(musings on a most beloved friend)

I had my heart bleed blue for you –
So pierced for love and wanting,
Pierced till I cried roses…
And Eros’ fluid arrows darted down my cheeks.

And Today, I am your hero (you are always mine)
But what of tomorrow?
For we are only human, our feet leaden.

When you cry for me then, will my ears not be waxen?
(By death, by a creeping forgetting?)

See, Dear One –
My wings are worn, I may not fly to your side!
Even as i closely read your face (distance be darned)
Tomorrow, won’t i want to turn pages- to see some other face?

But sit with me, let us breathe easy –
and share the fragrance of now,
and sip of the ambrosia of our fated brotherhood.

Let us dance too, and hear our feet drum tribal beats to us
Let us sway like the breeze blown buds on bowing leaves
Let the firm hem of your cotton pants swish,
and whisper something alluring to the passing wind.
The boom of your laughter –
Let it fly out free, and hit the soil to sow a million more laughters!

Say, the dimple of your smile, Can it hold a bubble of happiness?
(let’s make it!)
Will a star burst forth from that gem of joy shining in your eyes?
And that star, will it rise to this evening’s skies,
Not just as one in a million…
Will it be a warming star – of a billion revolving planets?
A brightening star – of white and light and might?
A red giant – spent and reviving…will it?

I lost all of my wealth and got fear…
Fear of losing you…fear for having you…fear on wanting you
And that fear took root in my drawls and songs
That fear grew and became Love…
And thorns sprouted on Love’s stem – thorns that gives it Spine
Thorns that are my collected hope!
Yes, my hope is thorny, my faith is sharp-edged and my love- my love pierces!
And it is you, it is for….A most faithful friend! – for John ‘Lighthouse’ Oyewale….thank you for it all…(sometimes I doubt, if I’m so worthy of it…)

22 thoughts on “Friend-ships” by ayomitans (@ayomitans)

  1. Hmmm, strong words.

    1. Thanks. I hope you liked it.

  2. Powerful and intense. Well done.

    1. @newreign…oh, I’m so flattered. Thanks boss.

  3. Lovely. It would get to the heart. Strong lines in there.
    This poem speaks to a soul, and souls are sexless.

    On a side note, the fact that it is for a dude is ‘gay’, one would think this friend is a lover. Hehe. I am sure he blushed and appreciated this.
    Well done, Ayo. $ß.

    1. @sibbylwhyte this is the ‘koko’ that you wanted to read about!

      This is soooo gay! Lol

      1. Oga @topazo, the “koko”, ehn…oya confess wetin you don talk for ground before…confess, nah nah…lol..You funny boss.

    2. @sibbylwhyte…RFLMAO…Oh, Lordy. The first half of your comments blew my mind. You have some hardcore insight, you really understand..erm…stuff…ya know. And those kinda qualities are going to be what’ll always keep you precious in our minds.

      The side note: Hilarious, i mean, roaringly hilarious!!! Oh, but he’s a lover alright but not the kinda lover your dirty mind is imagining. I got soap and water to clean up your filthy thoughts o, in case you interested…lolll.

      Thanks, thanks, thanks. Brilliant comment

  4. This is soooo gay!
    Nice lines…powerful descriptions..
    Just when I was about to sound an alarm summoning you, you show up. You are the true son of your father…lol
    Welcome back.

    1. Loll @topazo…thanks, I had to get off for a while. but like that song we sang at elementary school. “If I go east, North, west and south, i’ll always come back home.” because of people like you, this has become like home for me. Thank you for your overwhelming kindness.

      And as to that gay matter ehn, you neva see wen, you dey cry ‘Help’ o!

      I no how to punish you propa, sir, I go con write betta gay story wey go give you like full ‘hard-on’ for like many weeks….lolll. Kidding o!

      *running away for my life* .

  5. Hmmm…powerful poetic lines. Strong words.
    I like the word usage.
    As for d ‘gay’ thing, the Head Wordsmiths have spoken.
    Well done

    1. @lordkel…boy oh boy. This is, just, so sweet, so kind. I’m real glad you felt it and you saw something good in this. Thank you very much.

      As for the ‘gay”thing…*clears throat*..erm…erm….I comment my reserve. lol.

  6. Jo (@josephoguche)

    Nice words from the depth of a heart that seeks truth …

    1. @josephoguche…You are far too nice sir, thanks for your grand compliments. God bless

  7. This is a powerful read.

    1. @babalolaibisola…thank you very much for your classy comment. i appreciate it.

  8. I liked this until it became gayish. Lols.
    Strong words. Keep writing.

    1. Thanks, bro @chime221. I’m sorry it didnt sit fully right with you.

  9. Strong emotions here…
    I like it..well done, keep writing for guys!

    1. @sylvia…lol. I sense pleasant mischief in your warm compliments. Yes, I’ll keep writing for guys and gals. Might even scribble one for you. Thanks and Bless you

  10. @ayomitans,

    I am still bowled over, just as much as I was when you first wrote me this poem. Let me tell you this: we sit together and hold hands and share the fragrance of now – and that now was each day of the years gone by, and it is today, and I trust it will be every day of the future.

    For now was yesterday
    And is today
    And will be the morrow
    And Trust does know
    And is certain
    To bring us through the veil
    To make us know, more and more
    That David-Jonathan bond
    To make us both of each other increasingly fond.

    You are a poet, but I am not. Oh, I can hear your protests! I make a concession: perhaps I am a poet, too, but then you are the better poet. Cheers.

    And many thanks to everyone who’s had their say. Sadly, I’m not often around here. But I’m glad friends here are still up and about.

    1. Friend-ships or fried-chips, you have written sooooo beautifully on an important but delicate elixir of life. Good friends add excitement to life like fried chips while failed friendship can become like a thorn from hell. Am moved by your poem for real and I envy John oOoo.

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