Betrayals and Funerals – 18

I was a little relieved when I left the support group that day. I had let out some pent up feelings which had messed me up for a while.
I was considering going for another meeting. Maybe, I’d judged them too harshly at first. I didn’t drive straight home, though. I did some grocery shopping instead. I was going to make Mo a nice dinner and probably have a repeat of this morning.
So, I was more interested in sex than before; so what?

When I got home; it was almost four pm. As I struggled with the door and groceries; I noticed a brown envelope sticking halfway underneath the door. Like someone had slid it there on purpose.
Strange. I thought as I picked it from the floor.
My name was written on the front. Now my curiosity was piqued.
With one hand clutching the grocery bag; I opened the envelope and a piece of paper slid out.
I glanced at the paper and was surprised at the contents. It said:
Weird question. I examined the note for some form on clarification on who’d sent it. None. It was typed.
Now I was more interested, because 16th April was the day we lost Shirley.

I set the grocery bag on the table in the kitchen and sat down to look at the remaining contents of the envelope.
I gasped as I examined at the remaining contents of the envelope.
Pictures. Lots of them.
My husband…Mo…no, God please. Let this be a joke…

For the rest of that day, I walked on air. I’d resisted the devil; I’d not fallen for her tricks and wiles. It was a step in the right direction.
After leaving Ruby’s place, I drove to my office and worked till evening. I wanted to stop at the church to see Pastor B, but I decided against it and drove straight home.
On the drive home; my phone rang.
“Hello sweetheart.” A familiar voice.
“Hi mum. Strange number. I take it you’re in the states.”
“Yes dear. Flew in this afternoon. I want to see you. Where are you?”
Good old mother. She hadn’t changed one bit.
“On my way home. Just got off work. You can drop by the house, you’ll meet Kemi. How was your flight?”
“Actually, I stopped there on my way from the airport. No one was home. My flight was great.”
“Really? Then she must have gone shopping or something. Let me call her, mum. I’ll get back to you.”
“I missed you son. How are you?” Her voice dropped a notch.
I knew she was referring to our recent loss. The blow had hit her hard too.
“I’ve been better, mum.” I replied.
“You talked to your dad, recently?”
My parents had been divorced over fifteen years now. They were still on speaking terms; that is, when my father wasn’t halfway around the world.
I happen to maintain a cordial relationship with him, though.
“Not since the funeral, mum.” I replied.
She made a sound over the phone which I didn’t bother to interpret. My mother communicated in both words and sounds.
“I’ll talk to you later, mum. Where are you staying by the way?”
“The condo at Brooklyn. I might get a cab to drive me to Hollis. What do you think?”
“If it’s too late, then there’s no need. We’ll see tomorrow. Let me call Kemi now. If she’s home, I’ll call you back.”
“Tell me again why you need to call her?” I detected the faint note of jealousy in her voice.
I sighed. “Because she’s my wife.”
“So you have to ask her permission before I can come to the house?”
My mother had taught me that elderly women pout, whine and exhibit grade A jealousy.
“No mum. I don’t want to get into this right now. We’ll talk later.”
She hung up.

The thought of my mum in New York was comforting. She might not be everyone’s favourite person, but she adores me. That’s why I love her. Selfish of me, right?
Granted, she can be tiring, bossy and way-outta line. But she was still the woman who raised me.

I dialled my wife’s number, it rang severally…but no reply. After trying two more times and getting no response I gave up. Hopefully, she was home.

Half an hour later I turned into my driveway. The lights in the house were on, so I knew she was home.
I smiled to myself, I’d stopped on the way home to buy flowers for her and I was pleased with myself. It was a spontaneous act and hoped she’d appreciate it.
“Hey, honey.” I called.
No reply.
The living room was empty. She was probably upstairs. I made my way upstairs after locking the front door behind me.

“Hey,baby.” I called.
She was sitting on the bed, clutching something in her hand. I should’ve noticed something was amiss. I didn’t.
“Look what I got you.” I presented the dozen roses to her.
She looked up at me and gently plucked the flowers from my hand.
I noticed something was amiss when she didn’t smile and thank me or attempt to hug or kiss me.

“Is something wrong?” I asked.
“Please sit.” She patted the space beside her.
I did. I was nervous now. What was going on? Why the grave look on her face?
“What’s wrong?” I asked again.
“Tell me what happened the day Shirley died.”
As soon as the words left her mouth, I knew she knew. All the lies, the secrecy was finally over.

“I was with Ruby.” I said quietly, too ashamed to keep up the lies.
“Working, I presume?” She looked at me now and from the glassy look in her eyes, I knew she’d been crying.
I didn’t answer. She dumped an envelope in my lap.
“Maybe that will jog your memory.” She said.
Even before I opened it, I knew what I’d find. Pictures, proof of my infidelity. My blackmailer had done it again. He’d destroyed the one thing I had left.

Whoever had done this had been very thorough…I began to suspect that Ruby had orchestrated this whole thing.
The pictures showed me in the most compromising of positions with Ruby. It was as though whoever it was had been watching my every move and taking detailed pictures.

