Woman of valor (2)

 APRIL 1ST, 1:00AM

All will be very clear soon……..I pray this is true. It seemed she took things too far. But, really, it was necessary. Her family needed it. They must live and not die.

       Holding her head between her legs, she needed to think faster now. The only available evidence contained on her phone had been destroyed by her. The tension that overwhelmed her feminine nature had made her throw the phone away which unfortunately landed in a fire place, destroying it. But she had some information. She knew another meeting will be held some hours later. They would gather to celebrate their victory. She needed to plot a means to get inside their gathering venue, without getting caught. Nobody would believe her story unless she turned herself into a sudden Nikita to infiltrate a heavily guarded building and get out an evidence. She took the key to a black Volvo, which she brought earlier and headed for the popular states house where political meetings of the country’s famous party; freedom congress takes place.

MARCH 31st 9:00PM (4 hours earlier)

       Some few hours ago, occurred these happenings that really determined the course of things. Two members of the freedom congress had come to visit the politician, Brown. Even as a practicing cardiothoracic surgeon, he made up his mind to create another impact in the country via politics. His zeal dated back to his days on campus when one of his friends, Peter, had to drop out of medical school due to financial troubles.  The government refused to pay Peters father pension after 50 years of service. The man later died of heart attack. His passion got rekindled the day he got to know the then president had only a primary school certificate. He got other credentials even his so called PhD through dubious means. No wonder things went from bad to worse in the county, poor medical facilities; the country could not even boast of one electron microscope. There were death traps called roads everywhere, high unemployment and crime rate, retarded technology advancement. How can a country be happy it was producing a motorcycle that couldn’t  even go two meters, when some were busy building space ships that goes all the way out of the planet?….celebrations for making bread from cassava flour!….these things must surely happen as long as the leaders remained mentally derailed and retarded.


        Their mission was to persuade Brown, to change his mind and remain in the party as their presidential candidate. He joined the party because he was carried away by their fake facade without knowing they actually bellied brood of vipers. He later made his decision to quit the party after three years and some months when he got to know all the atrocities committed by them in the past, their brutal and wicked plans concerning the future. As a patriotic Nigerian with many great visions, he feared turning a puppet president in the hands of these illiterate immoralists.

But no, they would not let him go, he knew too much about them. He either stays or die.

      They sat down patiently like fathers waiting for their prodigal sons to run home begging. Making sure no soul was anywhere around, one of them said

“If he remained adamant and will not agree with us, then the second plan will be acted upon”

“Yes! He will be killed, and that will be by 12:00AM, immediately! Aprils first surprise for the people.”  Unknown to them, some centimeters away laid a Nokia C5 fully running its recording application. Victor had been fumbling with it in the sitting room and had to leave it unattended to, upon the arrival of the two fathers who would later kill his father, the prodigal son.

       Their discussion lasted for few minutes. Brown arrived. The end of their meeting established just one point; the second plan will be implemented. Brown must be killed. He totally disagreed and must be eliminated. He knew too much and could use it against them.


       In the car, Jennis started to imagine what the headlines of the morning news would be like when they discover that her family had been obliterated, that her house got burnt with all of them inside. Obviously, to them she is dead. She needed the evidence for so many reasons, to prove herself; the culprits needed to be taken down and above all her family should live with no fear. This is only way, you can’t run from the government neither can you fight them and win. My best chance is to expose them to the world.

       She had never driven a car at 120km/hr, but she was doing that now. Many things she had not done before that she had recently done. Shooting her husband, even though it wasn’t intentional. How could I do that?

       Finally, she got to a three storey building that was quite far from the road, the building looked darker at night; the party’s house. Parking the car at some distance away from the building she got dressed. Gloves on hands, masked face, dark, sleek and swift cloth, a revolver tucked in her waist, a torch and most importantly a mini audio recorder hung on her neck. She completely looked like a ninja only that she lacked a ninja’s prowess.

       Various exorbitant vehicles possessed by prominent society members were now finding their ways through the mighty brass gate. Thanks to the dark covering, Jennis found her way inside the building by clinging to the wall at different points and tip toeing, unnoticed till she entered. They were expecting no visitor, so outside security was almost absent.

       She had been here once, she didn’t find it challenging getting her way around. All members had arrived now and were busy hailing themselves outside. Jennis saw this chance and ran inside with stealth. The only problem was locating the conference room

      She was now fully in the building. It was dark, so she lighted the rechargeable torch she brought along. A red button was shifted upwards, immediately there was light and the search for the conference room began. In her mind she wished she had paid more attention to her 3rd child, whenever he asked her to watch one of those his action movies probably it would have been a lot easier finding her way through.

       Jennis moved slowly, 30 centimeters at a time. She made sure the torch light was directed in a manner that made it serve its purpose and yet still hidden. The worse thing that could happen was for the light to give her up. She reached a door, exited,, she slowly turned the handle, trying to avoid any sound. Gently,  it opened and what she saw made her gaga. The room was filled to the brim with crispy 1000 currency notes. Life! So its true people stack currencies in rooms.

       Frustrated, she closed the unlocked door, wondering why it wasn’t locked. For the next five minutes she kept on searching like an archaeologist  in the earth crust, ready for anything. She had succeeded opening about ten doors, yet to no avail.

