it was a trap

we never saw it coming

they refused to confess

he asked again

this time for the last time

who blew  nu the camp

who burnt this people alive and why

they all fastened their eye

like sheep led to slaughter

all mute

deep down their heart

not aware of the gravity of the crime they commited

an injustice to mankind

what you consider injustice

was a great favour

a jihad

sanctioned by God;

or Allah as they called him

these men slaughtered had sinned

they h’ve done blasphemy

and were killed

to cleanse the land from sin

that what you blasphemer consider a crime

they sat there still

all mute

a comprehensive defence

very effective

pissed off that they are all mute still

he ordered

have it their way

mute they have chosen

mute them all forever

gun chuckled

someone would have wanted to save his own head

but in all this quake

not even one man panicked

gun chuckled


the flying ball of fire

fierce like wild fire

ends their misery

today; this equal measure

has come hunting us

someone walks up smiling;

then explodes killing thousands…








3 thoughts on “Salvo” by Chris Nwogu (@chrisnwogu)

  1. Nice verse from you. Those people ah! what can we say.

  2. Kleavajimcy (@Kleavajimcy)

    Nice poetry! Keep on writing!

  3. Anthem of the Savage Soldiers.

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