Bayo PoundedYam

Bayo PoundedYam

Bayo Poundedyam
Was a handsome man
Before he died

He was a nice man
Or preferably a guy
For he was thirty two
Before he died

Bayo would smile
Whenever he talked
For he was a nice man
To the best of his knowledge
Before he died

Bayo would smile
At people
Whenever he walked
Down the street
In his chocolate skin
Before he died

Bayo Poundedyam
Was so handsome
That every man envied him
Whenever he walked
Down the street

Bayo Poundedyam
Was so handsome
That every woman;
Married and teen
Wanted him
As their property

He was so handsome
To the extent that
Children who knew
Nothing about love
Have heard million
About him

About how
His handsomeness
Suddenly brought him death
Was the thing
They have heard
About him

They never knew:

Bayo Poundedyam
Broke many homes

Bayo Poundedyam
Jilted many girls

Bayo Poundedyam
Was the one dating
The single mommies
And secretly dating
The widows who
Wanted him
As their property

So they jealous
And men angered
And everyone connived
To teach him
The lesson of his life

They caught him
They wanted him
To die a bitter death
So they took him

And tears filled my eyes
When they peeled his skin
And stabbed him with knives
To pieces him

As if that was not enough
They put him on fire
And men and women
And everyone with strenght
Gathered mortar and pestle
And began to pound him
And pounded Bayo
And swallowed him
With soup

But when Bayo found himself
Out of their belly
He couldn’t go to heaven
For he was not whole
His body was scattered
And his ghost multiplied

So he left the people
And went to the farm
Yet farmer found him
And took him from the farm
To the market place
And some magicians
Went and made Bayo to powder
And called him Poundo Yam

And when hawkers hawk him
They’ll be shouting:
“Buy your Poundo Yam!”
Instead of Bayo Poundedyam

And people still buy him
Because they’ve tasted him
He was so sweet
When they first killed him

So they couldn’t do without
Bayo Poundedyam
And every home is pounding him
Up till today.
Samuel C. Enunwa 29-08-2013
http:// samueldpoetry442

“Square and compass thy ways to freedom.”

5 thoughts on “Bayo PoundedYam” by samueldpoetry (@samueldpoetry)

  1. Awwwww. Gross. Thank God I eat d pounded yam my mama makes from cooking d yam.

    Creativity at work here. Kudos

  2. I guessed wat u wer trying to do from the title…Nice try but I didn’t feel the poem

  3. Lool… Samuel, this was funny, but the delivery system that would work best is a flash. Make this into a story and you would have packaged it right.
    Well done.

  4. I believe that every work of art has its audience. This is a narrative poem fit for children, especially before the meal is done, so as to wet their appetite.
    Nice work.

  5. Nice .. Looks like one of those tales by the moon light.

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