Betrayals and Funerals – 23


“Some folks are crazy. I mean seriously…did you see what that guy displayed in court? He lied under oath! It was so obvious! How could Judge Burton not see it?” I said as I exited the car.
“Judge Burton is a seventy year old judge who chooses to see what he wants to see. It’s just one of those things.” Del followed me up the driveway, clutching her bag.
“Annoying, is what it is.” I took out my key. “And the prosecutor? Letting a witness perjure himself? He obviously has issues with the truth too.”
“You’re new in the game, Kems. This is how it is. It’s one of those things you get used to. All we have to do is find a way to get our client out of this mess.”
I was silent; my eyes were riveted on the package lying on my front porch.
“Who would send me flowers?” I asked, picking up the bouquet of carnations that decorated my doorstep.
“Who cares? They’re gorgeous! Oh my! Is there a card?” Del gushed.
“I don’t care. It’s creepy. Someone is stalking me.”
“Don’t be too dramatic darling. It’s pretty romantic. See? They smell divine!”
I unlocked the door and went in with Del following closely behind.
“Look! There’s a card!” She exclaimed.
I turned and took the card from her. I had to admit I was curious. No one had sent me flowers in…ages.
The note read:
“Oh fair damsel,
You’ve put me in a state.
Oh please I beg of you
For just one date.”
It was signed “Secret Admirer”.
“Aw…so sweet. You’ve got a secret admirer? Now that’s romantic.” Del said.
I couldn’t help blushing. Me? Secret admirer? That was weird. Weird but strangely exciting. The thought of someone admiring me was faintly exciting.
“It’s probably some prank. Someone trying to mess with my head.” I replied, not wanting to get my hopes up. “Or worse, a stalker. He could be a killer!”
Del was laughing. “You’ve got a wild imagination, sister. Keep going…a killer, what else?”
“It’s not funny! This…person knows my house!”
“This means he could have come in and got you without announcing his presence with heavenly carnations.”
She had a point. But I still couldn’t just accept flowers from a stranger. And a date? Please…
“Anyway, there isn’t going to be any date.” I said, plucking the flowers from her hand. “Let me find a vase for these.”
“Why not? Why won’t you go on a date with a mysterious admirer? It’s something right outta romance novels, I tell you. I won’t mind myself.”
“Then you can go in my place.”
“Yea, right. Like our skin colour looks alike. Besides you’re prettier. This sort of stuff only happens to people like you.”
“Del! Don’t say that. It’s not true. Remember that time James Houston asked you out in college? He was hot! And he liked you.”
“And it didn’t last. Turned out he only wanted a fling. Forget it, Kems.”
I sighed and settled on the couch beside her. “Speaking of guys…haven’t seen much around you lately. What’s happening in that department?”
She waved her hand in a nonchalant move. “Don’t change the subject. This is about you and your date with the mysterious guy. You’re going aren’t you?”
“No. I’m married remember?”
“Yeah…to a jerk who cheated on you. Why haven’t you started the divorce proceedings?”
“Mo isn’t a jerk. He just…” I stopped. I wasn’t going to defend him. I didn’t have the strength for that. “And even if I wanna go…there’s no way of communicating with him. It’s silly.”
“Oh, you didn’t notice the other cards?” She tossed the cards to me. “Apparently, he’d be back to check. If you’re interested you leave the ‘Y’ card outside but if you’re not…”
“Wow…he thought this out well.” I examined the cards. Nothing spectacular about them. I was beginning to like the idea of a secret admirer more and more.
“I do hope you’re going to say yes. Now…is there any food in this house?”
Without waiting for an answer she made her way to the kitchen, leaving me pondering on my secret admirer.
I was in no shape to date anyone now. Mo and I were still trying to work things out. And I obviously still loved him so much. How would he feel about me going out with another man?
On the other hand, it was just a date and Mo and I were at a crossroads in our marriage now. There was nothing wrong with going out to have a little fun. Add a little spice to my life. Not like I was doing anything bad…it was just a date. With someone who admires me.
The thought made me squirmy inside. Maybe it was the thought of any man finding me attractive enough to go to all these lengths to get my attention…
Or maybe, I was just bored with my life.
“Kemi!” Del summoned me from the kitchen.
I put the cards away as I jerked back to reality. I would deal with the secret admirer later…right now I had a real life to get to.


The game was an intriguing one. And I was loving it…however I had a feeling it was about to come to an end and I was about to meet Mr Secret Admirer.
It had gone on for three weeks, every Thursday when I arrived from work; I found a new gift on my porch. After the flowers, came chocolates. Then a sexy gown with a pair of heels. I fell in love with the outfit instantly, even though I knew it was creepy.
A mysterious person sending gifts every Thursday with a corny card attached to it was…well…let’s face it…damn romantic. It was something that happened in movies and not normal, everyday people like me.
Each gift was accompanied with a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ card to the same question. A plea for one date.
It was after the gift of the dress came, that I finally put out a ‘yes’ card, I was ready to meet my secret admirer.
That week I went to our couples’ counselling meeting elated. I felt young again and somehow life didn’t seem so bad. I didn’t tell Pastor B or Mo about my secret admirer. It was my secret to keep, crazy as it seemed.
There was also something I hadn’t told anyone…I found myself always tired these days. Of course I knew I was pushing myself hard at work, but it wasn’t enough to make me feel so weak and sometimes, sick. I was scared I was coming down with something which was exactly what I didn’t need.
I’d just started my new job and I needed to stay healthy to keep it, which was why I didn’t mention anything to Del about my health. It would pass.

The day of my date arrived and I took extra care with my dressing. I wore the dress he’d bought, against my better judgement. I thought…what the heck! Do something crazy just for the fun of it.
Our date was slated for six pm. By 5:45, my doorbell rang and as I rushed to open it I found my heart beating. This could be it…the end of my life. It could be some murderer who was behind the door.
I braced myself, no matter what; I wasn’t going down without a fight.
With that I opened the door. And found myself staring into the face of a youngster who couldn’t be any more than twenty.
Without thinking, I burst into laughter…

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  1. A youngster? Ain’t fooled by this decoy o. Lemme not spoil d fun by saying too much.

    Nice work sweerie. Suspense Mistress.

  2. Decoy? now y would you say that darling?

    Keep reading and find out.
    Thank ya for the compliment.Hugs!

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  6. namdi (@namdi)

    Romantic…….flowers and dates, and all the stress too.

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    You my dear,are a classic audience.

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    OMG! That’s a huge compliment @elovepoetry and am honoured that you think so. Thank you very much for staying interested in the series.

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