-Odukoya and a host of others couldn’t resist going a-love musing on the likes of @lade-a @uche @babyada @gooseberry etc.

    Its an unending crushing cycle…lol.

    1. *Clears throat*

      1. @Seun-Odukoya

        LOL! Lost for words bro?

  43. All the same happy belated birthday to @mimiadebayo

  44. Your comment cracked me up @Afronuts I should do research about the old NS lovebirds. I think I’ll find you had one too.Hehehehe.

    Thanks a lot for the birthday wishes.

    @MissAjiboye Lol.please find one oo. remember @Hymar is off limits. Lol
    Thank you for your wishes!!

    Thanks @osakwe will do hopefully.

    1. @Mimiadebayo

      Me? Ha! No oh…I was a free bird. Though I used to have admirers then….but they fizzled out like smoke.
      One of then is even still active on NS today.

  45. Hahahahahahaahahaha, @Afronuts, so yhu don join @Topazo dey do lukuluku ba? Well done. I wish I had been there at the start to c all these ones you mentioned.

    P.S- no be CRUSH o. *Walks Off Laughing

    1. @Hymar


      I no join chorus with @Topazo oh. I’m just being observant. Its one of the key elements of any writer. No be crush abi? But na admiration fa? Talk nah…Na from somewhere e dey start .

      Adopted sister…okay oh…I dey watch una..

  46. Happy Birthday Mimi, more grace. Hymar, beta talk tru now, when it is too late no come write ‘They stole her’ poetry give us o! lol. Nice one folks!

  47. @Nicolebassey, very funny. She na my adopted sister na………….na so o. Lol

  48. Thanks @nicolebassey

    Pray tell@Afronuts who the existing admirer Is? hehehe.

    1. @Mimiadebayo

      Ha! Why you dey ask nah? I no want wahala oh…I foruko bo lasiri!

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