I opened my mouth to speak, but no words came out. What could I say that could explain what she’d seen?
“So, it’s true? You can’t say anything, because it’s true.” She spoke slowly. “You betrayed us. Shirley and I. You weren’t there for us, because you were with her?! God, Mo!…How could you?”
I heard the tremor in her voice and I knew she was close to tears. Heck, I was close to tears too.
“I’m sorry.” Was all I could say. “I don’t know what came over me, I’m…”
“You lied to my face! All this while! You…” She was crying now.
I wanted to reach out to her. I wanted to beg for her forgiveness, but I knew it would make no difference now. I’d not only betrayed her, I’d betrayed our daughter and lied about it. I hated myself.

“Baby, please let me make this right.” I pleaded.
She stared at me through teary eyes; it was then I knew how badly I’d hurt her.
“Please.” I reached for her hands.
She jerked away from me and stood.
“You had your chance.” She dropped the flowers on me. “I packed your things and moved them to the guest bedroom. I’ll be out jogging tomorrow by 7am; when I get back, I want you gone.”

With that she walked away from me, and I’m guessing…out of my life.

28 thoughts on “Betrayals and Funerals – 18” by Mimiadebayo (@Mimiadebayo)

  1. Too bad he could have told her earlier

  2. Nothing hurts like the betrayal from a loved one. Truth will always be invaluable.

    Keep it coming dear

  3. You dug your hole, Moron, stand, sit or lie in it.
    What happens next?
    Well done, Mimi. $ß.

  4. He shouldn’t have done it. I think Moron suits him, just fine.
    Poor woman.
    Good work Mimi.

  5. Nalongo (@Nalongo)

    Oh no. Please listen to him and forgive him. To err is human and forgive is divine.

  6. Yes he could. Too bad he didn’t @schatzilein. Thanks for checking in.

    Yes indeed @Rowzlyn the truth is always much preferred to a well carved lie. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  7. @sibbylwhyte this your reprimand eh! I wonder what Mo is thinking right now.
    Thanks ma’am for dropping by.Much appreciated.

  8. Oh no! @olajumoke Don’t tell me you’re that pissed @ Moron that you’ve joined his group of haters? Lol.Just kidding oo.

    Thanks for the comment dearie !

    1. I think it was just my concern for Kemi (and all the other women that have suffered similar fate) that made me lash out at Mo, Lol.
      Still, I would preach forgiveness because it was One mistake. I think he is a good husband and like @topazo said telling the truth in circumstances like this takes a lot of courage.
      I hope in time she forgives him.
      Welldone @mimiadebayo

  9. Thanks for reading and commenting @ijcutie and welcome to NS.

    @Nalongo hmmmm…sometimes forgiving ain’t that easy, especially when the betrayal is from a loved one. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and see what happens next.
    Thanks a mil for dropping by!

  10. you rushed this one ma, i saw some uncharacteristic typos….

    for a wound to heal, it must first of all be debrided…that’s the stage they are in now…

    as for @sibbylwhyte and others yabbing MO, telling the truth and owning up to faults as great as what he did takes a lot of courage and only a few possess it…most times, it takes something major to get it out. but i know he would have owned up..he was already taking steps in the right direction….

  11. I saw those typos @topazo silly and annoying ones at that. Thanks jare for pointing them out…I’ll be more careful next time.

    I’m soooo glad you’re seeing things from Mo’s point of view. Indeed he was already taking steps in the right direction.

    Thank you for this insightful comment,my favorite poet. Hugs.

  12. leroyA (@LEROY)

    Schadenfreude. A real ”Gbagaun” moment I must say.
    Well done. Looking forward to the next installment.

  13. @Topazo, gimme a break. He had a chance to come out clean earlier, he didn’t take it. If he had told her then, the pictures would have lost some of their power over her… Poor Kemi.

    Well done, sweerie, @Mimiadebayo

  14. Poor woman… Life just dealt her another.
    Oh, well… She was bound to find out, sometime… Secrets like this usually come out eventually.

    As for M.o… My lips are sealed for now, cos I agree with @topazo… It takes courage to come clean about a mistake this huge.

  15. good story, infidelity will always lead to lies and more lies to cover the previous ones and the end result is always lost of the greatest thing one cherishes… family

    1. You are welcome boss. It is my leasure

  16. Funny how after all dis episodes or chapters i got to know thier location

  17. @LEROY Lol. Thanks dear for stopping by.

  18. Hmmmmm@Hymar Cut Mo some slack na. Lol. Thanks dearie for reading and the comment.

  19. @Olaedo definitely bound come out. Thanks ma’am for reading and reserving your comment about Mo. I appreciate.

  20. @newnaija Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate.
    @schatzilein I did that on purpose. Lol. At least now you know.

  21. Captivating read. I like the twist.
    Whoever this MO guy is, he’s in for some real s**t
    Lesson for today: Always remember, blackmail makes you a pawn. It’s one dirty move that always moves in from behind.
    Well done

  22. @lordkel Lesson learned. Most people though, don’t know they’ve been played until they’re in the deep s**t.
    Thanks for dropping by. Much much appreciated.

  23. How come no one ever has empathy for the guy? There but for many things goes many men..rock on my brother.

    …I await the firing squad.

  24. Now the story moves, @mimiadebayo. The last few installments had been treading water, but with his wife gone, things will have to take a different turn. It’s taken long enough to get here, though.

    I guess Ruby is about to become a very happy or very frustrated woman. We’ll see.

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