It was lively but now wrecked with sad tale

So our voyage ended long before we set sail


I saw it crystal in your eyes over the ocean

The neglectful betrayal of your fake emotion


You promised to take love to the Gold Coast

But subtly switched modes like an old ghost


Your so sweet tongue as slippery as the eel

Still instinct made me feel your intent to kill


But as the wild wind shoved the mast astray

All those secret barbed lies are blown away


Why won’t the dream end before we set sail?

When your heart is covered with selfish veil


When you love flowers without planting one

And wait for the moon to do ballet in the sun


Too close to rocky shores for want of leisure

Instead of sailing on against all the pressure


I knew you would have loved to ride my tomb

As time and tide swirl and twirl on the storm


So this is the pale tale of how the sail ended

Yet I stand stronger after all that happened!

12 thoughts on “Seduction” by ostar (@ostar)

  1. Kleavajimcy (@Kleavajimcy)

    The voyage had began b4 sailing forth! …d end had bin seen frm d start…*sighs!

  2. beautiful…as always

  3. Oscar, I love the poem. It is smooth, no potholes of grammer or hidden meanings – unusual for you. Lol. And then it is about love albeit a fake one.
    What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. Definitely.
    Well done, Oscar. $ß.

  4. One or your best.

  5. It really is good. Keep it up.

    @sibbylwhyte, you said it has got not potholes of grammer… ‘grammer’? really?

  6. @elovepoetry. The comment isn’t for you. The intended would get the meaning of ‘grammar’ as used by me in my comment. So, kindly chill. Thanks. $ß.

  7. Oscar…
    Nice one… I have had issues with some of your poems. Whatever issue I might have had with this one, I swallow it in the ‘unusuality’ of the entire thing … Well done man…

    Meanwhile, @sibbylwhyte: Do you think, perhaps, that @elovepoetry was referring to the wrong spelling of the word ‘grammar’… ?

  8. @sueddie. Well, if it’s that, he/she can see the correct spelling in my reply. I ought to say thanks and keep a dictionary close, since I am not allowed to err even in comments. Point taken. Thanks Sueddie and Elove. Appreciate the eagle eyes. $ß.

  9. Awww. Nice. Rhyming couplets!

  10. Yimiks (@Yinka-Olawoye)

    Love gone asea…beautifully crafted!

  11. @Kleavajimcy yeah it’s *sighs!
    @topazo am honoured. Thanks
    @sibbylwhyte thanks dear.
    I am either the mirror, or the wall on which it stands; as
    the guys stares and is revealed in the words mused!
    @kaycee the great!
    @elovepoetry I am hereupon honoured sir.
    @sibbylwhyte comment, as clear as the azure sky at noon…
    @sueddie such is our divergent ‘properties’ as different entities!
    @nicolebassey welcome sunshine!
    @Yinka-Olawoye ‘asea’ love the word.

    Thanks guys for sharing your time.

  12. $ß that’s her mark!

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