Insane In Our Sanity


Our minds are insane in our sanity

We fail to comprehend the incomprehensibility

As the storm of fortune mad for centuries

And blazing flood flushed many across boundaries.


Drowning in our destined, o’ not destined destination

We see them in Norman ark on board, sailing

Faces blooming gay of moving ventures, palms perch on tumbler chilling

They never see us, we are waves and tides babysitting their emotion.


Our angry voices splashing torrently on rocks, lightening and rumble

Yeah! the clashes on rocks do shake their boat

But the captain an old wizard stirring wheel, to float

The boat dive fro but stead, as our sea mouth to bubble.


We streaming, streaming, upstream they go

Fasten the boat on the dock, our port they let go.

3 thoughts on “Insane In Our Sanity” by Uche Chidozie (@Senatorucheo)

  1. Great use of words here .. beautiful alliterations here and there … Nice

  2. Not bad, noticed some spelling and plural issh-es. But it is still not a big enough factor to spoil this poem though some lines are fuzzy.

  3. Godson (@Godson)

    i love the way words glitter in your lines but still trying to understand the subject of this poem. can anyone help me? Call me the confused guy.

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