Ogwo David Emenike friendship quote

Friendship, a bond so sweet, like honey

From the highest degree of passionate love

To the lowest degree of good-will

It makes the sweetness of life


What’s as d’licious as a fair and firm encounter of two,

In a thought, in a feeling?

How beautiful when two resonating hearts merge

Entwined in the light of love


Each other they hear

Each other they understand

They are each other’s possession

A treasure to behold always


The wandering of those eye-beams

The heart knoweth

And rejoiceth warmly

Those affectionate gestures, requited silently


The delicious torments

Uneasy pleasures

And fine pains of friendship

The soul must endure


Friendship, a relation as pure as the driven snow

Sweet and red as rose

Noble as a lord

And as important as air


True friendship, like the immortality of the soul

Is too good to be believed

Yet I strive to find that being

In whose presence I can think aloud


Let he who would be my friend

Treat me with roughest courage

Let him trust me, be tender to me,

And be truthful to me.




© 2013, Ogwo David Emenike.

One thought on “Friendship” by Ogwo David Emenike (@ogwodavies)

  1. Friendship, the sacred relationship.
    I like the words on the picture, nice poem.
    Keep writing, Davies. $ß.

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