Sin 25

“So, what did they say?” Jemima asked.



Hands linked, we walked though the secretariat lobby. “My licence is intact. Prisca convinced them it wasn’t their business whether I took advantage of her or not, so long as she didn’t report it.”

“How is that supposed to be convincing?” she asked doubtfully.

“The conviction is that I didn’t. So, there’s no point to the panel.”

“And the lawsuit?”

“A dud. Israel has no locus standi.” I simply repeated Anthony Carew’s word.

Jemima playfully poked my side. “Is that psychospeak or legalese?”

“In English, even if something did happen, he can’t bring a case against me since he’s not the offended party.”

“Oh.” She exhaled. “Well, I’m glad nothing happened. But the thinking part was brutal.”

If only you knew, I thought. But she did know. If Prisca had volunteered a tell-all, she was certain to spare no salacious details. I was witness to her sensational confessions.

We exited the lobby into the late morning sunshine. Relief flowed through me like a river. I asked, “Exactly what did she tell you?”

“Mostly the things you didn’t put in the blue folder. The blank spaces were completely filled in colour when she was done.”

“Must have been very convincing.”

“It was absolutely terrifying.”


“For me,” she explained. “I mean, she has so many dirty little things going for her, the sort of things men would lose their heads over. She’s such a sexual being, so out there and…and wild!”

“Even when she doesn’t mean to be,” I said.

“That’s what’s so terrifying. I’m not saying she isn’t to be held responsible for her actions. I guess that’s what you’ve trying to make her do. But it must have been difficult listening to her—when every word she says sounds like a come-on.”

True. I agreed in silence. Very true. Ask me.

“And then actually tells you to get on with it?” Jemima phrased the question innocently.

“She told you that?” I asked, stunned. Have you no limits, Prisca?

“She said she was naked and all over you when she told you to get on with it already,” Jemima said sweetly. “Why didn’t you?”

“Why didn’t I do it?”

“Admit it, Stan. We’ve already established she’s a sexual being. She was ready to put out. You must have wanted to. Why made you stop?”


“I made you stop?”

“She said all the men in her life didn’t matter at that moment. You’d think having a woman telling you she wanted you and in the same breath reeling out men’s names in a list as long as your arm would be a major turn-off. It wasn’t. But when she called your name, something snapped within me.”

“That’s when you threw her in the lake?”

I nodded a reply. This Prisca had no limits.

“I’m glad.” Jemima loved the reply. Her hand crept higher to my upper arm. “Prisca’s turned you into an animal by fuelling your masculine fantasies. From now on, I’ll be the bringer and fulfiller of your fantasies. Is that clear?”

“Yes, madam.”

“But, first, you need help,” she said.

“Help? Why?”

“Admit it, first of all, Stan, you need help. Say it after me. You need help.”

“I need help,” I repeated after her. “Why?”

“We have to get Prisca’s world out of your head.”

Even before she spoke, the answer stared me in the face. I had seen it but refused to acknowledge it. It was clear. The de-Priscaisation of Stanley Mala.

“You’re right.” I couldn’t agree more.

“I know,” she said triumphantly.

“I need help.”




29 thoughts on “Sin 25” by San Jules (@sanjules)

  1. paishat (@paishat)

    Nice work and well done but I wonder what de-priscaisation will involve. Really enjoyed it.

  2. A stunning ending, Surely, it is ‘the de-Priscaisation of Stanley Mala.’ I will recommend this for the title if the story will some time be published in print.

    I am on for Beck and Call.

    @sanjules Weldone.

  3. @sanjules, welldone. I can’t blv this is the end though. I am going to miss the awesome characters you brought to life. I bet you will miss them too.
    I will be following your new series.

    1. @olajumoke, I will miss them a whole lot.

  4. Lovely! Thanks San for a wonderful read.

  5. Thaniels (@jayrume)

    It was an exciting read. i might need de-priscaisation myself, if you know what i mean “winks”.

