Dear Love; Hope said you were pregnant.

Dear love; hope said you were pregnant.

I had gone for a meeting, a town’s meeting that warm sunday afternoon, it was one of those being hosted by a member whom the lot fell on to host the rest once a month.

I had arrived the venue, the place was a beehive of activity. Cars were parked on both sides of the road leading to the venue. The highlife tune evolved a delight in me as I stepped into the venue. Seats neatly arranged. The spicy aroma of fried meat, chicken and rice filled the air and made my mouth water. Wines and brandies adorned the high table. I had arrived on time, I looked around and stepped forward as I offered a general greeting and everyone responded in unison. I took my seat.

Then, within a few minutes, the meeting swung in to being to the agenda of the gathering. It was normal, the usual norm among townsfolk living in the city.

In the compound, the venue, the celebratory vibe was being felt by everyone about the occassion, the neighbours inclusive as they caught the ‘bug’. One always looked forward to, item seven towards the end to have their fill from the food galore, or engage in a drinking spree.

It was a full swing – the meeting with motions and countermotions by members when a sight swaying with gaiety so refined caught my attention and disappeared into a door.

I was there in the meeting for the first time, my townsfolk had emphasized the need to belong to such union in the city. As I had been around the city for some time, I honoured it.
Then, you appeared; I could see your smooth, beautiful face as you looked cursorily and swayed fluidly to the frontage. The moment I set my eyes on you, the meeting for me was over. The much awaited drinking spree for me was through. The thought of you occupied my heart.

I had beckoned on hope, the host’s daughter to inquire about you.

Who, love?

I noded.

Our neighbour’s daughter. She said.

I marvelled at your dark beauty. Your height towered in elegance. I had looked forward to the merriment galore of the day, but my heart craved for you instead.

When we began caressing and kissing our drinks, I had given hope a bottle of malt for you. And you threw a soft smile to show your appreciation and my heart lighted up.

The meeting dispersed and everyone headed for their respective home. I hung around with two others drinking into the night just to have a chat with you. I scanned around, you were nowhere to be found, then I learnt you were with your mother.

The next evening I was at your place at the frontage discussing with hope when you came around and sat a bit apart. I was admiring you; from time to time, I would steal a glance at you. Whenever, I peeked, you were looking elsewhere, then hope informed me you were staring at me. I tried to meet those cool sexy eyes of yours, but they eluded me. It was then that hope told me, you said you liked me and that you liked my calm disposition. She said it was because of me, you came to sit a bit apart all alone. I perched all evening not saying a word to you, but admiring you all the while.

As I was about leaving, hope said you would come to my place the next day. I left that evening as you joined hope to see me off.

I was twenty one and in search of a meaning in my life and your coming my way was like a dream. Why did I say it was like a dream? I had thought those big shots in the city must have won over your heart. You were eighteen and freshly out of high school. I knew men in the city who were loaded and would spend their last dime just to have you as their mistress or wife.

I did not anticipate much about your said visitation for while you and hope were seeing me off, a light brown Mercedes-Benz coupé had driven by and its owner waved at you. I knew you wouldn’t come. For who wouldn’t see you and go for the ‘kill’ – when the means to spoil you a little were handy?

The hot weather was giving way for evening when I saw hope coming down at my neighbour’s home few houses away from mine where I had gone to while away the time with a friend. I knew that moment it was not a promise kept.

Someone is waiting to meet you at your place, hope said.

My eyebrows raised – was it real or a joke? I was staring at her.

… love’s at your place, she said.

I began to smile mildly and followed her as she led me to you. And I met you at my place, you were more beautiful than ever. I was smiling as I hugged you warmly and held your hand.

See you later, that was hope and she was gone.

We entered my room and I offered you a seat on my bed for that was the only reclining ‘sofa’ in the room. I engaged you with a bottle of Fanta when you insisted I should not bother myself.

We sat down and silence filled the lair. I was relishing the thought of you being there in the den with me for real.

