Virtual Crush

I lay on my bed, my head supported in my hands as I stare at my phone waiting for his WhatsApp message. The plastered smile on my face was no indication of our ordinary discussion, after all,we were only talking about what we had done during our day. I had ‘met’ him a week and some days ago when he sent me a BBM request ‘mistakenly’ . I accepted for the fun of it. After confirming that I was not ‘the friend’ he had intended to add, he asked me if we should “delete or continue”. There was no harm if we continued and I told him so.
That first day, I found out that we had attended the same University,being in the same faculty, served Nigeria in the same state and lived quite close to each other. He had just lost his mother, I had just lost my father. He laughed at my jokes and I loved the songs he listened to. It was fate. I was hooked.
Slowly, my train of thoughts lead to those who had been deceived by their virtual friends. Did they ever imagine it was all a lie? Did they stop to think it might lead to their deaths or disfigurement? I shake off the horrible thoughts, he could never be that kind of guy. After all, we fight about irrelevant things like who woke up first, who can whip together a better dish, which TV programmes are the best, he is just a normal guy. I think I’m sure.
I smile as I imagine what would happen when we finally meet. Would he be fatter and shorter than I imagined? Would I be taller and darker than he imagined? I  dread the day. But for now, he keeps me happily occupied and looking forward to something every evening. So, I choose to keep enjoying the loving company of my virtual friend.


18 thoughts on “Virtual Crush” by amyOhio (@Amy)

  1. Interesting..

    1. amyOhio (@Amy)

      thanks for reading…

  2. paishat (@paishat)

    Hmmmm Direct and short. I think I have read something similar. Well done

    1. amyOhio (@Amy)

      thanks, i guess a lot of people face the same situation but i try to write in my own voice..

  3. I lik dis, welldone Amy.

    1. amyOhio (@Amy)


  4. Virtual relationships are double edged. Some end good, others bad.
    Cheers to those who get it right.
    Well done, Amy. $ß.

    1. amyOhio (@Amy)

      yaay! @sibbylwhyte, im a big fan..

  5. Started on a high note but somehow you drifted. And try to keep the paragraphs shorter, if i may suggest.
    Nice try

    1. amyOhio (@Amy)

      thanks @Hymar, i’ll take note of that.

  6. It possibly was a well planned mistake … enjoy though! :)

  7. Kleavajimcy (@Kleavajimcy)

    Nice blind love story…kinda caught up in d scene tho’…love the way u presented the story!
    Pen up!

  8. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    Flash article of life! And yup, we all guilty of this. Small discrepancy though: was it whatsapp or bbm?

  9. charisa (@charisa)

    Short and precise. I like the way it ends,leaves one guessing what happens next. Good job

  10. This was well written…@daireenonline pointed out the discrepancy

  11. Very true

    Nice idea….nice thought. Kinda like it.

    But the story is unfinished. It even defies the elements of a flash fiction.

    Unless….its meant to deliberately provoke readers thoughts…only the writer can tell.

  12. @Amy, I’ve learned something new – “virtual friend/virtual crush”. Interesting crush. I like the way the inconclusive conclusion gets one thinking and imagining what would become of the virtual relationship. We could even craft our stories from there. Welcome on board. I’ll look out for your posts.

  13. Hmmm,sweetly written and gripping. I got what I wanted when it showed the final fullstop (No drama). Lemme ask though,did this happen for real? If it does, I love it.

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