“Oh God, don’t do this” she said to the torch she held as if it was listening to her. Its light was going dim

       She went on to hit it with annoyance; the torch got angry too and sized its light totally. The torch light went off completely not just that, it also fell off. Her eyes were wide opened as she moved forward, yet all she saw was only darkness. She would have to look for the touch by palpating alone. As she searched for it, she also searched for door handles.

       After some minutes of fruitless search, she started hearing footsteps. Sounds travels fastest in solids applying this physics fact, her right ear went straight to the floor. Her discovery was shocking; they were only few meters close, their shoe steps as a vast army kept on drawing closer. Her heart started pounding. As they drew nearer lights to rooms and passages started coming on. Suddenly, she was flooded with light and at the same time the door to the room she was inside flung open.

       I must hide now but not inside light. Nobody hides in light. She scanned around and fortunately for her, there stood another door in front of her, pulling down the handle, she disappeared into the room like a flash. The room’s light came on as soon as she entered and she got relieved by what she saw. The conference room.

       Without wasting time, she checked around for the best place to plant the audio recorder but time gained a wicked speed and became too fast for her as the door flung open. The husky laughs, greetings and lack of awareness denied the politicians the sight of a figure in black flinging herself under the large conference table.

       Finally they settled and the meeting began with Jennis under the conference table, busy recording every detail of the meeting.


       After 2 hours, the gathering came to an end; the task now was how to get out of the lion’s den. I wish these lions could fall asleep.  Light went off as the last politician gained his way out. She then emerged from under the table and started her adventure again through the dark. Moving out of the room, she started scrambling in the dark palpating everything along her path. She resumed searching for the torch.

       At last, she touched something long and it felt familiar yet strange to her fingers. She first thought it was the torch but it wasn’t….she tried to grab and pull it but it wasn’t moving. When she realized, it was too late as her face was flooded with light, while her body got flooded with punches and slaps. She had touched the leg of a security guard.

       Still on the ground, the beating continued. She fought hard, kicked and bit. She craved the skills of a Kung fu master. After overpowering her, the security man snatched the recorder from her and headed outside to report the intruder. But before he could take his third step, the room’s light went off and a punch from nowhere landed on his face, another followed, series of combos rested on strategic parts of his well trained body. He was surprised as it wasn’t Jennis doing the wonders. She just laid weak on the floor.

He cried for help and another guard rushed in, switching on the light again, they were shocked at who they saw. It was Brown.

     Surprised, one of the guard said ” but you are supposed to be dead….I saw your corpse in your living room!……how can you be alive?” I personally saw blood on you and you had no pulse. They were scared but they must not show it.

       Ignoring his question, Brown went for his wife to check her up. With great anger, the security guard who held the audio recorder raised it and smashed it on the marble floor completely destroying it. Different parts found their ways. The two guards then moved towards Brown and grabbed him by the neck and hands. The captor of his neck started strangling him.

       Jennis still laid on the floor, helpless. The guard that held the hands then said ” be quick with these bastards…..they had the guts to sneak up on us…..I’ll just go and make a report to Mr president and others outside now”

       Brown struggled, flapping his hands and legs trying to stay alive, but he couldn’t overpower the well built guard.

22 thoughts on “Woman of valor (2)” by Soogun (@Omoniyi)

  1. Your plot has too many holes and the narrative needs work…

    1. Baba @topazo…holes?….hmmm…really wish I could understand… …will kip working for a better narration…thnks plenty

  2. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    Typos and tense errors. You also blundered when you wrote 50yrs instead of 35yrs.

    You wrote the first episode better than this. Please pay attention to details. And do edit this.

    1. I really wish you could be specific @Daireen…..and concerning the 50yrs and 35 yrs issue….u need to understand I wasn’t referring in anyway to Nigeria….my imaginary country will be known later…..thnks for reading!

      1. oops!…..you are so rite…so many mix ups…..I jes hate editing and rereading…thanks plenty!

  3. Relax dude, calm down and take your time. Even if your surname is Brown or Patterson, you still have to do your homework. Organise. Organise. Organise.

    1. Hahahaha..homework aren’t easy tasks @Hymar……buh I still try my best to do dem….thanks for reading?.

  4. Hmmmm.I really don’t have anything different to say. Heed the above comments.
    Writing a fast paced piece doesn’t mean doing a harried job.You need to capture the action well,so we would feel it.

    Re-read and edit abeg.
    Above all,keep writing…

    1. Rodger that. @Mimiadebayo…..thnks for reading

  5. The truth is, I looked forward to the part two but this was not what I expected.
    The above comments have my thoughts in them. Take your time and EDIT this story. You have a story in your head, tell it well.
    Keep writing, learning and getting better, Niyi. $ß.

    1. uhhh uhhhh…abeg u no go vex ni oo..rereading is really a big work…thnks so much for reading and commentin!

    1. hmmmm….thnks for reading..

  6. I love the title

    1. hmmmm…thnks

  7. leroyA (@LEROY)

    @OMONIYI, the devil is in the details!!!
    No more /no less. For this genre, you have got to be painstaking with details and be on point, no gaps and inconsistencies in the plot/story.
    Finally—— ”The devil is in the details!!”

    1. thanks plenty@LEORY… I can only get better…thnks bruh..

  8. Blackgold (@Blackgold)

    @Soogun, nice one, I am waiting for the next part.

    1. …thnks@Blackgold….wait for it bruh..

      1. Blackgold (@Blackgold)

        @Soogun, I am a babe

        1. Oops!….forgive me pls…the name sounds masculine….

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