Bubbllinna: A Gem on NS

Bubbllinna: A Gem on NS

She is a corundum

And a conundrum,

Aggressive yet mild in manner

This Bubbllinna

With face smudged with henna.


She ranks as a cabochon

Precious gemstone,

Cut and polished in language

Reads and comments without change;

She’s a fan and is fun

Her harangues may make you run.


She’s a poet and writer

Might as well be Rita the rollercoaster –

NSians love Bubbllina

The Editor-in-Chief on periphery

The writer with a golden hand

Reader never offhand, censure of impropriety

And a fan of all writing, Bubbllinna is fun.

98 thoughts on “Bubbllinna: A Gem on NS” by elovepoetry (@elovepoetry)

  1. Laughs. That’s nice. @Sibbylwhyte would love this,

    But because you were doing a nice deed for someone who deserves it doesn’t mean I will let u off for not writing something more explosive.

    Make I forgive u jare. *laughing*

    1. @Hymar, what do you mean by explosive?

      Thanks for commenting, and reading. I think @sibbylwhyte should tell us whether she likes it.

      1. Hey, chill man/lady, of cos Sibbylwhyte likes it na. If you wrote this for me, I would also develop sight problemas to the issh-es innit.

        U try jare.

  2. Ok now.
    Nice, but could be better!

    1. Yeah @psalmy, there is always room for improvement. Isn’t that what kaizen is for?

  3. Awww… @elovepoetry. Now you be making me cheeks all pinked up. The lines are cute and I love the rhymes too. Of course I have to love them, you wrote for me.
    Muchas graçias E, I appreciate. $ß. *Hugs*

    1. I came around to what I should have done a long time ago @sibbylwhyte before somebody else ‘beat’ me to it.

      Thanks you love it, perhaps I’d come around for another round and I would ask everyone to take up their glasses for the party at the bar and cheers drink to that…””£”!!”!!

    2. Vincent de Paul (@vincentdepaul)

      @sibbylwhyte, @elovepoetry is obsessed with you, right? wrong?

      That aside, you really are a gem @sibbylwhyte, is there any post you haven’t read and commented on here on NS? (I have a school boy crush on you….Oooops! I din’t say that – just for the record).

      1. @vincentdepaul. Lol. You want Elove to have your head on a platter? Elove likes Sibbyl and vice versa.

        So it’s you who is a-crushing? Oya write a piece on that topic and have it on my desk by tomorrow. Hehehe. Appreciate all that, Vince. Thanks.

        1. @sibbylwhyte, Michael Learns says, ‘We wait, for our fate, ‘coz nobody owns us babe, we shake, we shake the rock…’ There won’t be need for @vincentdepaul‘s head to be delivered to me on a platter (like that of John the Baptist).

          Trust Vince to do that, only that don’t flee when he does.

  4. I do absolutely agree … she’s a rare poetic icon

    1. Yeah @josephoguche, and thanks for sopping by and dropping a comment.

  5. Theheehe, I laf.
    Yea, I think she deserves it, but because you wanted to do something fastly and submit didn’t make you to be thorough.
    We forgive you chaa.
    And you @sibblywhyte, this piece is meant to encourage you. Hardwork pays I suppose.
    One Word: FLUID.

    1. Oooooooooh @louis, I’m celebarrased for not doing a good job (which I think I’m renowned for), I shall be more careful next time. Don’t hang me out much to be roasted (I know of one who would do that within a blink of an eye).

      1. @elovepoetry. I guess it’s one those things. I ‘really’ enjoyed the lines though but… It could have been better.

        1. @louis, I’m happy you enjoyed. There is always room for improvement, I would do better next time.

  6. nice one. Sb is definitely awesome. Her analysis is always needed. And how she comments on almost every post is amazing. Keep writing, she always says. Please @sibbylwhyte, take the kudos, you deserve it.

    1. @wordsfromuyi, you wouldn’t have been any righter, she truly is one of a kind. I envy how she reads every work, and comments positively, critiquing and reviewing in ways I find impossible (I’m a writer and a reader, not all what she is).

