A Viator’s Rhapsody

A Viator’s Rhapsody

Stung from recumbence,

By the obvious vicissitudes,

Beheld by my eyes; tales unexpected:

Heralding trembling, great trepidation,

I took to my heels –

The things that my heart has heard;

So now to scribe in gold.

Then I thought, then I reflected,

Life! Oh Life!

What is in thee? That –

Today we are, tomorrow we were.

A friend beheld today,

Is a friend so late tomorrow?

And yet we flaunt;

Glorying in the beauty

Of flesh soon to decay.

And the remnants of things most cherished,

Soon to hade goes.

O my soul …!

Have you not heard, do you not know?

The highest of men;

The noblest places of their inhabitation,

Shall be laid low, then

No stone shall be left unturned

And none left on another.

Still in still, so to hush weary souls

Amidst dreadful wail and fury of the blast

The Voice, so softly, so gently echoes,

Of the Lord of all,

Rendering a message –

“Man is lonely by birth,

Man is only a pilgrim on earth

Born to be king but –

Time is a temporary thing, only on loan while on earth”

And the Voice, so softly spoken bears truths

Things most needed by men.

A humble heart,

Yielding a soul,

A loving heart of a soul,

At the Master’s feet to bow.

Sin to hate, hate to despise, despising others to abort,

Abortion to end for the end shall come,

And come maybe too soon.

For soon judgement shall abound;

As good willed men so hale

So lofty men to hades.

Choice then must we make,

Better to live well than to live,

Best to live well than to live!

10 thoughts on “A Viator’s Rhapsody” by Jo (@josephoguche)

  1. Thought provoking piece. Well done.

  2. This is a nice reminder @josephoguche.

    Here is not our home
    Yonder He made us a castle
    That we be not earthly bind
    The city of crystal gold
    Where the sun never shall set
    There, the Son is the light . . .
    Precious souls there shall abound!

    Weldone bro.

    1. Thanks @Babalolaibisola .. and your contribution is absolutely amazing

      1. you are welcome bro.

  3. This world is not our’s, we all are viatores… It’s good to take a conscience check every once in a while.
    Well done, Joe. $ß.

  4. @sibbylwhyte .. thanks for dropping by …

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