For Kofi Awoonor

For Kofi Awoonor

kofi awoonor

I hear
a gong
being sounded,
no, cross that, pounded
with a hysterical frenzy.
It seemed
the town crier
has run mad.
It is only grief
that drives us
beyond our extremes
to wail
in undignified repose
at the passing
of icons.

Go your way Awoonor,
take with you our stories,
scold God,
take Him on a trip down the
dark tunnels of earth’s memories.

Go in peace, Awoonor,
report their children
to Ishmael and Muhammed,
go, be our eyes, our lips
in eternity.

Go your way, Awoonor,
go with singing
and greet our seers,
Okigbo, Ohaeto and Achebe,
form teams and return
to bless us
with inspiration,
displacing disloyal muses,
from our minds.

19 thoughts on “For Kofi Awoonor” by Hymar (@Hymar)

  1. I like this…wonderful
    Indeed Africa has taken away its own
    And now we must sing the songs of sorrow.
    Bravo @Hymar

  2. Thanks, Caleb. Now it seems all we have inherited from our leaders and their seeds is the inheritance of loss. In pace requiescat

  3. @LordKel, I remember something from an History class, Azikwe once said, ”Africa Kills Her Leaders.”


  4. Song of sorrow to Kofi Awoornor. Nice and dirgy.

  5. Thanks @Basittjamiu, been a while since I noticed yo presence on FB n Team Stay Strong. Hope u r Good.

  6. ‘Tis a good poem.
    Rest in peace, Awoonor, and remember the request.
    Well done, Hymar. $ß.

  7. Rest in Peace …nice Dirge..

  8. This is good @Hymar. I feel like I should resume crying all over again.
    And may I add please, for the records:
    “Father Awoonor…
    Promise me also that as you cross over,
    You won’t fight the likes of Kove,
    Kpeti, and Nyidevu for abandoning us?
    It’s not their fault, but the way of the world:”
    I’m proud of this your piece. ♧:)ƭћǟπƙ-U:)♧ for sharing

  9. @Chime221, thanks for the extra lines,(cool) and the good words.

    1. @Hymar, welcome sir. I still hate to think that Awoonor died in the hands of terrorists! It’s not natural at all. Big loss. Words are still hanging on my throat.

  10. @Sibbylwhyte, thanks ma’am for checking in with a thumbs up as expected.

    @wendy, Gracias.

  11. Vincent de Paul (@vincentdepaul)

    Terrorism is robbing us of our intellect
    Assassinating our souls
    Maiming our persons
    Tainting our image in the face of humanity
    Sorrow pierces our souls like a sword
    Boko Haram should be exterminated
    Al Shabaab taken to Guantanamo
    Al Qaeda killed mercilessly
    Hamas harmed from all sides
    and this shall stop.

    (I had attended the StoryMoja Hay Festival event with him here in Nairobi, such a noble man, novel in his manner and ways… what shall I say whence I don’t believe in mourning the dead?)

  12. Oh, @vincentdepaul, terrorism is indeed a bane to humanity as a whole. Words sometimes just won’t do…………..LOSS

  13. It was a tragedy.
    A big blow to African poetry.

  14. Lovely poem…got depth too..
    What a loss

  15. Nice poem … Am yet to read some of his works

  16. Adieu Kofi Awoonor.

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