  6. Finally it ends!

    Encore! *Standing ovation*

    Okay…now to rip this part apart….I think Jemima’s recovery was a bit too overdone. I felt she might have exhibited a bit of anger over Mala going that far with Prisca. Her response over the lake scenario could have been done with a painful angst…after all, Mala would have slept with Prisca if she hadn’t mentioned Jemima’s name!

  7. *exhales* Finally it ends…and in a beautiful way. If this is a movie, this is the moment where they kiss, and make you want to reach through the screen and tear them away.
    I think in her own way, Jemima had belived in their love, that she accepted her name was capable of making him think twice.
    Although I’d like it more if she would be able to fake annoyance at that point, just like Afronuts thought – a normal girl would be like;

    ” Ehn? What if she hadn’t called my name, would you have carried on? ” Call it a doublecheck.

    I enjoyed this Sin-full ride. Thanks for sharing, San Jules.
    Well done. $ß.

  8. Finally it ends. This was a breath-taking ride. It was really a Sin-full ride. I enjoyed each and every part of this wild tale.

  9. Hope the new series won’t take too long. I’m already salivating.

  10. Truly enjoy d ride on sensation and sexualization in sin.but 4 d mention of the name Jemima,Stanley mala will have eaten the sweet fruit. Great piece San jules

  11. This was a lovely series. The ending was brilliant…leaves us imagining what the process of “de-priscaisation” would entail…the counselor becmn the one in need of counseling…

    I like the way jemima handled the confession, it was mature. No need to get angry at ‘what ifs’. Mala was human and responded like one but he still managed to take the escape route when he saw one – jemima’s name. Some one else might have thrown caution to the wind and still go ahead, allowing his passion rule his sense of judgment. Jemima knew that and acted accordingly…

    Well done San Jules

  12. Truly delightful…

  13. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    You had to make it about romance abi. Told ya the previous episode woulda made a perfect ending, but this too, a confession, forgiveness, and the promise of fantasies met… E ku ise opolo oo.

    Nice encore, kudos.

  14. well done. thank you. kpa kpa. kpa kpa kpa. kpa!

  15. yinkus (@yinkus101)

    whoa finally, I love it

  16. cuteboi82 (@oommeeiirree)

    @san Jules……yes boss! Thoroughly enjoyed every bit…..please commence your next onslaught and make sure you make SIN look like child’s play next to it! Cheers!!!

  17. Miss Tee (@Miss-Tee)

    @sanjules This was honestly a good read, from start to finish. Although I’m sad it’s ending. :(
    Will defo be on the look out for more of your work.
    Well done. :)

  18. Omena (@menoveg)

    Woah! Now this is what I call gifted.

  19. kevin (@kevindkind)

    Indeed, after such a battle. One can’t help but admit that they need “HELP.” a psychological one as that! To help rehabilitate his mind. Even a counsellor, can’t but admit that he needs help. What a beautiful way to end this. We all need psychological, emotional, social and even medical help. Just to mention a few. Thank u for sharing this work with us. I hope lot more people will get to learn of this; rather than think of “SEX,” as a taboo!
    I look forward to reading more of ur work bro. Well done!

  20. the inkheart (@inkheart)

    SAN JULES!!!! This is my best series ever!!!!

  21. Splendid. An excellent write up with a beautiful ending.

    Nice story.

  23. Miriam Blessing Igoche (@MiriamBlessingIgoche)

    Am just reading this. Its awesome and thrilling,good job.

  24. I can imagine what the depriscalization would be like. Good job, @sanjules.

  25. VicReed (@OlabisiFeyisayofunmi)

    Depriscalization??@sanjules,nice work

  26. though joining the train of your readers late, I can’t but keep following your posts………..

  27. Horlhart (@Olarinoye54)

    DePriscalization of stanley Mala is quite necessary, i think i also need help though.
    (+)Plus i can relate to this, just that i had no Jemima to stop me. Fear and common sense did.
    Well done @Sanjules

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