      1. @elovepoetry. true. The work she puts in Ns is truly something. As a writer, I think hard work is key and as a reader one just has to read everything. She is in sage-master mode right now. She always challenges me every time which is something I do appreciate. Hopefully one day my works will be a testimony of the blessings the field of NS has given to me. Again thanks for writing this piece.

        1. @wordsfromuyi and Elove. Shey you people want my head to grow out of proportion.

          I am getting high although I smoke no shit, it’s all the nice things y’all be sayin’ bout me.
          Thanks very much I truly appreciate, and I’ll keep doing my bubbly thing. $ß.

          1. @wordsfromuyi, you wouldn’t have said it any better in language so plain and words so true than you have. We celebrate her.

            @sibbylwhyte, we don’t want your head to grow any out of proportion than it is now (it’s out of ordinary writer/reader proportion and you are doing great).

            You are one of a kind, so keep doing your bubbly thing because I don’t know whether there is a post here on NS that doesn’t bear your imprint.

  7. Thanks @elovepoetry for doing this for a truly deserving gem. @sibbylwhyte rocks.

    1. @olajumoke, thanks for reading and appreciating my (much said not standard) lines and rhymes about Bubbllinna.

  8. Godson (@Godson)

    good poem….it sounds like rap. No wonder, Jay Z believes that rap is poetry.

  9. segunEGBEYINKA (@segunEGBEYINKA)

    Wow, I love this, partly because it is true, and partly because it was sweetly written. Well done elovepoetry.

    1. Thankz @segunEGBEYINKA for your sweet comment. Read more.

  10. Yea she is. I celebrate you maam.

    1. @wendy, thanks for reading. Let’s celebrate her for her reading and commenting on our writing

  11. “She was here
    I was there
    We are here
    We can be everywhere
    Our mind is united
    That is all that matters.”

    Bubbllinna is one of a kind, a genius moving kind character so rare I have searched in NS and beyond. She is a genius.

    Weldone @elovepoetry.

    1. @basittjamiu, thanks for dropping your so sweet comments. She really is. Appreciation is just in order.

  12. Okay @elovepoetry thanks for telling us again of the perpetuity of this rare writer specie.Short and precise!Everybody must express themselves..@hymar dey do his own for d next door,ur own na inside bedroom.Una well done.

    1. @sambrightomo, thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment.

      Let’s be celebrating such writers/readers.

    2. @sambrightomo, na u sabi o. No be u do something like this for yo whyfe @ sunshine before before?

      1. @Hymar, Sunshine is @sambrightomo‘s wife??!!

        1. wetin person never hear for this NS. chai!

  13. yea, like many have already pointed out, this is hardly enough to fully depict the ‘many’ wonderful things one could write about this wonderful woman. Bubbllina is a writer, reader and ‘always’ a ‘motivation’ to me.
    Truth is, @elovepoetry, you have done well pushing the iceberg up for us to see the tip, what @sibbylwhyte is is far more profound than this piece. She is to me on NS an Eni ara!

    1. @Babalolaibisola, true @sibbylwhyte is much more than this piece, you have seen the tip of the iceberg, go ahead and do something much novel than this.

      an Eni ara? What does that mean?

      1. @elovepoetry, I sure would love to, at least I could take a cue from this your piece.

        An ‘Eni ara’ is a Yoruba dialect, that may mean a ‘mystery’, or a state of being mystical.

        1. @Babalolaibisola, thanks for explaining. Blame my ignorance to my ambiguous ethnicity (I have several bloods running through me, a cocktail of Nigerian, Jewish and something else mom has refused to tell me, that and the fact that I left home many years ago).

          1. You are very welcome.
            Good to know you have several bloods running through your veins, I have always believe that Human is one, just a specie with different phenotypes.

  14. Hmmm, this is wonderfully true. @sibbylwhyte, really is a gem on NS. posts aren’t complete without her 2 kobo.

  15. Thanks for stopping by @clemency, she truly completes works here on NS. Thanks for reading.

  16. De nada. My pleasure

  17. Eni ara roughly translates into ‘A People’s Person’ here o.

    My yoruba pals and I agree on that. What’s yo dialect? Babi

    1. And I agree because you say so (I’m not Youruba though I dentify with some forgotten tribe up north).

  18. Eni ara roughly translates into ‘A People’s Person’ here o.

    Eni- someone

    Ara- Body, Themselves, People(indirect ref) eg, ara won= among themselves.