Why were you smiling? You asked cordially, breaking the silence.

Was I? I was taken aback, staring directly into the sparkle in your eyes.

You raised the lone softdrink and insisted we shared it together. I fetched a glass cup. You shared it and we sipped together that evening as we sat close to each other.

Then, I held your hand and my eyes beheld your captivating charm once more. My lips met yours half way and it was a magical touch the moment we kissed. So enthralling. I touched your breasts, your shirt still on. I probed further, the buttons gave way for my exploring hand. I cupped them one after the other and tickled your nipples, you let out a soft moan.

You are sexy, I whispered to your ear.

I tickled you some more, and each time, your moan sent a tingling sensation down my spine. Sweat began to appear on my brow. I reached for your flat belly caressing it and circling your navel and probing down the groin. You jerked a bit. Our eyes met and lips glued. I kissed your eyebrows down your neck, to your shoulders, round and round, further down your breasts kissing the cleavage. Then, I clamped your nipples and suckled warmly. You let out a moan, and you began to caress my chest with your soft touch. Suddenly, your hand trailed down my groin and I saw your mouth agape.

You are hot, you whispered, giving me a lovebite in my earlope.

I reached for your jeans skirt while you were on my jeans trousers and soon they were flung flying beside the bed’s edge as the tops followed suit. Ready to be enmeshed in a pure ecstatic dance. I slowly set your legs a bit apart and moved in, to your warm melting pot. Was it real, was it a dream? Then, like a straw fire, we began a call and response dance rhythmically. We went on and on till we peaked into a pure magical form. Exhausted and grasping for breath, we just lay down revelling in the after-thrill.
* * * * *
The rain had fallen and the afternoon weather sexy. We set out together to the street down town for a stroll. We walked like two lovebirds having been entangled in the room all through the rainfall.

You seemed to attract all eyes while we walked – the reason not far-fetched. Enchanting beauty walking gracefully. I enjoyed when you caused a traffic as the street came to a standstill. And I was protective of you, just to have you all to myself.

Oftentimes, I was suspicious of all those men flashing smiles at you from their sleek cars.

There was never a day you came around we did not bath in amorous adventure, exploring unknown terrains. You awed me with your fantastic drifts while I fascinated you with mine.

You told me how a family friend of yours took away your prized ‘diamond’; and the story broke my heart that I was not the one who made away with it. You said your mother knew me and I cringed – did she know I was the one savouring her daughter?

A friend of mind (you wouldn’t know him if I tell you his name) said I was lucky to have you as my girlfriend – that other men too had eyes and would desire to meet a beautiful damsel as you; and did I charm you to win your heart?

You said you loved me too when I had looked into those heartwarming eyes of yours, telling you how much I loved you.

Then, I began to hear some hushed voices and my heart sank. First, I heard it from a friend of mine, the one I said you wouldn’t know his name. I eavesdropped on him telling someone, he would followed me to see your people if worse came to worst. I wanted to run for I wasn’t ready and fright enveloped me.

I waited all day and night longing to see you, to hear a word from you, to confirm from you the state of our affair. You disappeared like a mist that appeared a little while then vanished.

Later, I got another wind of it from hope and I was on the lookout to sight you. I desired to know if what I heard was true; dear love, hope said you were pregnant?

Now, I brood all alone all day with the thought of you; tell me, if I had let you know my love for you, what would have been your response?


Your secret admirer.

4 thoughts on “Dear Love; Hope said you were pregnant.” by Zanka Uhuru (@dpoetry)

  1. Poor dude, so he has been living a fantasy all along? How devastating the pregnancy blow would be to him.
    I liked your story even though the writing wasn’t so neat.
    Reread and Edit. Well done, Zanka. $ß.

  2. Nice piece and I enjoyed the way you pulled the story.

  3. Poorly written. Got lost midway. And the ending? Was that you trying for a twist? U didn’t quite pull it off

  4. dupebaby (@dupebaby)

    This piece really need work…started but didn’t bother to finish it..

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