If Ammesty Is The Key

They carried arms to fight their cause
Of ravaged farms and streams of curse
They waged their fight with thunderous might
Worsening their plight for a future so bright,
With flowing blood
They threatened the nation’s livelihood.

No longer could the nation stand
Their violence brand
So for the sake of the economy
They were granted amnesty.

Then from nowhere these ones came
Fomenting fear in a ‘Holy One’s’ name
Littering their streets with vulture’s food
Rearing rifts where peace once stood,
With queer intentions
They threatened the nation’s existence.

Without pity, they destroy
With the inhumane means they employ
And for the sake of fair play and unity
They were offered amnesty.

Whereas, our tomorrows are uncertain
Alas, we are in sorrows and under pain
The nation has mortgaged our future
Our tomorrows obscured, no hope to nurture,
Our tempers are slowly rising
Collectively, it might yield an uprising.

But if amnesty is the key
Why wait for our violent plea
After swimming in frustration’s sea?
In advance, grant us amnesty!

6 thoughts on “If Ammesty Is The Key” by EnigmatikPoet (@EnigmatikPoet)

  1. Jo (@josephoguche)

    Just to note that while in the Philippines, a number of Niger Militants who were granted amnesty were sent to the Philippines by the Nigerian Government to study under water welding and they went engaging in having sex with minors, which got them imprisoned, and the Nigerian Government paid in millions for each one of them to get them released. In all, the whole idea has cost us even more. There could be more viable options.

  2. The amnesty takers are Bloody idiots! The givers are certifiably insane. And Joseph’s comment makes me want to terrorize this fucking government. What is it sef?

    Well done, Mike. $ß.

  3. God bless you, from the Niger Delta militants to the Boko Haram. Only God can tell where this ship of this nation is sailing to.

  4. Obviously, our leaders have lost it! They have lost their bearing!
    How can ordinary idiots on the street who took to arms be granted amnesty and are paid huge sums of money, while those that are serving the nation are starving? What message are our leaders sending to the youths? They should take to violence because it seems the best way to get enriched, right?
    Imagine ordinary minimum wage that are due increment have been pushed aside. And to even pay the one they agreed to as and at when due is a problem.
    The whole system is corrupt…and the nation is on a fast lane towards disintegration.
    If there’s still a God, he should turn His face here Oº°˚˚°º!!

  5. I like the last verse…
    Well done
    May God help us in this country

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