    My yoruba pals and I agree on that. What’s yo dialect? Babi

    1. Vincent de Paul (@vincentdepaul)

      Like in the ‘A Man of the People’ @Hymar?

      1. @josephOguche @louis @olajumoke @wendy @clemency, @segunegbeyinka @basittjamiu @vincentdepaul. Wow! I am coasting on the wings of pleasure that your comments have given me.. thank you so very much and God bless y’all for the kind words. I really appreciate.

        @babalolaibiso. Eni Ara… Going by Hymar’s explanation and yours. I am simply put, humbled.
        You say I motivate you, all done subconsciously…but I will continue to do my best. Thanks VABI.

            1. @sibbylwhyte, you better continue with what you do or else…

  19. Vincent de Paul (@vincentdepaul)

    Now, this is really moving, and spot.

    Bubbllinna is the real deal.

  20. Blushing on behalf of @Sibbylwhyte
    Nice read.

    1. @Chime221, that’s enough to flatter her.

  21. Ɣε̲̣̣̣̥s
    Only that I’d like to know †ђξ colour of her blush…pink I guess, bcos women folks like pink die.

    1. Wow, that’s awesome. Writer couples, the sweetest couples around @Chime221.

  22. @Elovepoetry, now I’m blushing for life!
    This your collabo go make brain Oº°˚˚°º!.

  23. Fadehan Adeoshun (@Fadehan)

    nice work…..
    but what is hyping all about? Just read Mimi’s recently….. Or is it a form of publicity strategy?? Just kidding….#smiles#

    1. @Fadehan, there is no publicity strategy or thingy going on. Whence someone deserves the kudos like @sibbylwhyte, we should do it. For publicity contact the newspapers and TV stations, of which NS is not.

  24. murney_okosisi (@murney_okosisi)

    Lol! Nice try @Elovepoetry. Everybody loves @sibbylwhyte. True story.

    1. Thanks @murney_okosisi for reading and commenting.

  25. leroyA (@LEROY)

    Well done @Elovepoetry, The best awards,adulation,praise to a person are normally from practitioners in the same field/profession with the person. And it’s good to celebrate ourselves and people that have excelled in our midst. More power to you @Elovepoetry.

    1. Thanks @LEROY for reading and your kind words, We really should appreciate writers/others more.

  26. Aggressive in critique, mild in motivating, there is none more poised as Editor-In-Chief to have and to hold. A gem indeed, this Bubbllinna.

    1. @sagepoet, well said. Welcome to the fold.

    1. This stands for what @Afronuts?

      1. ‘Shaking my head’….that’s what it stands for.

    1. Vincent de Paul (@vincentdepaul)

      @peverx, yeah.

  27. Fadehan Adeoshun (@Fadehan)

    i think u”re taking this personal bubblinea???? anyways, u just made me laff

    1. @fadehan. I beg your pardon. Whatever possesed you to make such a snarky comment? What exactly did I take personally? Anyway, I am glad you laughed, it’s not every time that I help someone in need of a belly laugh.

  28. I still don’t know why your mention-name is @sibbylwhyte….It should be @bubbllinna….The later reminds me of a fun and bubbling personality, the former reminds me of a prudish madame…..
    Go bubbllinna!

    1. @enoquin. I would have liked to reverse it, but I can’t… It’s a bit Jekyll and Hydeish, maybe I am both. *winks* Thanks babe.

      1. I like the Bubbllinna one too.

  29. It is true she is amazing and also a motivator. Well done!

  30. When I saw the title I smiled…another accolade for NS editor in chief…
    She deserves this and more
    Abeg @sibbylwhyte make your head swell jor, bask in it…it’s a good thing to be celebrated when you have done something worthwhile…
    You are really amazing…
    (but I dey biff u sha…lolz. js kidding)

    1. @topazo, yes, she really is. Thanks for reading/

  31. I think you’re something else, quite excellent in your renditions @elovepoetry

  32. now @innoalifa, i’m more than humbled.

    1. ’cause the truth humbles @elovepoetry.

  33. Omena (@menoveg)


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