Come your Flame ,Come .

Come your Flame ,Come .


When I look at you I see those patches of grey you have been hiding from gooses around here,believing they won’t understand a dot of it .I’m the only one who can really see the obvious in you because this mirror don’t lie.
The only time it flaws us -is when it deluded us laterally ,which is unfair .How can your right be my left ?

‘smash it into pieces Lord ‘..that has been your prayer for days ,Asking Biggie to give you the grace to send this’ reflectura’ into his early grave .so that you can resuscitate yourself from its death and liberate your wreck from its shards.I remember how you told me earlier today that you want to be only one to feel the heat of the day .But what if the weather man forecast is all false.And today will eventually be all rain.

Rain or Heat of the sun .Let me share your drowning or burning because we are too binary stars evolving round a soul –I always think is mine but this epiphany just shown its yours too .so When its time to burn don’t forget to call me over to feel your flames .I’m chilling at the other side joggling fire stones ,getting use to what might come –if they eventually come .

Expecting your flames –can’t wait to be left in pure grey dust .
Come and get me when the tick says tock .

7 thoughts on “Come your Flame ,Come .” by Ayo iz a Scrawler (@ayowole)

  1. Hmm, musings and thoughts.

    1. Is this a poem?

  2. I didn’t understand this, @ayowole.

  3. It sounds like a prose poem, and rightly so you attested.
    Although the idea or meaning(s) is/are not well articulated, yet one can easily find that it’s a poem of love, distance and remembrance.
    However, I’ve checked and I couldn’t find under which linguistic stylistics these words fall into: “This epiphany JUST SHOWN (emphasis mine). I think you should consider your concord and tense.
    Well done.

  4. Also I noticed an oversight in “the weather MAN forecast’ which I think should be ‘the weather man’s forecast…’.
    Also in, “and today WILL eventually be all rain”, considering the narrative style, I think you need to rephrase that line.

    1. I also think “deluded” should be “deludes”.

      Ayo really is a scrawler, hope he starts writing soon

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